Friday, January 30, 2009

National American Miss Girl to attend The Grammy's

Remember a few posts ago where former National American Miss New York, Dylan Collins, was featured for her political activism by performing at both the Democratic Convention and the Inaugural Ball? ( See post - Miss America and National American Miss Help Make History - President Obama)

Well, determination must  be her middle name, because she isn't stopping there. Dylan will next be hitting the red-carpet for Grammy Week!!!!

Way to go Dylan! National American Miss is proud to be a part of your journey to SUCCESS!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

National American Miss, do you have what it takes to be a SURVIVOR?

Do you think you have what it takes to out-wit, out-play, out-last? In other words, do you think you could be on the next SURVIVOR??  I will be the FIRST to tell you, I wouldn't stand a chance!! No internet, no high heels, no ice toiletpaper??  Not to mention all those HARD challenges...I can't even swim!! However, there are numerous former pageant titleholders that HAVE tested the limits in the most challenging reality game on the earth. 

Did you know that the Survivor: Guatemala WINNER  was a former pageant title-holder. Danielle(Dani) Boatwright was Miss Kansas TEEN USA in 1991 (placed 2nd runner-up to Miss Teen USA) and Miss Kansas USA in 1996 ( was 1st Runner-up to Ali Laundry in Miss USA). Dani proved to the world, that "pageant girls" aren't just pretty dresses and smiling faces, but are instead - the strong, sassy, intelligent chicks that we REALLY
***Dani Boatwright after winning SURVIVOR

This year,  another former Miss USA will join 16 other castaways in this season,  SURVIROR: TOCANTINS, airing Feb 21st on CBS.  Make sure to stay tuned as America watches the 2003 Miss Ohio USA, Candace Smith, as she attempts to out-wit, out-last, and out-play!!!!
 **Candace Smith during filming for SURVIVOR

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

National American Miss National Queen gets Recognized by Hometown

It's always exciting when our hometown recognizes us for our accomplishments! And it's REALLY COOL when we get to be on the news! Just wanted to share with all of you, your new All-American Miss Preteen, Nicole Renard from Kennewick, Washington, being interview by her local NBC news affiliate about her journey to winning her title! Even though, Nicole has only had her title for a month and a half, Nicole is doing an AWESOME job of representing National American Miss already! WAY TO GO GIRL!!

Have you touched base with your local news stations and papers about all the great things you have done while being involved with NAM?? 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

National American Miss girls in Las Vegas to welcome in a New Miss America

Congratulation to the new Miss America 2009, Katie Stam from Indiana.  Katie, whose platform is Passion for Service, Promoting Community Service and Involvement, has been competing in pageants since she was 15, and has participated in programs like NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS. Many of you have dreams of becoming Miss America and we know that through your involvement with National American Miss, like Katie, you too are becoming instilled with the  valuable skills, confidence, and values needed to one day become Miss America.

For those of you who were watching the LIVE telecast, you may have seen some familiar faces. During the show, Miss America co-host, Clinton Kelly, pulled aside and interviewed a group of accomplished young pageant title-holders and future Miss America's. 

Three of them were National Amerian Miss girls, Amelia Brock, the 2008 National American Miss Jr. Preteen and her sister, Kira Brock, the 2007 Miss Georgia Preteen, and th  2005 Washington Princess, Kennedy Miller. It was so exciting to see these young ladies on National TV. Just like many of you, I am sure that we will soon be seeing them on the Miss America stage, following in the footsteps of Katie Stam, our new Miss America. 

You can catch re-runs of Miss America, and see Amelia, Kira, and Kennedy on National TV, on TLC

***Pictured left Amelia Skye Brock, National American Miss Jr. Preteen 2007 and future Miss America

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just IMAGINE being FRIENDS with National American Miss and ME on Myspace?

Are you friends with NAM on myspace?? 

The NAM myspace page is a GREAT way to network with NAM girls across the country AND stay up-to-date on EVERYTHING that goes on within the National American Miss community, as well as other programs like us!



Friday, January 23, 2009


This Saturday night is the Superbowl of pageantry! 

Many of you will probably be doing the same thing that I usually do on this night... getting together with all your bestest girlfriends, "scoreboards" in tow(so you can compare your scores to the judges, of course), and engorge in oversized bowls of popcorn!!

However, this year I will be cheering on a fellow NAM girl...Miss Missouri, Lacey Fitzgerald. Lacey has been a apart of the NAM staff for a number of years. Many of you have probably even spoken to her on the phone in the NAM office, or you had the chance to get to know her at your state pageant. We are so proud of Lacey and all of her outstanding accomplishments! Keep your fingers crossed for Lacey!

Miss America airs LIVE Saturday, January 24th on TLC at 8/7 central.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


If you saw my computer - you would think a NAM pageant threw up ALL over it! 

My laptop is pink, my laptop carrying case is pink, the keys are pink (some of the keys even have crown/princess details - a novelty I purchased at Disneyland during Nationals), I have NAM wallpaper on my screen, my screen saver is NAM, even my mousepad is a picture of the 2007 National Queens( a gift from a former All-American Miss Princess - thanks Alison!).

Now, you too can have ROCKIN' NAM screensavers and wallpaper just like me!!!
Check out some of the new wallpapers(like the one shown above) added to the official site. Even more exciting is that each month new wallpapers will be if you get bored with your current one - there will always be GREAT NEW ones to choose from!!

Wanna take you NAM spirit to your Myspace page - now you can!!!  Check out the great new NAM myspace LAYOUT available expecially for ROCKIN' NAM girls like YOU!!!! 

There is always something COOL going on at National American Miss!!! 

Stay tuned for more!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From National American Miss to AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

It's that time of year again....AMERICAN IDOL is BACK!!!!
Every summer, American Idol travels the country in search of finding the next Carrie, Ruben, and Kelly. However, what if the next American Idol were someone from National American Miss!!

It's no secret that National American Miss is filled with some of the most talented ladies across the country. Arianna Afsar, a former Miss California Jr. Teen NAM talent winner, is one of them! Congratulations to Arianna, as she heads off to Hollywood, for making it one step closer in her journey to becoming the next Idol winner!

We will be sure to keep you posted on Arianna's journey as it progresses. WAY TO GO!

**Other NAM girls who have made it to Hollywood, include the 2007 National American Miss Teen Queen, Olivia Henken and Tracie Hebisen - an official NAM choreographer!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

National American Miss and Miss America help make history - President Obama

It is no secret that we, as proud Americans, make History today. Enter into office: our new President - Barack Obama. However, while this inauguration proves to be the most historical that our country has ever seen, it is also somewhat historical for pageantry.
                     **Kirsten Haglund, after being crowned, Miss America 2008
Miss America, Kirsten Haglund will also be making history as the first ever, Miss America  to join the inaugural activities by performing the national anthem at the Commander-in-Chief Ball( where she will be donning a beautiful, green silk Steaphen Yearick gown).

However, Kirsten is not the only pageant title-holder to join in the celebration. Also, taking part in the festivities surrounding the inauguration, is Dylan Collins - a former National American Miss New York Jr. Preteen. Dylan become pro-active for her presidential pick, helping to campaign for Obama's journey to the White house, having performed at the Democratic National Convention.                               
       *Dylan pictured above performing at the Democratic Convention and displaying her VIP pass
While our nation makes history, welcoming in a new president, it is exciting to see how National American Miss girls are taking part in the political process. Let this blog truly prove how pageantry has a purpose - and that is to make a difference

Monday, January 19, 2009

National American Miss' JOY SUPRANO on LAW & ORDER

You can find NAM's Joy Suprano in  1 of 2 places. Either on a NAM stage, emceeing and belting out songs with her AMAZING voice (which by the way she perfected while studying at the world renowned Julliard School in NYC), or you can find her on your television sets. 

As a working actress, Joy has landed several parts in broadway musicals, as well as feature roles in television and print campaigns across New York City. However, most recently - you can catch  Joy on an episode of NBC's "LAW & ORDER," airing this Wednesday, Jan 21st at 10/9 central.

Joy will tell you that, " my experience as a former pageant contestant gave me the confidence to go after my goals. Pageant's helped me believe in myself even if others didn't. Being involved with National American Miss over the years has taught me that if I wanted to do something, there was no reason I couldn't. I was grateful for this new-found confidence, which told me...YES YOU CAN!"

Watch Law and Order on Jan 21st, and witness one of NAM's very own achieve her goals!!! 

If Joy can do it - so can YOU....YES YOU CAN!!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

National Princess becomes Advocate and gives back to local HUMANE SOCIETY!

Two posts ago, I wrote about the importance of spreading YOUR message - getting the word out in your community and taking action regarding the things that are important to you. For me, MY message is Animal Adoption Advocacy, as my dog Bailey May is a rescue dog and I strongly encourage volunteering and getting involved with local animal shelters within your community. I want to feature one young lady, who is making a difference by spreading HER message!
Meet Brianna Lewis!
Brianna is from Chicago, Illinois and she is NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN MISS PRINCESS. After winning the national title in November, Brianna has been busy spreading HER message - Animal Adoption -by volunteering  with the local Humane Society in her community. 

Currently, Brianna is participating with the "Shelter Makeover Contest,"  a nation-wide contest that selects the top shelter from across the country to receive a free make-over, valued up to $1 million!! 
But, first all registered shelters have to earn "points," in order to even make it to the top 20. Lets ALL support Brianna, and her local shelter, the SOUTH SUBURBAN HUMANE SOCIETY(Chicago Heights, IL 60411) to earn some points and get them on the way to getting a FREE makeover!

 Here's how you can help, its SUPER easy and FUN:
2. Read about how YOU can help the South Suburban Humane Society earn points. 
**Just by registering with the site earns 50 points -make sure you put in 60411 as the zip code in the "SUPPORT YOUR SHELTER" section and then select the South Suburban Humane Society from the drop down box,  so that Brianna's shelter gets the points!
3. Take ACTION!!!!
* You can also take action, by adopting a pet through this website!!!

I know that if WE all pull together, we can make BIG differences.Remember, we are ALL voting for the SOUTH SUBURBAN HUMANE SOCIETY (Chicago Heights, IL 60411)!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that they make it into the TOP 20.

Way to go BRIANNA in taking ACTION, and spreading YOUR message. Brianna is a great ROLE MODEL and is continuing to set an example of what NAM is ALL about! I encourage all of you to follow in Brianna's footsteps - take action, get involved, and spread YOUR message.

***If you have any stories you would like to share with me about the AWESOME things YOU have done to make a difference in your community, please e-mail me at

Thursday, January 15, 2009

DON'T MISS OUT in 2009!!!

Didn't we have a BLAST before?? 
2009 is going to be EVEN better!! 

I want to see all of your sassy selves at the 2009 state pageant. Special offers have gone out to All prior contestants - make sure you take advantage of this AWESOME and EXCLUSIVE offer!!! All offers end Feb 6th. 

Contact the pageant office and take advantage today!!:
address: 15812 C HWY
Kearney, MO 64060

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If I entered the National American Miss Spokesmodel competition....

Meet my daughter, Bailey May... and YES - she has a tail!
**If Bailey were old enough to enter National American Miss(and she wasn't a dog), she would most certainly win Miss Personality. Some of you may have already met Bailey May, as she has become the official NAM mascot. This little pageant puppy occasionally travels with me to state pageants and loves all the attention she gets.
The reason I wanted you all to meet Bailey is because she represents something that I am a VERY VERY strong advocate of - Animal Adoption. 

Bailey is a rescue dog, which I adopted from the local animal shelter here in Los Angeles. I encourage all of you to become advocates towards animal adoption. Aside from choosing to rescue an animal when including a pet into your family, GET INVOLVED! You can volunteer your time with local humane and SPCA organizations in your area - there are dozens of ways  - just visit their websites.
***For all you STATE QUEENS and COVERGIRLS - what a FUN way to utilize your title and promote a great cause!

While this is a topic that I am VERY passionate about, many of you have other topics, organizations, even people that are near and dear to your hearts. I hope that each of you considers spreading YOUR message. You can even start  by entering the spokesmodel competition at your state pageant - get YOUR message out there and who knows...maybe even win $$$ while your at it . 

If I were competing in NAM - spokesmodel would be one of the optionals I would definitely enter. My topic would be, "Advocacy towards Animal Adoption" and as I spoke, on the podium would sit a picture of Bailey May!!!

PS- From the time I competed in my first pageant, at age 7 - I have ALWAYS entered the spokesmodel (speech,platform, etc.) competition in whatever pageant I entered. While it gave me a great chance to spread MY message - it also enabled me to develop the outstanding public speaking skills I have, as well as reducing my fear and increasing my confidence when getting up in front of people, no matter the audience size. Since then, this has become one of my biggest assests in the business world. REMEMBER- communication skills are the most important personal skills you can develop - whether you are talking to 1 or 500, you are always in front of audience. Set yourself up for success!!!


National American Miss - great stepping stone to become Miss Teen USA/ Miss USA /Miss America

Each of you has dreams! Your goals and dreams don't just stop at being National American Miss queens. For many of you, you aspire to one day be Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, or even Miss America. NAM supports you 100% and encourages each of you to DREAM BIG!!! NAM is proud to have set up a program that can be used as a stepping stone for your future goals. Through our program we are continuing to equip girls like YOU with valuable skills - interview skills,  poise and confidence on stage, and public speaking skills - all of which are necessary to achieve your goals, whether it is to one day become a doctor, teacher, actress, or Miss America. We are so PROUD and EXCITED of the numerous NAM girls who recently won Miss Teen USA and Miss USA state titles. Congratulations to:

Elizabeth Bryson - Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2009
*Elizabeth was the 2006 Wisconsin Jr. Teen and placed 3rd runner up at nationals. Also, her little sister Abigail was the 2007 Wisconsin Jr. Preteen. 

Alyson Hovda - Miss Iowa Teen USA 2009
*Alyson was the 2006 Iowa Jr. Teen

Alexis Rewalt - Miss Kansas Teen USA 2009
*Alexis was the 2006 Kansas Jr. Teen

Taylor Schettler - Miss Colorado Teen USA 2009
*Taylor was the 2007 Miss Colorado Jr. Teen

Ileri Tunarebi - Miss Nevada Teen USA 2009
*Ileri was the 2005 Nevada Jr. Teen and the Miss Nevada Teen in 2007

Bailee Zimmerman -Miss Indiana Teen USA 2009
*Bailee was the 2007 Indiana Jr. Teen

Patrice Williams - Miss Colorado USA 2009
*Patrice was both the 2005 Colorado Teen and 2006 Colorado Miss, as the Teen she placed 1st runner up at nationals and as the Miss she placed 1st runner up.

Lacey Minchew - Miss Louisiana USA
*Lacey is an official NAM emcee and entertainer, having performed at the national pageant and various state pageants

Meagan Winings - Miss Nebrasaka USA
* Meagan was the 2003 Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen Cover Girl

We hope that these young women are positive examples of all the confidence and valuable skills NAM has helped to instill within well as, be inspirations for many of your BIG DREAMS!!! If they did it - so can YOU!!! 

Be sure to cheer these girls on - be it by leaving a comment to this post or keeping your fingers crossed that maybe one of them will take home the NATIONAL titles!! And STAY TUNED to the Namiss Rocks Blog Spot....we will be sure to keep you updated on these girls as they advance to the National Teen USA/USA Pageants.

Monday, January 12, 2009

National American Miss Missouri Jr. Teen STARS in National Commercial

Madison Hill, the reigning Miss Missouri Jr. Teen queen, can be seen on television sets across the country, as she stars in a national commercial for the "All-Star Cheer" video game for Wii.  Madison got her start in acting through NAM's actress competition where she not only won the actress competition in 2007, but also honed the skills needed to help her land this awesome part. Madison was also the 2005 National All-American Miss Preteen. This year at nationals, Madison placed 2nd runner up overall and won the National Most Promising Model award.Check out Madison's commercial below and stay tuned to your tv's so you can "CHEER" her on!!
**Image courtesy of Advanced Innovations Inc./

Friday, January 9, 2009

Check out other NAM Blogs

Be sure to check out some of the other NAM blogs, hosted by some friends of mine - NAM state directors, Matt Leverton and Brian Cournoyer. What a great way to see how other NAM girls across the country are getting involved and giving back. 

Who may even see articles and pictures about some of the great friends you've made at nationals!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to the Namiss Rocks Blog spot!

Welcome to the Namiss Rocks Blog spot!!!! Check in periodically to see all the cool new things going on within the National American Miss community!! Whether you are a contestant, queen, parent, friend, or you are new to our program - we're excited to be a part of this awesome online community with you! I'll be blogging from time to time on all sorts of sweet topics that you definitely don't want to miss out on. Be sure to tell all your friends and stay tuned! 

What can I say...24/ it....NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS ROCKS!!! 

Look forward to seeing YOU on the blog!