Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Miah Green Wins Awards for Volunteering

Volunteering is always such a big part of the title for our queens.  This holds true for Miah Green, the Utah Jr. Pre-Teen.  While every girl wants a national title, Miah was gunning for the Golden Achievement in Service Award, and she got it!  She works so hard in her community and in her mind, that was one of the biggest titles of the week.  This next May, she will also be receiving the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for the second time.  Before leaving for nationals, Miah made a stop at the Ronald McDonald House with a donation of 70,000 pop tabs.  It was definitely a sight to see!  The plastic tote was SO heavy, IT BROKE!  Great job Miah!  We look forward to seeing what you do next.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Nevada and Utah Queens Focus One Weekend on Service!

First up on the list of weekend events was at the Las Vegas Farm, known simply as THE FARM.  It offers visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with many different animals, including chickens, peacocks, ducks, a goose, turkeys, goats, pigs, horses, cows, a mule, a llama, rabbits, cats, tortoises and more. While at the farm the girls were in charge of helping in the farmers' market, “guarding the pig” from leaving the barn, and making sure people didn't open cages while the farmers were at lunch. The Farm currently houses 400 rescue animals on its 5 acres and the girls had a blast helping do farm work, except Alyssa’s dad who happened to get bit by a bull!

Next up was Opportunity Village, which is a not-for-profit organization that serves people in the Southern Nevada community with intellectual disabilities. Opportunity Village helps people with severe intellectual and related disabilities through vocational training, community employment, day services, advocacy, arts and social recreation, citizens with severe disabilities to find new friends, realize future career paths, seek independence and community integration and unleash creative passions.

More than just a charity, Opportunity Village operates three employment training center campuses and a Thrift Store in Southern Nevada.  The entire community is affected by the organization as businesses not only contract with Opportunity Village to fulfill assembly and packaging, mass mailings and other business to business services, but numerous companies and organizations hire clients as regular employees.

This serviced touched home a little more with Alyssa, the Princess queen, because she is currently volunteering at the Hartvigsen Special Needs school after school community ed program. She is beginning to know and love the special needs world.
The girls rounded out the weekend with the Trunk or Trot event.  This was a fun family 5k where the girls got to help, play games, and take lots of photos with people there. The Princess queen even got to feed a peacock.  Afterward, all the girls shopped at the craft booths together and had some great bonding time.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Minnesota Jr. Pre-Teen holds "Inner Beauty Pageant"

Recently, 9 year old Miss Minnesota Jr. Pre Teen Chloe Russo went to the St. Paul Boys and Girls Club to deliver school supplies. The girls there were SOOO excited to see her and asked to try on her crown and even took pictures with the crown. The girls really wanted to know how they could enter the pageant. Chloe tried to answer everyone’s questions, but heard one little girl say “My Dad doesn’t have even $10.” On the way home, Chloe said “Why can’t we have a free pageant for them?” After calling the Boy’s and Girls Club with the idea, the program director was thrilled that their “Smart Girls” (ages 6-13 years old) would have a chance to build their confidence. Chloe named it “The Inner Beauty Pageant” because it was about who the girls were, not how they looked!

Chloe asked her friends and people on Facebook for donations of crowns, and she ordered plain pink banners which she painted with stencils to say “Miss Minnesota” for each girl. She collected enough crowns and donated a few of her own trophies for prizes and created awards like “Miss Sassafrass” for Modeling award, “Miss Personality,” “Most Courageous,” etc.

Chloe went back the next week and taught the girls how to introduce themselves, had them fill out an application with basic questions about themselves and taught them the basic modeling steps and marks. The girls were so excited!

The next week, the first “Inner Beauty Pageant” was held with 16 girls participating. Chloe’s Fellow NAM queens were judges along with Mrs. Minnesota America and the girls were judged on interview, modeling and introduction. In the interview one girl was asked “Why do you want to win the pageant?” Her response was “I want to feel special." My mom pays more attention to my 2 brothers so maybe if I won, she would see I was special.” At the end of the pageant, all of the girls were crowned and happy--mothers said how much it helped their daughters’ self confidence and thanked Chloe for having it. It was so much fun to see the girls happy and proud of themselves! This is the power of the crown!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Team Ewing Jr. Teen, Teen, & Miss Results

Team Ewing finished Nationals strong with some BIG wins!  We couldn't be more proud of all of our girls this week.  Fantastic job ladies!!!!

Junior Teen Optionals

National All-American Miss Jr. Teen - 
Top 10 - Kaitlynn Bresnahan of Nebraska

National American Miss Jr. Teen - Elizabeth Saby of Minnesota
Top 10 - Abigail Bryson of Wisconsin

Teen Optionals - 
Monica Nia Jones of Illinois won Talent

National All-American Miss Teen

National American Miss Teen - Danielle Fisher of Arizona
Top 10 - Abi Goeser of Iowa

Miss Optionals - 
Taiylore Merriweather of Illinois won Photogenic

National All-American Miss
2nd Runner Up - Taiylore Merriweather of Illinois
4th Runner Up - Ashley Romantic of Arizona
Top 10 - Alexandria Joyce of Arizona
Top 10 - Alexis Ozerov of Minnesota

National American Miss - Madison Hill of California (former Missouri queen)
3rd Runner Up - Courtney Igbo-Ogbonna of Minnesota

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Team Ewing Pre-Teen Results

It's time to brag about our Team Ewing Pre-Teens!  Once again, FANTASTIC job girls!!!!  We are so proud of you!

 Pre-Teen Optionals - 
Carlie Jo Ahrenstorff of Iowa won Actress

National All-American Miss Pre-Teen - Erris Pierson of Missouri
4th Runner Up - Annastasia Valeri of Wisconsin

National American Miss Pre-Teen - 
3rd Runner Up - Carlie Jo Ahrenstorff of Iowa
Top 10 - Sofia Kelly of Missouri

Team Ewing Princess and Jr. Pre-Teen Results

Team Ewing is taking Nationals by storm!  CONGRATS to all of our Team Ewing Princess and Jr. Pre-Teens!!!!  You did an amazing job this week!

 Princess Optionals - 
Kadynce Mullins from Nebraska won Most Promising Model

 Jr. Pre-Teen Optionals - 
Lupe Pena-Nigh from Wisconsin won Spokesmodel

Miah Green from Utah won the Golden Achievement in Service Award

National All-American Miss Princess - Emily Ortiz of Arizona
3rd Runner Up - Zoephia Decker-Knealing of Arizona
4th Runner Up - Saray Ringenbach of Arizona

National All-American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen
2nd Runner Up - McKenzie Lindhag of Arizona
Top 10 - Tierny Harper of Wisconsin

National American Miss Princess

National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen - Tatum Pearlman of Illinois
1st Runner Up - Chloe Russo of Minnesota
4th Runner Up - Mya Chup of Iowa
Top 10 - Emily Ann Burns of Missouri

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Broadcast of NAM Nationals Starts Wednesday

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, November 26th for the first of many National American Miss National broadcasts! Below is the full schedule in case you want to plan your week, set an alarm and cook your Turkey around these times! The overall competitions kick off tomorrow with all Princess and Jr. Pre-Teen formal wears as well as their Red Carpet Awards when we find out Optional Winners! Go to and click the U-Stream link to be directly connected to the broadcast.

National Finals Broadcast Schedule
All times are Pacific Standard Time
Wednesday, Nov. 26
9:00am - Princess State Queens: Formal Wear
10:00am - Princess All-American: Formal Wear
11:30am - Jr. Pre-Teen State Queens: Formal Wear
12:30pm - Jr. Pre-Teen All-American: Formal Wear
6:30pm - Princess: Red Carpet Awards Ceremony
8:15pm - Jr. Pre-Teen: Red Carpet Awards Ceremony

Thursday, Nov.27
8:15am - Pre-Teen State Queens: Formal Wear
9:00am - Pre-Teen All-American: Formal Wear
10:30am - Jr. Teen State Queens: Formal Wear
11:15am - Jr. Teen All-American: Formal Wear
3:30pm - Car Drawing!!!

Friday, Nov. 28
8:00am - Pre-Teen: Red Carpet Awards Ceremony
12:45pm - Princess All-American: Pageant Finale
3:15pm - Jr. Pre-Teen All-American: Pageant Finale
6:00pm - Princess State Queens: Pageant Finale
8:30pm - Jr. Pre-Teen State Queens: Pageant Finale

Saturday, Nov. 29
8:00am - Miss All-American & State Queens: Formal Wear
9:15am - Teen State Queens: Formal Wear
10:00am - Teen All-American: Formal Wear
12:00pm - Pre-Teen All-American: Pageant Finale
2:30pm - Pre-Teen State Queens: Pageant Finale
5:00pm - Jr. Teen: Red Carpet Awards Ceremony
7:00pm - Teen: Red Carpet Awards Ceremony
9:00pm - Miss: Red Carpet Awards Ceremony

Sunday, Nov. 30
10:30am - Miss All-American & State Queens: Pageant Finale
1:15pm - Jr. Teen All-American: Pageant Finale
3:30pm - Teen All-American: Pageant Finale
6:00pm - Jr. Teen State Queens: Pageant Finale
8:15pm - Teen State Queens: Pageant Finale

Sunday, November 23, 2014

NAM Nationals starts with a bang!

I woke up this morning with my FaceBook news feed FLOODED with NAM Nationals pictures, and it's only day 2! It is so wonderful that all of theses amazing Princess and Jr. Pre-Teen representatives are sharing the fun with us. Although I enjoyed seeing all of the photos my absolute favorite pictures so far are from the NAM 70s Party. Holy smokes! It just puts a huge smile on my face to see all of these cuties having the time of their lives! I have collected some of the greatest photos to make sure you didn't miss any of the excitement.

The Princesses have their day at Disneyland today so you KNOW there will be cuteness overload coming! The Jr. Pre-Teens get right to work with Optional Contests, Rehearsals and the Actress Workshop today AND the Pre-Teens arrive today!!! Keep checking back for updates and photos to share the fun! #NamTeamEwing