Thursday, September 29, 2016

Missouri Pre-Teen Volunteers at Ronald McDonald House

On Sunday, August 21st, 2016 Miss Missouri Pre-Teen, Abbie Mueller, hosted a session of “Cookin’ Crowns.” This is a volunteer group she founded to gather fellow young women of all ages from around the state who also enjoy participating in pageants to prepare and serve meals for up to 60 people at local Ronald McDonald House facilities. The group, whose rotating membership has provided breakfasts and dinner for RMDH, also creates and leaves cards and letters of encouragement for the families and patients staying there. Once a member has participated, she gets to join the tradition of signing the Cookin’ Crowns sign that is proudly displayed at each session. Abbie plans on expanding Cookin’ Crowns’ reach to include military families and service members by working with her local Fisher House facility for the group’s next volunteer session. You can see Abbie’s social media posts regarding her activities this year at and on Instagram at NAM_MO_PRETEEN_2016.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Missouri Teen Volunteers at Harversters Outreach

2016 Miss Missouri Teen, Jessica Hanner, and her mom had the opportunity to serve in the Harvesters Outreach ministry at their church. They helped distribute food to families from the community! Jessica has volunteered with Harvesters Community Food Network before at their central location in Kansas City and also through her church. On one occasion, her family went to the KC location and helped bag apples. A short time later, Jessica ended up handing out bags of apples at the Harvesters Outreach. It was exciting to see that what she did in one phase of volunteering resulted in actually meeting those who received the apples and knowing it made a difference! It has been a great way for her family to serve others! DID YOU KNOW that Harvesters has a 26-county service area and 122,570 children are food insecure? It means they may have food today, but do not know if they will have it tomorrow. Find out how you can make a difference at

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Missouri Cover Girl Volunteers at Ronald McDonald House

2016 Miss Missouri Teen Cover Girl, Alexis Amos, did some great local volunteer work at the Ozark Ronald McDonald House! First she packed care bags for each of the families who check in at the Ronald McDonald House. Next, it was time to clean the kitchen, and finally the volunteers constructed new furniture for the guest rooms. What a productive day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen Donates Community Involvement Items

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen, Maci Williams, donated the school supplies provided by the 2016 Wisconsin State Finalist. When Maci got them home, she actually organized them into different boxes by what they were. The bag she's holding has scissors/pencils. The box beside her she put all the glue in, along with the notebooks and books. Maci donated the supplies to Fair Park Elementary School in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Missouri Pre-Teen Donates School Supplies

2016 Miss Missouri Preteen, Abbie Mueller, donated 4 cases of school supplies to La Salle Middle School in downtown St. Louis on August 15th. La Salle tries to serve students who may not have access to education that pushes them to succeed, go to great high schools, and eventually college. Their motto is “I Am Somebody” and they make the students feel positive about themselves. Abbie toured the school’s brand new building and campus, which opens tomorrow, and spoke with the Head of School, Melissa Brickey, the principal, Phil Pusateri, and Director of Advancement, Michelle Ryan, about her NAM experience and her mentoring program Self-ValYOU. You can see Abbie’s social media posts regarding her activities this year at on Instagram at NAM_MO_PRETEEN_2016. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Missouri Queens in July 4th Parade

Some of the Missouri Queens celebrated Independence Day in style in the Parkville Fourth of July Parade! In attendance were 2016 Miss Missouri Jr. Pre-Teen, Laci Brown, 2016 Miss Missouri Jr. Teen, Josie Rawlings, and 2016 Miss Missouri Teen, Jessica Hanner. After the parade was over, the girls could enjoy the carnival and fireworks that night. What a fun day!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Meet the 2016 Wisconsin Royalty!

2016 Miss Wisconsin Princess
Kahlan Auld
Age: 7
Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids
Hobbies: Taking selfies and playing games
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Broccoli and cheese
Ambition: To be a big pop super star

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen
Maci Williams
Age: 9
Hometown: West Bend
Hobbies: Competitive swimming and gymnastics
Favorite Color: Sky blue
Favorite Food: Quesadillas
Ambition: To become a teacher

2016 Miss Wisconsin Pre-Teen
Lupe Begovatz
Age: 11
Hometown: Fort Atkinson
Hobbies: Photography and archery
Favorite Subject in School: Social studies
Favorite Food: Shark and bear
Ambition: To go to college and be a social worker

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen
Lila Szyryj
Age: 14
Hometown: Madison
Hobbies: Dance and piano
Favorite Subject in School: History
Favorite Food: Sushi
Ambition: To become a medical malpractice attorney

2016 Miss Wisconsin Teen
Brielle Shortreed
Age: 17
Hometown: Pardeeville
Hobbies: Cat-fishing and teaching dance
Favorite Subject in School: Political science
Favorite Food: Chocolate-covered strawberries
Ambition: To become an orthodontist

2016 Miss Wisconsin
Emma Loney
Age: 19
Hometown: Sun Prairie
Hobbies: Volunteering, cheerleading, singing, and raising awareness for eating disorders
Favorite Subject in School: English
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Ambition: To become a pediatric nurse practitioner

2016 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Kennedy Ladehoff
Age: 9
Hometown: Rice Lake
Hobbies: Dance and softball
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Ambition: To be an author

2016 Miss Wisconsin Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Olivia Keiser
Age: 11
Hometown: Holcombe
Hobbies: Legos and sports
Favorite Subject in School: Art
Favorite Food: Cheese pizza
Ambition: To be a veterinarian