Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Girls at National American Miss Pageant get to meet Hannah Montana, AKA Miley Cyrus

The National American Miss program is filled with TONS of awesome opportunities. Modeling Scholarships, Ford Mustang Convertibles, Full Page Magazine Spreads, Cash Prizes, and Trips to Disneyland are just a few. However, I am willing to bet that if you asked a 10 year old girl which would she rather have, a chance to meet Miley Cyrus or a $1000 cash - she's going to pick Miley!! I know I would, and Im old enough to be a princess' mom!  However, at last years national pageant - our princess contestants dream of meeting Miley came to life. Many of our princess contestants had the chance to get her autograph and take part in a LIVE taping of her Disney Christmas Special, as well as be featured on the Disney Christmas Special!! Take a look at the video below and catch a glimpse of what these lucky princess got to experience and what some of them had to say about this awesome opportunity! Dreams REALLY do come true at National American Miss!!! Who knows what door of opportunity National American Miss will unlock for YOU!

Friday, February 20, 2009

At National American Miss, YOU could be driving home a BRAND new FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE

National American Miss awards one of the largest and most exciting prize packages in the WORLD. From modeling scholarships, cash awards, trips to Disneyland, laptop computers, ipods, cameras, cell phones...i could go on so, lets just cut straight to the chase - if you've dreamed of it, we award it!! Including a NEW CAR!!!! That's right, National American Miss is heading into it's second year, alongside with one of our official sponsor - Ford Motor Company - to award a BRAND NEW FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE! To learn more about how YOU could be driving away from National American Miss in style visit

National American Miss is also proudly sponsored by John Robert Powers Modeling School, National Honor Society, American Cheerleader, and Dance Spirit

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From the National American Miss stage to the American Idol stage

A few posts ago, I featured Arianna Afsar, a former National American Miss talent winner, who had made it to Hollywood for EVERYONE's favorite show - American Idol. Well, Arianna has officially made it into the TOP 36, having impressed Simon, Paula, Randy, and that new judge...what's her name again?? Now Arianna just has to impress AMERICA!! 

Take a peak at Arianna's audition....'s time for the NAM fan base to show our support for this fellow rockin' NAM girlfriend! It's no secret what we need to do....CALL & VOTE, CALL & VOTE, CALL & VOTE!!! I know i will... on EVERY phone I can get my hands on, as many times as possible! Let's launch Arianna into becoming the next AMERICAN IDOL!!

Arianna, a California native has participated with the National American program for the past few years, having won talent, but also having placed 1st and 3rd runner-up to the Jr. Teen title. At only 16 years old, this outstanding young lady is a true role model, already having a day reserved in her name in her hometown. The "Arianna Afsar" day was founded when Arianna was in in 6th grade and founded the "adopt a grandfriend" program.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

National American Miss grants a wish through the MAKE-A-WISH foundation

National American Miss girls are ALWAYS giving back and making a difference. However, our National American Miss Arizona girls are  making wishes come true.

The 2nd Annual Tiara Tea Party was held the weekend of Feb 6th and helped to raise money for the Arizona chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This annual event is also sponsored by the Wish for Wish Kids Organization, founded by Theresa Kyte(NAM Miss Arizona Jr. Teen 2005), who through her work with this fabulous organization has been featured and recognized in Teen Magazine for her leadership and contributions in her community.

                                NAM girls at the Tiara Tea party with Miss Arizona America
This year, former National American Miss Arizona, Tristan Topps hosted the event. However, she wasn't the only NAM girl to get involved, the weekend was filled with entertainment by Miss Arizona Preteen, Mariah Perez, and Miss Arizona Jr. Teen Lexe Richardson. Miss Arizona Princess, Kayla Large stopped by to show her support, as well as many other NAM girls. Miss Arizona America, Erin Nurss and Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen, Kelsey Hartley were also in attendance for this big event!

However, the pinnacle of the weekend, was the crowning of "Miss Tiara Tea Party." Reanna, a 5 year old  wish kid, from the Make-A-Wish Foundation who was diagnosed with lymphoma disease as a baby and has been in remission for a year took home the title. But, most exciting is that National American Miss helped to grant Reanna's wish, which is to go to South Dakota to dig for dinosaur bones!!!
Miss Tiara Tea Party and Make-A-Wish Kid, Reanna pictured with other queens, after winning her title and finding out her wish was going to be granted!

The weekend was filled with much excitement and emotion, as it was truly heart-warming for National American Miss girls to see just how much of a difference they can make in the lives of others! We are so thrilled to be a part of Reanna's life and to help make all her wishes come true!!

National American Miss announces its 2009 WISCONSIN OPEN CALLS


Thats right...we're CALLING for YOU!!!!!

2009 Miss Wisconsin Open Call invitations have JUST gone out in the mail.

Recently received an invitation?

  • Great - that means that you have been recommended to our program as an outstanding young lady! Be sure to sign up for an open call sessions at

Interested in attending an Open Call?

Dont miss out on the MOST AMAZING opportunity for girls to sweep through YOUR HOME STATE!!!! National American Miss is for TODAY'S GIRL!!

We look forward to seeing YOU at this year's National American Miss Open Call!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

National American Miss HOMECOMING offer

It's that time of year again!!! The Annual National American Miss Homecoming offers are coming soon! Homecoming offers are a special offer given only to prior National American Miss contestants, and offers them a special discount for the 2009 pageant. Also , this one time offer gives you a chance to win BIG by being put in an official drawing to win TOTALLY AWESOME PRIZES. The drawing takes place March 10th, so get your Homecoming offers into your state pageant office ASAP!!! DONT MISS OUT ON WINNING!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

National American Miss Rocks Blog - a place for sharing!

Hey girlfriends-
I love hearing from ALL of you! Keep me posted on ALL the awesome things going on in your life! I am eager to hear about all of your accomplishments, activities, and community projects... and possibly let the world know by posting it to the blog! You can e-mail at 
**Don't forget to include pictures, links, video, etc!!

Also, dont forget to leave comments on various posts! This is a great way to send shout outs to your friends, congratulate other NAM girls, and tell your personal stories!

The NAMiss Rocks Blog is a place for us girlfriends to share our stories and let everyone know how FABULOUS National American Miss girls are!

24/7 365 Live it, Love it....NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS ROCKS

(pictured above with 2 of my NAM besties, choreographers Molly Briggie and Ashley Spingola, sharing our favorite NAM memories!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

National American Miss girl wins the 2008 "Outstanding Individual with Autism"

 Meet 12 year old, Amanda LaMunyon! Amanda has been an active participant in the National American Miss Program for years, taking home awards in talent, resume, acting, art contest, and spokesmodel. In 2006 - Amanda won the National American Miss Oklahoma Spokesmodel competition by speaking on a topic that was not only meaningful to her, but that was personal - Autism. At age 8, Amanda was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of Autism. Since then Amanda has used painting and singing as an outlet, and has become an accomplished artist - having many of her works published. With the rising interest in Autism across America, Amanda has since used her NAM spokesmodel title to become an advocate of Autism, a journey which has gained her much recognition. Amanda, her story, and even her paintings have been featured in numerous notable books and magazines. A philanthropist at heart, Amanda has won dozens of volunteerism awards and honors for her work with Children and Autism Organizations, including most recently, the 'Outstanding Individual with Autism of the Year,"award presented by the National Autism Society.  I could go ON and ON about how outstanding Amanda is and how fabulous her paintings are, instead you can CHECK IT ALL OUT for yourself by visiting her website. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT AMANDA LAMUNYON HERE!

Amanda is an EXCELLENT role model for many young girls, encouraging them to NEVER be discouraged, regardless of what challenges or adversity they may face. NAM is thrilled to continue to be a part of Amanda's journey and we can not wait to see what the future hold for this ROCKIN'  NAM GIRL!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why I Love National American Miss

When people participate or visit our state pageants, they become witness to the hard work that truly goes into producing the countries most prestigious organization for young girls. Often, they are in awe of how organized and fun pageant weekend is, and how hard our staff works to create such a positive environment. I get dozens of compliments like this a day, and while it is sincerely humbling to hear these things, I always respond with, "well its easy when you love what you do." However, once a contestant's father asked me why? "Why do you love it so much...I think it is a wonderful organization, but I want to know why YOU love it so much," he asked. 

Here is why:

Like many of you, I love National American Miss because there is nothing else like it in the world! To be a part of it, is like being a member of an elite sorority, filled with amazing young women and my bestest girlfriends. It is like summer-camp, a hannah montana concert, and miss america all rolled into one!!!!

But, personally for me - the BEST part about it is each and every single one of YOU! Each of you inspires me. You inpire me to be a great role-model. You inspire my belief in a better tomorrow - one filled with amazing leaders, which each of you will be. You inspire me to continue to be TODAY's girl. You inspire me to follow my dreams.  You inspire me to want to make a difference. YOU INSPIRE ME!

It is easy to love doing something where you are surrounded by inspiration. So, thank you to all you FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS for inspiring ME!!! 
And just think, if you are inspiring little old me...think of how many OTHER lives you are inspiring!??! Now THAT is what I call MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!