Thursday, April 5, 2018

Pageant your new skin care routine!

I spend 1/3 of the year traveling and away from home...most of it for NAM Open Calls, Preps, Pageants, etc. Surprisingly, I love it. New places. New adventures. New sisters to welcome into our NAMily! Sometimes, I think...I should moonlight as a travel blogger with as much as I travel. But, the truth's not very glamorous. Most of my hotel stays are at Holiday Inn Expresses (free continental breakfast...HELLO!) and while I wish I was cruising around on private jets, it's usually Delta Economy...middle row. #yikes 

While my travel's might not be the most posh, it's important to me that my skin looks like it is.

Like many of you - I get so overwhelmed. The market is saturated with creams, anti this and thats, and devices that you roll, rub, or prick your face with. And enough with the spewing of if Im supposed to know what in the heck their talking about. Are you kidding - I barely passed High School chemistry!? And the prices....#enoughsaid

Recently RDKL Skin Care sent me this beautifully packaged Skin Care box with 5 easy products inside to try...and I LOVE it.

Pageant your new skin care routine! It's ideal for all ages and skin types! 

Can we just talk about the name of the products first? "Youth. Fresh. Life. Revive. Glow." It's like a walking NAM ad within itself. Can't you just here Joy saying at a Final Show "she is youth. she is fresh. she is life. she is national american miss....." #shoutouttomygirljoysuprano

My first concern was that it wouldn't be good for my skin type (Dry). However, a quick visit to their site addressed all that and my concerns disappeared. To check out how to use RDKL Skin Care for your skin type: CLICK HERE 

After one use - my skin felt CLEAN and Dewey....and it smells good. Shout out to whoever at RDKL created the jojobbeads to be big enough to scrub, but soft enough to not chafe my drive skin!

However, what I REALLY appreciated was what I considered the "ingredients dictionary for dummies."  On their site, they don't just list out the ingredients like they do on the back of bottle, but they literally spell out what the ingredient is and why it's good for your skin. To find out what's inside: CLICK HERE!

And, lastly - while this was a gift from the company, it's definitely something I'll buy once this set empties because it's in my price point ($99 for 5 products....heck yes!) SHOP HERE 

Oh...and did I mention, all of their products are under 2 oz, so it's perfect for a carry on for the airplane. Or to fit in your crown box ;)

Can't wait to hear about your RDKL experience!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Lennon Bradley shares with us how she raised her Sponsor Fees (and in style)

Lennon Bradley (our sassy Miss Nebraska Jr. Pre-Teen)  shares with us a BRILLIANT fundraising idea that she and her mom have used for the past 3 years to raise her Pageant Sponsor Fee! If this worked for Lennon, this will work for you!! Check out this quick, adorbs video and get started on your Raffle A.S.A.P!