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Sooooo.....did you know that NAM is on Pinterest? Yes, PINTEREST ( you know, that app that you pin your favorite recipe or outfit to thinking you will go back, but if you are like me - never do! LOL!)

Anyways, for YEARS NAM has been on Pinterst and has 35 boards that are helpful to you preparing for your State Pageant! Thats right....35 tips, tricks, tools, and links to help you BE and DO your best!!! I know what you are thinking - how have I not checked this out before (PS - the website to it is on the back of your Magazines)

With NAM State Pageants gearing up this month, I thought it was a perfect time to help you NAM girls brush up on your being pageant ready by using this beneficial resource!


But, also Pinterest has other great tools to help you be your best that you may not find on the NAM Pinterest and here are some of my faves:

How to Win NAM Podcast by Pageant Planet
FREE Practice Interview Questions (some of these are aimed for much older contestants) Also - NAM will not ask about politics, religion, or boys in the interview.
5 Things in Winning Personal Interview
NAM Resume Tips

Signing Off In NAM Style!