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Madeline Morgan, Miss WI Jr. Teen encourages others to "think they can" through her own charitable organization

NAM shapes lifelong friendships...

Miss Nebraska Preteen featured in print ad as model....gets ready for Halloween

Minnesota Princess shares the year with her mom....another Minnesota Titleholder

What REALLY happens with those books and bears you donate??

It takes a village to raise a child...

Checking in with Miss Wisconsin Preteen Cover Girl, Rebecca Dowe....

A blog you MUST MUST MUST follow....everything a NAM girl should be...with a few rough living conditions.

Kaylyn Slevin is......RUPUNZLE????

Wonder what its like to be a NAM titleholder....

Books and bear and politicians...oh my!

The Pageant Planet is impressed with NAM...and shares it with the world

Illinois royalty spares no time at all....

2011 NAM Cover Girl, Jordan George presents to Des Moines City Council

Toonfest takes over Marceline and Miss Missouri Jr. Teen gets in on the action!