Thursday, October 28, 2010

NAM girls take on the Miss Universe Organization...

Madison Novak, Haley Herold, Sarah Summers,  VanBros, miss nebraska, Donald Trump,  Miss Universe Organization, NAmiss, National American Miss, Breanne Maples,  Winning Crown Boutique, LincolnIn 2006, Haley Herold & Madison Novak walked onto the National American Miss stage, beginning their pageant career. After placing in the top amongst our optional competitions, Haley aged out of National American Miss and ventured down the Miss America & Miss USA path. As the 2008 National American Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen, Madison (pictured center of photograph on the left) has always been a stong competitor within the NAM organization & a positive role-model for young girls.

Recently, both young ladies have taken on the Miss Universe Organization in hopes of becoming the next Miss Teen USA & Miss USA. Last weekend, both girls became one step closer to their ultimate goal.
Madison Novak, Haley Herold, Sarah Summers,  VanBros, miss nebraska, Donald Trump,  Miss Universe Organization, NAmiss, National American Miss, Breanne Maples,  Winning Crown Boutique, Lincoln

Madison Novak, Haley Herold, Sarah Summers,  VanBros, miss nebraska, Donald Trump,  Miss Universe Organization, NAmiss, National American Miss, Breanne Maples,  Winning Crown Boutique, Lincoln
Held in Lincoln, NE - both Madison & Haley captured judges hearts in the swimwear, interview, & formal wear competitions, earning themselves the titles of Miss Nebraska USA & Miss Nebraska Teen USA.

Of course, on hand at the event was their NAM FAM cheering them on. A whole slew of former NAM girls and NAM staff members were in attendance to cheer our NAM girls on (Photographed on the right: National American Miss Jr. Teen, Sarah Summers congrats Madison after her big win. Madison crowned Sarah as the NE Jr. Teen before Sarah went on to our National competition to capture the NAM National Crown.)

Congrats to both Haley & Madison, both who have learned that dreams do come true & to never give up. Best of Luck as they head to their National Pageants to take on Donald Trump's Miss Universe Organization. National American Miss is thrilled to have been a part of their awesome journey since the beginning!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

BIG NEWS!! Nick Cannon presents Jordan Somer, 2010 NE Teen, with the NickTeen Halo Awards!

Jordan Somer, NAM Miss Nebraska Teen 2010 is no stranger to "pageantry." A former NAM Nebraska Jr. Teen and avid pageant competitor, Jordan claims that it's pageantry that has given her confidence and the ability to dream big. Five years ago, Jordan decided that she wanted every girl to be able to grow in the same ways that pageantry had allowed her to.

Thus, the Miss Amazing pageant was born. Since then, the Miss Amazing pageant has given confidence to and promoted public speaking for dozens of women ages 5-35 with physical & mental disabilities across the state of Nebraska. Also, it has raised more than $15,000 to aid in local charities.

Nick Cannon, Breanne Maples, Nickelodeon, NickTeen, Halo Awards, Mariah Carey,  Jordan Somer, Miss Amazing Pageant,  pageants in Nebraska, National American Miss, nebraska, miss nebraska teen, america's best dance crew
Monday afternoon seemed like a typical day, as Jordan was busy at pom squad practice. But, then something BIG happened. A red carpet rolled out, a silver podium went up, and Nick Cannon ( host of America's Best Dance Crew, Chairman of the TeenNick Halo awards, & Mr. Mariah Carey) appeared with good news to share. Jordan is 1 of 4 teens selected across the country as the recipient of this year's TeenNick(Nickelodeon) Halo Award. The Halo awards are given out by celebrities to deserving teens who support philanthropic causes. Along with the news, Jordan received $20,000 to use towards her college education & $25,000 to use towards the Miss Amazing pageant, as well as she will be spending the day with a secret celebrity - to be revealed to her soon!!!

The news of Somer's achievement has spread like wildfire, being featured on just about every news station & paper in Nebraska, even USAtoday picked up on this awesome news. AND of course, the OFFICIAL NAMISS ROCKS BLOG SPOT is eager to spread the news about one of their own! But, you can also check out Jordan's interview of the experience at The Omaha Morning Blend here

Nickelodeon spent all day Monday & Tuesday filming for an upcoming episode featuring Jordan as the recipient - and will be shooting this weekend and next. Stay posted HERE at the Official NAMiss Rocks Blog to find out more information on all the exciting news.

( Jordan, above, tears up at finding out from Nick Cannon that she will receive $25,000 from Nickelodeon to help continue in her quest to make a difference)

On a personal note - National American Miss is one of the official sponsors of this year's Miss Amazing pageant, which takes place October 29th & 30th in Omaha, NE. Myself, Ryan, and a whole slew of NAM queens will be on hand to help produce this years Miss Amazing pageant and support our girl, Jordan, as well as NAM will be awarding scholarships to the winners to compete in National American Miss & donating to the silent auction!!!! If you are in Omaha October 29th & 30th - be sure to stop by the Omaha Holiday Inn Convention Center to see something "amazing" happening!

I'll be sure to post lots of pictures of the event!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

National NAM model hits the runway during Fashion Week with Christina Milian!

Kaylyn Slevin,  Christina Milian, Teek, C. Milian eyewear, mercedes benz fashion week, LA Fashion Week, miss illinios,  unzipped, National American Miss, miss 2011, illinois pageantsKaylyn Slevin may be pint sized but her talent is huge.

Kaylyn who is a former 2 time National American Miss Illinois (she's held both the Princess & Jr. Preteen titles), also holds the National Casualwear, Most Promising Model, & Photogenic award....needless to say, this girl knows what it takes to work the runway.

Recently, Kaylyn took the stage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in LA, modeling for Teeki (swimwear line) & C. Milan (eyewear). While Fashion Week is reserved for models who are quite a bit taller than 9 year old Kaylyn, she opened the show - strutting out in a Teeki Bikini drawing viewers in and grabbing the media's attention.

Kaylyn Slevin,  Christina Milian, Teek, C. Milian eyewear, mercedes benz fashion week, LA Fashion Week, miss illinios,  unzipped, National American Miss, miss 2011, illinois pageants
However, for Kaylyn, the most exciting part of the show was the finale!

Famous popstar Christina Milian, who is debuting her new line of sunglasses, walked the runway holding hands with Kaylyn.

So excited to have watched Kaylyn go from the NAM runway to Fashion Week's!

Stay tuned to see where this sassy NAM girl turns up next!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Former 2-time NAM national queen is in the running to open for Carrie Underwood

Olivia Henken, NAM, Carrie Underwood, Country concert, Country star, teen pageants, Ohio, National American Miss, Namiss
Vote & Help Olivia Henken - Former National American Miss Jr. Teen & National Teen Open for Carrie Underwood & Many More at the 2011 Country Concert
in Ft. Loramie, Ohio!!

All you have to do is go to and vote one time per e-mail address!!

***Make sure you choose the 10 other acts you would like to see there and type in Olivia Henken Band in the "opening act" box!
If you do not choose the 10, your vote will not be counted!***

Please forward along to all your friends and family and help give Olivia the chance of a lifetime!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Mom sees pageants as confidence booster

Came across this article in the Yuma Sun in Arizona. I LOVE seeing NAM girls in the news...and goes to show you dont have to win a crown or banner to be in the spotlight!!!!!

August 24, 2010

Maria Zepeda didn't think much of her young daughter's answer when a panel of judges asked the young beauty pageant contestant what she wanted to do with her life.

Annalyce Romero said she wanted to be a cheerleader, just so she could cheer on Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old singer who's all the rage these days with teens and pre-teens.

Zepeda figures the answer left the judges less than impressed, and she would have answered the question differently had she been in Annalyce's shoes. But she knows the pageant wasn't about parents who live for the accolades and honors their children win, but for the children themselves.

So if Annalyce, the 4-year-old beauty contestant, said she wanted to grow up to be the No. 1 fan of Justin Bieber, singer and heartthrob, then Zepeda was happy to let Annalyce be Annalyce. Besides it was just one of those vague childhood dreams that are forgotten as quickly as they are conceived, her mother figures.

In the end, Annalyce didn't win the title in her division, although she did come away with a trophy as a second runner-up in the category of recruiting future contestants.

And Annalyce, one of the youngest competitors in the 4- to 6-year-old division of the National American Miss Arizona Pageant in Scottsdale in July, gained a measure of poise and self-confidence — which, for her mother, was just as important as winning.

“For her, she won because she got her trophy,” said Zepeda, who accompanied her husband, Javier Romero, in the audience as their daughter competed on stage. “I think I got really emotional. I wanted to cry.”

As one of the youngest contestants, Annalyce was also the least experienced ones. Never before had she participated in a contest, Zepeda said.

At the beginning of the event, Annalyce seemed nervous, Zepeda said, but little by little, she regained her composure, thanks to some works of comfort and encouragement other participants gave her.

“She gained a lot of confidence, from the first day to the last day. I think that the best thing that happened was that her confidence improved.”

Annalyce and her parents had spent several months making pre-pageant preparations, such as choosing the dresses she would wear and rehearsing her answers to the questions they thought the judges might be asking.

Zepeda hopes her daughter continues participating in pageants “for the self-confidence while she grows up, to be able to conduct herself and not be afraid.”

But, she says, she and her husband will leave that decision to Annalyce.

Tips from the judges chair...

Hey girls-

So, this weekend Ryan and myself both judged the local Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant in Omaha, NE(Photo: Ryan, myself, the judges, & winners after the pageant). I was sooo excited to be back in my hometown and choose the girls who would represent the place that I call "home." I know some of you are gearing up for nationals, so having recently sat in the judges chair, I thought I would give you some pointers.
BUT, first - I have to share a little tidbid. The current Miss Nebraska and Miss Nebraska Outstanding Teen are former NAM girls!!!

Theresa Scanlon, Miss Nebraska 2010 was a former NAM contestant and is now headed to Las Vegas to compete on the Miss America stage.

And Staci Craighead, Nebraska's Outstanding Teen for the Miss America Organization was the 2006 NAM Nebraska Preteen.
It was great to see how much both of these 2 girls have grown up & have become prominent faces & role models across their state.

Now for some helpful advice from the judges side:
1. Wear your hair out of your face. For crying out loud - it drove me nuts when a girl would fling their heads to keep the hair out of their face. I wished they had pined it back with a clip of boppy pins or something. Im not talking in an up-do or anything - just get the bangs off the face! I wanted to see their pretty smiles & their eyes sparkling with confidence. The girls who weren't worried about their hair being in their face showed more confidence.

2. Laugh in interview & take charge! These girls were asked some TOUGH questions in interview. While I was interested in hearing these girls opinions on controversial issues, how they deal with peer pressure, and their dreams for the future. I wanted to see them enjoying themselves, as well as being poised and focused. The judges are nervous too - so YOU break the ice - make them laugh - take the interview into your own hands & be in control of the interview... and you'll be memorable.

3. Make sure your dress fits you well. All the girls looked amazing, but I saw a few girls who couldn't even walk in their dress because it was to tight or it bunched up at the stomach. Even though, we were not judging the attire - it was hard for my eyes not to be drawn to these flaws and it took my focus off of the girl and more on "what in the heck was up with her outfit?"

4. If you mess up - dont let it fluster you. This is in regards to mostly Talent, but is a great tip for other areas of competition like Personal Intro. I remember a few girls starting out STRONG in their performance and then they would miss a step, not hit the note just right, etc and it threw them off for the rest of the performance. When you practice your routine -ACTUALLY PRACTICE MESSING UP. Then you can practice how to recover and move on. It's ok if you mess up, but dont make it worse by being flustered and continuing to mess up. Save yourself, move on, and the judges will forget that you messed up.

Anyways, thanks to the Miss Omaha/Douglas County crew for a great weekend. National American Miss is a GREAT start if you have hopes of heading down the Miss America path. Hope these tips help you girls be a stronger competitor!

Monday, October 4, 2010

She's represented us not once, but twice - and continues to outdo herself at being a fantastic representative. Farewell to Illinois' Lynzi Misuraca

ynzi misuraca,  miss Illinois teen, Tony Bowls, Breanne Maples, Chicago Bulls, Miss Illinois pageant,  Autism Awareness, ACS, MDA,  MLS, Lani Maples,  Califor National American Miss,  NAM,
To be crowned a NAM Queen is a dream come true for any girl, but twice, I truly have no words to express the thrill & honor I felt being named Miss Illinois Teen last year. I’ve had so many wonderful Opportunities & Experiences during my year and will Cherish them and those who have touched my life. Volunteering for The MDA, MLS, ACS, Making Strides against Breast Cancer, Autism Awareness, Leukemia Lymphoma Association, The Miss Chicago America Pageant & of course continuing to work diligently for my own Non for Profit Organization “Lynzi‘s Locker“ kept me extremely busy and it was very humbling for me being able to volunteer countless hours for so many worthy causes that mean so much to me !

Nationals was simply AMAZING, especially turning 17 on our day in Disneyland…Breanne calling me out of the Group Photo Line to have all the girls sing Happy Birthday to me, made my Day…Thanks Bre, I Love Ya !!!! Our Day in Disney was very special as well because I got to spend the whole day with 2 of my favorite girls in the whole world, my Kansas Sisters; Kasey & Kassidy who I miss terribly !

The Final Pageant was finally here when Joy called out “Illinois” for Top 10, I couldn’t believe it !!! but then again hearing “ILLINOIS” for Top 5, I almost fainted right there on the National Stage ! Winning 3rd Runner up at Nationals in the Teen Division, was by far the most exciting, memorable moment for me & one that I will never forget ! Being asked to Model for Jonathan Kayne, The Miss Diversity Pageant, The Leukemia/Lymphoma Benefit & The Wisconsin Pageant Event was a Huge Honor for me & getting to meet Tony Bowls, Miss America 2000 Heather French, Jannero Pargo from the Chicago Bulls, Miss Chicago America; April Strong & Miss Illinois America; Erin O’Connor was so exciting!

Traveling to Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri to help out as Visiting Royalty was the Highlight of my year. Meeting so many wonderful girls and reconnecting with some of my friends from Nationals was Amazing and working with the NAM directors and Staff was so much fun Love them all…Brooke Pope, I adore You & Breanne I'm so thrilled that you & I got to make up the New NAM Pose 2010 !!!!

To my Pageant Mama’s….Erica, Jennifer, Kelly, Janice, Joey, Cheryl, Carol, Kristyn, Gina, Leslie, Dawn & all my Special Pageant Girls…. Heather, Cat, Kaylyn, Imani, Alex, Emily, Isis, Rachel, Kasey, Kassidy, Abbie, Zena, Madi, Lacie, Emily, Morgan, Jackie, Megan, Alyssa, Bishara, Sara, & Jamie..…Sorry if I forgot any names, you know this is meant for you as well…..The words “Thank you” are not nearly enough to be said to you for your friendship, love and support this past year! I will forever be grateful that I have you all in my life & will cherish our good times together & we’ve sure had a lot of those !!!! I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!

To Miss Ashley & MT (My Dream Team) you helped me achieve my dream and I thank you for everything you are & for everything you do ~

MOM; There are NO WORDS !!!!! You are my everything & my Best Friend…always remember; Your Princess Loves you !!!

Daddy and Joey; always there for me, whenever and for whatever I need…I love & adore the 2 most Amazing men in my life!

To Mr. & Mrs. Maples, Breanne & the NAM Staff….Thank you for everything you do for us girls & for trusting me again with this Honor of representing your wonderful Pageant System and Illinois this past year.

It is with great sorrow and excitement at the same time that I give up my title, but this is just 1 stop on my road to success and will never forget this year and National American Miss.
Love Always ~ LYNZI

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lights, Camera, Acting - Aeropostale names 2010 National American Miss Florida Teen as it's "REAL TEEN"

Kaitlyn Chana, Miss Florida, Aeropostale, Real Teen, National American Miss,
Kaitlyn Chana thought winning the title of National American Miss Florida this summer was amazing. But, as an aspiring star, Kaitlyn now has something else to throw her hands up in the air about.

Popular retail chain, Aeropostale has name Kaitlyn as one of their REAL TEEN. The company did away with the faces of top models and selected 8 male and female regular, everyday teenagers to become the faces of their new ad campaigns. The teenager's hail from all across the country and prove that they are REAL TEEN's - just like the companies buyers. As one of Aeropostales REAL TEENS, Kaitlyn will be one of the faces of all the upcoming Aeropostale media and advertisement.
Kaitlyn Chana, Miss Florida, Aeropostale, Real Teen, National American Miss,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Illinois girls continue to make headlines...

I just love when I see NAM girls make headlines for their accomplishments!!

Recently, Emily Bednar, our Illinois Teen talent winner made headlines for her awesome accomplishment - for the full article visit LAKE FORESTER NEWS ONLINE
Bednar wins Miss Illinois Teen talent award
Emily Bednar of Lake Bluff was awarded Miss Illinois Teen Talent and Miss Personality at the National American Miss Pageant held Sept. 5 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles.

She will go on to the national pageant held in Hollywood in November. Emily is a senior at Carmel Catholic High School in

Lake Forester, Carmel Catholic High School, Hollywood,  Emily Bednar, NAM,