Monday, March 30, 2009

National American Miss WI TOP MODEL raffle winners announced!

Lani and Aubry had so much fun working with you at your CALL BACK and were so impressed at how AWESOME ALL OF YOU DID!!! 

At the WI call back - we raffled off 2 FREE TOP MODEL ENTRIES into the TOP MODEL competition at this years state pageant. CONGRATS GOES TO:
Melissa Babock - Madison
Tiana Sonnleitner - Kaukauna


I cant wait to see ALL you SASSY WI girls at this year's state pageant! BUT - your next step: GET EXCITED AND READY FOR YOU PJ PARTY WORKSHOP!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

National American Miss supports The Pageant Event Fundraiser

Second annual "The Pageant Event" took place earlier in March in Wisconsin and had quite the showing. The Pageant Event is a social and fundraising event for all things pageant. 

The day was quite exciting as pageant girls from across the states of WI and IL got together to mingle, meet pageant coaches and vendors from across the state, exchange autographs, shop for sassy pageant attire and novelties, and get acquainted with pageant systems from across the country.

National American Miss girls mingle with friends at The Pageant Event

This wonderful luncheon also played host to a raffle, which National American Miss was happy to donate to, as well as numerous presentations. One in particular was  by Amanda Garrity, National American Miss Wisconsin, who put her National Spokesmodel title to good use by speaking about the National American Miss organization and the benefits it has played in her life.

National American Miss Wisconsin and National Spokesmodel winner speaking about NAM

Overall, this event is a fun-filled day of galmour, glitz,and pageantry and all proceeds helped to benefit local Miss America Organizations. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

National American Miss' Next Top Model - Free Photo Shoot Winners announced for Minnesota

At this weeks Minnesota Open Call's, National American Miss raffled off 2 FREE TOP MODEL PHOTO SHOOTS! All open call applicants were put into the raffle drawing and at the end of the week - we drew 2 names. 

National American Miss Blog is the FIRST to announce these winners to you! Congrats to:

Nina Goldman from St. Paul & Nkaunaag Vang Her from Maplewood

We look forward to seeing both you sassy girls strut you stuff in front of the camera at the TOP MODEL PHOTO SHOOT - where they will both compete for a FULL PAGE FEATURE SPREAD IN A NATIONAL MAGAZINE!!

Also, CONGRATS to those applicants who were accepted as state-finalists for this years Miss Minnesota! We CANT wait to see you at this years state pageant! Get ready for the experience of a life-time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

National American Miss Jr. Preteen teams up with Joel Osteen's Kidslife Worship Team - performing across the country!

The National American Miss Jr. Preteen, Kaydianna Davis has teamed up with Joel Osteen and is a member of the Kidslife Workship team at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, which is the largest church in the country and is led by Joel Osteen. Through her involvement, Kaydianna is traveling with the Kidslife Worship team putting on mini-concerts at community churches and at the children's ministry conference. However, most exciting is the Kidslife CD that just launched. Kaydianna is "pretty excited that she gets to be on a CD and perform at concerts like a rockstar."

Take a look at just how busy this sassy girl is!
Kaydianna and the other KidsLife Team with their CD's
Kaydianna performing on-stage in Chicago at the Children's Ministry Conference

Monday, March 23, 2009

National American Miss Birthday Wishes - THANK YOU!

JUST WANTING TO SAY A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO SOOO MANY OF YOU THAT SENT BIRTHDAY WISHES MY WAY and MAKING MY DAY SOO SPECIAL!!! This is one of the BEST parts about being part of National American Miss...the friendships and extended family that come along with NAM are AMAZING!!



Friday, March 20, 2009

Spice up your life...well at least your computer with National American Miss FREE wallpapers


National American Miss has AWESOME wallpapers available on their website, and new ones are added each month!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

National American Miss girl on national American Miss Wii commercial

A LONG time ago, I posted about Madison Hill, the current Miss Missouri Jr. Teen starring in a national TV commercial for Nintendo' s Wii,  All-Star Cheer game. Well, I have been seeing her face all over my TV and, as a former cheerleader, I LOVE the game, too . Be sure to stay tuned to your TV sets to see Madison, who got her start in the acting industry right here at National American Miss!!

Check the commercial out right here on the namiss rocks blog!

Monday, March 16, 2009

National American Miss Iowa's Next Top Model Raffle Winners ANNOUNCED

At this weeks National American Miss Iowa Open Calls, we held a very exciting raffle for our attendants. The Prize? A FREE TOP MODEL PHOTO SESSION to be held at this year's state pageant!! We drew 2 names and are so excited for both these young ladies!

The winner's of this year's IOWA TOP MODEL RAFFLE are:

Sommer Braye from Marshalltown & Caitlyn McCoy from Dubuque


AND....a BIG congrats goes to all the young ladies selected as state finalists for this year's Miss Iowa Pageant. WELCOME TO THE NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS FAMILY...we CAN'T wait to see you at this years state pageant!

Friday, March 13, 2009

National American Miss Iowa helps youngsters get a "headstart"

The National American Miss Iowa, Randina Elsner is reaching out in her community in a big way. Through the National American Miss "books and bears" community involvement competition and through other local book drives, Randina has managed to accumulate over 800 books, all of which she donates to local schools in her community, one of them being the Headstart program. However, Randina isn't just stopping at raising literacy awareness by hosting book drives and donating books, she is spending time mentoring and reading to youngsters in her community. To read more about Randina's community project click the picture below, showing Randina reading to a group of youngsters:     

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

National American Miss truly has the most AMAZING young ladies

Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen 2007, Jordan Somer (pictured right) has put a whole new meaning in the word AMAZING! Jordan, 15, had a vision to create a program where girls with disabilities could build their self-esteem and gain valuable skills in a fun and safe environment. Thus, the "Miss Amazing Pageant" was born. Jordan utilized the skills she gained through participating in the National American Miss program to help 15 young ladies with disabilities in the Omaha, NE area realize just how AMAZING they are!

This 2 year old annual community event, has also since raised over $1500 and hundreds of cans of food, all of which will go be given Omaha community.

Through forming this wonderful cause, Jordan received the 2007 National American Miss GOLDEN ACHIEVEMENT award. National American Miss believes in rewarding young ladies for their service within their communities. The Golden Achievement award is awarded to the top young lady in the country who shows outstanding involvement with a community service project of her choice!!! What an AMAZING example you are, Jordan!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

National American Miss girls are the new faces for BE YBF cosmetic line

Stacey Schieffelin, Ford Model and make-up guru has traveled the country has a motivational speaker for young women. However, most recently Stacey's BE YBF (Your Best Friends) cosmetics line for teens and tweens, which sells on both HSN and QVC,  selected some fresh faces as models for her cosmetic line. 

Caley Pavillard from Colorado, Kira Brock from Geaorgia, Elena LaQuatra from Pennsylvania are all NAM girls, all of whom have held previous NAM titles are 3 of the new FRESH FACES for BE YBF cosmetics!! We are SOOO excited for these FRESH and FAMILIAR faces! Just goes to show all the exciting doors of opportunity that can open through National American Miss.

Kira Brock, former Miss Georgia Preteen and BE YBF's Fresh new face shown left

 Read more about BE YBF's Fresh Faces and Stacey by clicking below

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

National American Miss Wisconsin Jr. Preteen provides warmth to those in need through her own organization.

If you looked under the dictionary for the word, "role-model." You may find a picture of Miss Wisconsin Jr. Preteen, Paige Kassner. 

At just 10 years old, Paige has established her own philanthropic organization, called "warm hands, warm hearts." Since last fall, Paige has been collecting mittens, gloves, and cold weather gear to help provide warmth during those cold winter Wisconsin months for families and children in need. To date, this outstanding organization has helped to provide warmth to over 450 people.  THAT IS EXTRAORDINARY! 

However, Paige's service within her community doesn't just stop there. Paige is an avid supporter of both the MDA and ALS associations. However, she takes the word "involvement" to a whole new level. This year, this spunky 10 year old will be ORGANIZING the first annual Community of Hope event, that will bring together area talent and benefiting both the MDA and ALS organizations.

At the age of 5, Paige's grandfather who had just been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease inspired Paige, when he told her " no matter how small, we can all make a difference." That is exactly what this inspirational young lady is doing! 

To read more about Paige and her charitable organization or how you, too can make a difference, visit:

Monday, March 2, 2009

National American Miss girl on American Idol tomorrow night!

You have already read the previous posts - featuring Arianna Afsar, former National American Miss talent winner - who has made it all the way to the top 36 on American Idol. 

Well, tomorrow night ( Tuesday, March 3rd at 8/7 central on FOX), Arianna will vie for a spot in the top 12!!! As she steps in front of Paula, Randy, Simon, Kara - and all of America, National American Miss is excited to know that the National American Miss stage is where this talented young lady got her start, thus leading her to the American Idol stage. Many of you, I know have the same dreams Arianna does, and she is proof that with National American Miss dreams can come true!

Be sure that YOU ALL call and vote - on every phone you have access to, as many times as possible!!!!!! Let's show Arianna how much her NAM family supports her! GOOD LUCK ARIANNA!

National American Miss announces its 2009 Iowa and Minnesota Open Calls

Calling ALL of the most AMAZING girls in Minnesota and Iowa!! That's right - we're calling you! National American Miss is coming to a city near you in search of the Freshest Faces in your state!

If you received an invitation and want to attend an open call, you can register on line:

If you didn't receive an invitation, but think you have what it takes to be the next National American Miss, sign up TODAY:

Don't miss out in participating in the most prestigious organization for young girls today, awarding over $1.5 million dollars  in cash, scholarships, and prizes annually. It's your turn to shine at NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

HOMECOMING OFFER ENDS SOON - dont miss out on winning a brand new wii

Hey Prior Girls-

Dont miss out on taking part in 2009, and having an opportunity to win great prizes, like a BRAND NEW Wii - exclusively through the 2009 HOMECOMING OFFER. This one time offer is only open to prior contestants!

All applications must be in the state directors office by MONDAY, MARCH 30 at 10:00 pm CENTRAL TIME.

HURRY HURRY - and THIS could be yours: