Monday, November 23, 2009


I CAN NOT believe that Day 2 is over! What a day we have had at the gorgeous Hyatt in California!! With the Preteens arriving and kicking off their Nationals NAM experience with a GROOVVY 70's party and BAND HERO competitions....the Jr. Preteens stayed busy with rehearsals and optional competitions. However, the highlight of the day was Princesses heading off to Disney and getting to spend the day with their FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTERS, including taking over Cinderella's Castle(pictured above)

Miss Illinois Jr. Preteen Kaylyn Slevin takes to stage to perform her talent

Jr. Preteens take a break during rehearsals!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nationals Day 1!

Well DAY 1 has come and gone!
Today Princess's and Jr. Preteens arrived from ALL over the country! After pageant registration, where contestants received good luck gifts from their state directors, turned in all their paperwork, and geared up for the FABULOUS car give away....where 1 lucky young lady will drive back in a FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE - they headed over to Orientation.

At Orientation, contestants and families were introduced to NAM STAFF, National Queens hit the runway modeling the newest NAM Gear for the season, and contestants found out more about the exciting weekend a head....including the introduction of the "BREANNE & TIFFANY SHOW!" Be sure to check out the MYNAMISS channel on YOU TUBE DAILY as Breanne & Tiffany interact with national contestants and keep you in the loop of EVERYTHING going on at NAM NATIONALS 2009! YOU CAN CLICK HERE for the BREANNE & TIFFANY SHOW on YOUTUBE
( ABOVE, Miss Arizona Princess, Gia Donati & Miss Pheonix Princess, Amber Cochran at pageant check-in)

Miss Wisconsin Princess, Caris Lowe, & Mom gets her Disney tickets from National Director, Kenn Maples at Pageant check-in

Rounding out day 1, our National Contestants & their families went back in time to the 50's in our SUPER FUN 50's party, where they hit the stage in lip-sync competitions and dance offs! SUPER FUN!
Jr. Preteen contestants having a blast at the 50's party
Showing off her sassy 50's outfit!
Girl's and Families on their feet and dancing the night away! SOO FUN!!

The day was filled with lots of excitement....but tommorow is another day and the fun has just begun!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm heeeerrrrreee!!!

I'm finally here-yyayayy-and am already hard at work setting up and finalizing last minute details (including bringing in that brand new FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE!!).

After setting up hundreds of trophies, decking the stage out, and finalizing last minute and a few of the choreographers headed to DOWNTOWN DISNEY...where we went to the movie theatre and saw NEW MOON!!!!! Lets just say, for those of you gals coming to nationals - you WILL be seeing me and a few of the other choreographers sporting or TEAM EDWARD shirts!!!!

Princess and Jr. Preteen nationals contestants are arriving and gearing up for check-in tomorrow. It has been so exciting running into familiar faces with sparkling tiaras on heads...and it's been fabulous getting to meet new girls! I can already tell it's gonna be super tough to choose just one representative out of a group of winners!

BUT - enough yapping...thought it would be fun to show you all something you dont get to see the PRE-PAGEANT set up! Check out all that goes on behind the scenes to gear up for the most talked about weekend pageantry!!!

BOXES - and these are JUST boxes of crown cases

NAM State Directors with National Director, Kathleen Mayes lining up check in paperwork

National Coordinator, LaKisha Edwards and myself bedazzling the NATIONAL QUEENS SIGNATURE CROWN CASES....will you be taking one of these home??

Associate National Director, Lani Maples, organizes National Production Number Outfits


JUST one table full of trophies....of over a dozen! SOOO SASSY!!!


Choreographers, VICTORIA & DEBBIE, playing around at Downtown Disney before seeing Twilight

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I LEAVE TOMORROW FOR SUNNY CALI!!!!!! And, like ALL of you National competitors(and families)- am running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get everything I need done before I go - and I'm not even competing!!!!!

So, as I was getting my roots touched up (boy were they bad) I started thinking about ALL of you who ARE competing....I bet you are feeling overwhelmed(or am I just talking to the moms right now?? EH????)!!

Anyways - I wanted to remind you to BREATHE BREATHE BREATHE!!!! And I wanted to give you 5 helpful last minute to do reminders - aside from the typical "pack your gown and pantyhose"

Here are some things that might get overlooked!!

  • For crying out loud - dont forget your plane ticket, or your id!! AND dont forget to get yourself transportation to the hotel. There are tons of shuttle services offered. You call the host hotel, or the hotel you are staying and asking.
  • Make sure to BRING with YOU your confirmation number for your hotel reservations!!! This way, you have proof of a reservation in any situation with hotel check-in
  • Have you filled out all of your paperwork? Resumes, MC Cards, Community Involvement Form, etc? Having these forms filled out NOW will save you some stress. AND - have them cut out( if they need to be cut out) and ready to turn in at check in. This will help you speed through the check-in line at Nationals.
  • MOMS - bring some medicine with you( motrin, nyquil, tylenol cold and flu, emergen-c). TRUST ME!! Better to be safe than sorry!
  • A great job for those DADS is to be on camera duty!!!!!!!! MOMS - give them this ONE TASK( they can handle it!) DADS - make sure you not only have the camera, but your camera battery, film, memory cards, etc. TRUST ME - I CANT TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES FAMILIES GET TO NATIONALS AND DONT HAVE THEIR CAMERA BATTERY!!! You dont want to ruin your weekend by having to run around looking for one!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 5 Pageant Weekend Must Haves - NAM NATIONALS 2009

The National American Miss pageant weekend is a SUPER busy and SUPER fun time for all of us. So, as we gear up for NATIONALS 2009 I just thought I would share with you My 5 Pageant Weekend Must Haves! What are yours???

**Next time you see me walking down the hallway, riding in an elevator, or watching all of YOU fabulous girls BEEBOP on stage - take a look at my hand -guaranteed it's in it! While NAM staff usually stays in communication via 2-way radios - I still use it as my #1 source of communication to ensure that pageant weekend is a SUCCESS...and to keep my friends back home posted on all the exciting news and updates!

Diet Coke
** It helps to give me that "energy fix" when I'm feeling tired...yes, even I occasionally need an "energy fix." Also, a great tip is that before you go into interview competition - down a cola!
HELPFUL INTERVIEW TIP:My mom ALWAYS used to give me a candy bar and a cola to wake me up and to get my mind going. This helpful trick always scored me at the top in interview!

NAM Hoodie
**It's no secret - NAM loves to keep the ballroom FREEZING!!!! However, thanks to my SUPER SASSY NAM Hoodie, I have yet to turn into an ice-cube! FYI- I recently saw a few of the items that will be for sale at this year's Nationals BOUTIQUE -OMG, they are SOO cute!! Be sure to stop into the NAM BOUTIQUE and snag yourself some sassy NAM attire before its gone!!!

Conair THERMAcell cordless curling iron
** I can throw it in my bag and refresh my hair when needed without searching for an outlet...or waiting for an elevator to go up to my room(OMG - sooooo sloooowww!). It's great for those "in -between" competition touch-ups!

My Attitude
**Maintaining a positive attitude is imperative during pageant weekend, especially if you are a contestant! As a staff member, I always make sure that I bring My SASSY, FUN, SPIRITED attitude with me, as it is MY personal goal that ALL of you have the time of your life!

So bring your sassy spirited selves and get ready for a weekend of a lifetime! NAM NATIONALS 2009 - WHOOP WHOOP! ( That was me bad there aren't sound effects on here!) ITS GONNA ROCK!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There are SOO many FABULOUS things about being a NAM NATIONAL of them is that we send a video crew to your hometown to follow you around for a whole day and interviews your family and friends along the way to do a documentary on YOUR life..."A DAY IN THE LIFE OF NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS!!!" Kind of like an E! True Hollywood Story!! It REALLY is like being a celebrity!!!!! But the best part is that these videos go up on YOU TUBE for the WORLD to see and they are played during nationals to allow contestants and families a chance to REALLY get to know our national queens!!! sure to tune into the MYNAMISS channel on You Tube and follow along with INSIDE EDITION's, MEGAN ALEXANDER as she get to know your NAM National queens! Here is JUST ONE - but there are 11 more national queens - so visit THE MYNAMISS CHANNEL today to see more!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Holy cow!!! It's almost here- NAM Nationals 2009!!!

I CAN not believe that I will be back in sunny California for the most exciting event of the year- NAM Nationals 2009!!!!

This year's nationals will be sure to be the most exciting yet - with over $500,000 in cash, tons of beautiful crowns, banners, and the most sassy looking trophies in pageantry given away among all the national participants....not to mention a brand new ford mustang convertible!!! And it doesn't just stop there-Disney, Hollywood, red carpet events, rodeo drive, Mickey, yummy thansgiving dinner, spending time wit your family and getting to know other girls from all across the country....phew!!

Anyways-I could go on and on and on with all the exciting things that are bound to happen at this years nationals( not to mention that 12 new national queens will be crowned...will you be one of them???).

I know we will all have our favorite part of the weekend, but for me my favorite thing about nationals is being a choreographer and getting to know/hang out with you girls!!! I just got back from Kansas City, where myself and 2 of the other choreographers worked feverously to make up all of your opening production number dances....and boy are they going to be "unstoppable"... Maybe even as fun as a " hoedown throwdown" ... And I guarantee that all of our rehearsal together will def be a " party in the USA" ( hint hint hint)

Be sure to tell all your family and friends to check into the blog regularly as I wil be posting ...starting today...minute by minute of all the events and outcomes!! They might even see your face on here!!! Get ready for the weekend of a lifetime....nam nationals 2009 is gonna ROCK!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miss Kansas not your typical beauty queen - shines new light on the meaning of "today's girl"

In a recent article of the Daily Kansan, Brooke Burns, National American Miss Kansas opens up about her new title and how she isn't your stereotypical "beauty queen." Brooke, who is a Junior at KU talks about what life is like as she busily prepares for the national competition, continues to use her new title to reach out within the community, staying active in her sorority, maintaining a high academic status as a political science major, and shunning all stereo-types of the typical pageant princess - just to name a few.

Check out the article below and see for yourself why this Kansas girl beats the beauty queen odds and shines new light on the meaning of "todays girl." She is truly NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS!

The University Daily Kansas

Crowning glory

Sitting in her bedroom, this year’s National American Miss Kansas squeezes her 5’11 frame onto her twin-sized bed. Her short brown hair is pulled back from her makeupless face as she brings her long legs up to her sorority’s gray homecoming T-shirt. Brooke Burns, Wichita junior, isn’t your typical pageant princess. She’s not a 100-pound blonde stereotype of a beauty queen and she doesn’t go on strict cottage-cheese diets before pageants. She’s a girl who eats three pieces of pizza for lunch and keeps a candy jar of Starbursts on her shelf.


Pageant devotion: Brooke Burns, Wichita junior, is National American Miss Kansas and devotes hours of her time to preparing speeches for pageants, shopping for formal dresses and volunteering in the hope of representing her title well. Burns says she isn’t the stereotypical beauty queen but that being in pageants has boosted her self confidence over the years.

 Burns first began participating in pageants in the junior teen division of National American Miss as a gangly 14-year-old. She says she liked the idea of boosting her self-esteem by being around other girls who were also finding themselves. “I did that one and I was hooked. It’s my anti-drug,” she says.Beauty pageant contestants commonly evoke ideas of perma press smiles and sequined sashes, but these competitions have evolved into scholarship opportunities, role model campaigns and events that stress the importance of community service. Unlike the Miss America and Miss USA competitions, which focus primarily on talent and facial beauty, National American Miss’ mission statement describes the competition as an opportunity “dedicated to celebrating America’s greatness and encouraging its future leaders.” Burns describes the pageant like a job interview, focusing on communication and personality instead of swimsuit and talent competitions. The National American Miss competition includes a 30-second personal introduction, an interview and a formalwear competition, and also offers optional divisions such as “spokesmodel,” which Burns will compete in this year.

 After successful runs in the junior teen and teen divisions, this year Burns was invited to apply for the national competition in the miss category. After sending in a picture, three essays and a resume, she left for a study abroad program in France for the summer. On her third day in France she received a phone call from her mother, Dee, and sister, Jordan, who told her that she had been selected as Miss Kansas and would represent the state in the National American Miss competition. “I was crying and screaming in this random hotel in Paris,” Burns says.

 Since arriving back in the states, Burns says the stress has been constant. Aside from being a political science major, she devotes time to practicing interviews, shopping for a formalwear dress and memorizing her personal introduction speech. She sacrifices football Saturdays when she travels home every other weekend to prepare, but says the commitment is worth it.

 Burns’ mother says the competitions have helped her daughter embrace her height by learning poise and self-confidence. “I want this to be one of the best experiences of her life,” she says. Dee helps her daughter by practicing interviews, giving feedback on dresses and playing therapist during panic-stricken phone calls. Burns says her mom is her “team” during competitions.

 For the most part Burns says that people are supportive, asking for autographs or thanking her for representing Kansas. Burns meets the public when making appearances or doing community service work. National American Miss competitors are required to complete five hours of community service before the national pageant over Thanksgiving. Burns has decided to participate in a tree-planting event on October 24 to promote the competition’s emphasis on going green.

 When she’s not adorned in her tiara and sash, Burns enjoys spending time as a student, but she understands the weight of her title and influence. “I can’t have people saying ‘she’s Miss Kansas and she’s belligerently drunk in the bar.’ That doesn’t look good on me or National American Miss,” she says.

 Although Burns loves the role model aspect of the competition, make no mistake that she is a competitor. Stacked away on her shelf are DVDs of past competitions, which she watches and critiques before she goes to sleep at night. She lies in bed visualizing her name being called as the next National American Miss, and driving away in the 2009 Ford Mustang that comes as one of the many prizes.

 “I’m not just going to experience it,” she says. “I’m going to win the crown.”

Don't forget to let your local newspapers know about YOUR achievements with NAM

Just wanted to remind all of you, regardless of if you won the pageant or not, to let your local newspaper, tv station, radio station, etc know about your accomplishments with National American Miss this year. Just being accepted as a state finalist is a HUGE honor - so be sure to contact your local news affiliates and tell them about you!

Your community will be singing your praises, plus it's a great way to get your name out in your community, which in turn will help you get sponsors for next years pageant!

So - what are you waiting for - be a hometown celebrity, just like Kaylyn Slevin, the Miss Illinois Jr. Preteen who was recently featured in the Chicago Suburban Daily Herald below:

"Kaylyn Slevin competed Labor Day weekend at The Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles for the title of 2009 National American Miss Illinois Junior PreTeen. She not only won the overall title, she also won the following categories: Talent, Casualwear Modeling, Photogenic, Actress, Most Promising Model, Miss Personality, and Most Recommendations. Kaylyn won over $4,000 cash and scholarships and is headed to Disneyland for the National pageant. National American Miss is a natural pageant system and no makeup is allowed on girls under 13. The pageant is based on poise, confidence, public speaking, academics, community service/volunteer work, and personality. Kaylyn's hobbies include acting, modeling, and ballroom dancing(which she did for Talent). Kaylyn is an 8 year old South Barrington resident."

*Published in the Chicago Suburban Daily Herald on 10/11/2009.*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just goes to show that the pageant Interview competition REALLY does prepare you for the real world!!

Regardless of what pageant system you enter, the interview competition is the MOST important.

National American Miss prides itself in teaching young ladies valuable interview skills - helping you to achieve success in WHATEVER you want to become. I am sure that each of you have heard me say a dozen times - that every job interview I ever went on - I got offered the job, and I owe it all to the interview skills that I gained by competing in pageants.

Now contrary to what some might think - actresses and models have to have good interview skills, too! Dont believe me - just check out the video below!

Former National American Miss princess, Emerald - Angel Young, star of the blockbuster hit LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, is interviewed by the press for her NEW role as PUCK in the NYC Theatre production of Midsummer's Night Dream.

It's amazing how many pageant interview-like questions she is asked in her press interview. Goes to show - it doesnt matter WHAT you want to become - a dentist, teacher, model, or actress - that the National American Miss Interview competition will help you get there.

OH OH OH - and check out EMERALD's National American Miss crown pin( which was given to her by NAM after winning her National title) that she sports during the interview!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pageant pumpkins...

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS HALLOWEEN...which by the way is one of my FAVORITE holidays!
I mean, what other day of the year can you dress up -be whatever you want - and have an excuse to eat nothing but candy!!!?? Its the best!!!
However, one of my favorite things to do on halloween is carve pumpkins!! This year - I drilled holes in my pumpkin and stuck christmas tree lights through the holes and created some funky design....I stole the idea from a Martha Stewart Magazine. While I thought my pumpkin carving idea was pretty cool - Miss Ohio Jr. Teen, Brianna Lang, definitely out-did me!!
Check out her pumpkin.....I know you will all want to steal this idea next year!!! It's definitely one sassy pumpkin that screams " I look good!"
Thanks for sharing Brianna!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mom of Illinois Preteen opens up about the value of pageantry in STL Today's Parenting Section

The reigning Illinois Preteen queen, Emily Lymberopoulos( featured left at home, with her mom), is enjoying her new title...and her mom, Dawn has a few words to say about it, herself.

In an up-close interview with St. Louis Today's Parenting section, Dawn Lymberopoulos sat down and discussed her feelings on pageantry for young women.

Like most parents, Dawn was apprehensive at first when Emily expressed interest in pageants- but seeing it as a way for her daughter to grow in a positive way, she took the initiative of finding out more about National American Miss, eventually deciding to enter her daughter. Emily didn't win he first year competing, but the Lymberopoulos' found their experience so positive, Emily entered again and won!!!

However, be sure to read more about Dawn's feeling towards NAM, advice to her daughter, the competition and more by visiting STL TODAY. It's a great way to hear first hand about the true benefits of pageantry, and why National American Miss is the best!