Friday, November 16, 2018

Personalized Denim Jacket.....and I'm obsessed

Recently, my girl Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers (who is also a NAM Alumni), posted a pic on her insta with this super cute personalized jacket.

Upon further inspection, I realized the jacket was from one of my FAVE online boutiques, Madida. Not only does Madida carry trendy outfits, but its all pageant girl ran. The owner is a NAM alumni, as well (Madison Novak) and the other babes that help her run it are some of my other fave pageant girls. Next thing I knew, Madison and the girls at Madida were asking me about my favorite things (fave tv show, things i like, my hobbies). Fast forward to yesterday and I received a box at my door with this super THIS adorable personalized "Breanne Jacket"

I had to post the video here of my unboxing so you can get the full effect of how AMAZING this personalized jacket is, you can also view it on my insta stories HERE.

Anyways, I don't think this amazing concept needs any more praise from me...head to Madida and contact them about getting your personalized Denim Jacket.  You can purchase a denim jacket from them to deck out OR you can send them one you already have...which what a great way to epicycle your wardrobe!! How adorable will you be wearing this with YOUR TITLE on the back of it!!! Get on it, girl!

Signing Off in NAM Style,