Sunday, May 31, 2009

National American Miss featured on The Pageant Cast popular radio podcast

Tim Kretschman, host of pageantry's popular radio podcast and pageant news blog, lended his pageant industry expertise at this year's NAMiss Wisconsin pageant as a judge. Tim, who judged the Jr. Teens also did a semi-live radio segment featuring some of NAM's girls! 

We will have to stay tuned  to to see when the segment hits the airways!

BUT  for now, the NAMiss Wisconsin pageant has a featured article on The Pageant Cast's website( AND on its blog , and NAM's national website, - won WEBSITE OF THE WEEK!!! 

It's no secret that NAM is the BEST....even online!!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a GREAT Memorial Day weekend at National American Miss Wisconsin!!

The first pageant of the year is over(phew!)...and it was quite an exciting event!!!!

To everyone in Wisconsin - the National American Miss staff had such a wonderful weekend getting to know you and work with your daughters....who BTW were ALL AMMMAAAAAAAZZZZZZZIIIIINGGGG!!!!!!! I know the judges had one HECK of a time trying to pick the best representative out of a group of winners, and all of you girls are TRULY winners!! The pageant choreographers couldnt stop talking about the ROCKIN good time they were having with you (especially during the dance rehersal!)

To all you moms and dads - I enjoyed getting to talk more with you during the parent holding room!

For all you girls who qualify to go nationals( optional winners and optional runner ups, queens court, covergirls, and ambassadors) - be watching for your SPECIAL invitation in the mail and I CANT wait to see you at HOLLYWOOD!! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT!!!

Moms and Dads- Dont forget to write in to the pageant office or send an email requesting your daughter's scores!

And Girls - Dont EVER forget to think to yourself....."I LOOK GOOD!!" *wink wink*

It is our sincere hope that EACH of you walked away from this weekend with National American Miss having far exceeded your expectations and that each girl takes home with her a crown...wheter it's the one on her head or the one in her heart!!! YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!!!


National American Miss

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MORE 2009 National American Miss Wisconsin Results

2009 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen
Teaka Griesbach

2009 Miss Wisconsin Teen
Alyssa Quinn

Dont forget to check out ALL of the 2009 Miss Wisconsin results by visiting

Monday, May 25, 2009

Announcing 2009 National American Miss Wisconsin Princess, Jr. Preteen, and Preteen

Happy Memorial Day!!!! THE RESULTS ARE IN...well at least for Princess, Jr. Preteen, and Preteen !!!!!! We finished last night with 3 FABULOUS new Wisconsin 
state queens and tonight we will be crowning the Jr. Teen and Teen(and dont worry, Ill keep you posted with those, as well!)

Congratulations goes to:

2009 Miss Wisconsin Princess:
Caris Lowe
2009 Miss Wisconsin Jr. Preteen:
Brielle Shortreed
2009 Miss Wisconsin Preteen:
Shelby Reukauf
To find out who took home other prizes and awards, you can visit
 you can check out pictures of your favorite contestant at

Stay tuned for the Jr. Teen and Teen results.......

Monday, May 18, 2009


WITH THE FIRST PAGEANT OF THE SUMMER FASTLY APPROACHING... WISCONSIN is in 5 days....OMG!!!! I thought before each pageant, it would be super FUN to have one of your choreographers/emcees(basically one of the staff members you will get to be with all weekend long) write you all something special so you could get to know her a little better and so that she can give you some great advice to help you be at your best pageant weekend! 

So, for the first pageant of the year - WISCONSIN - meet Ashley Spingola:

 Hello NAM girls!!

Pageant season is right around the corner and I am SO excited and jazzed to see all of you! I’m Ashley Spingola and I’m a choreographer for NAM. You’ll see me emceeing competitions at your state pageant and helping you at rehearsals, too. I’ve already met some of you at open calls and workshops and I cannot wait to meet more of you!!

I got started with NAM a few years ago when I was crowned the 
Wisconsin Teen Queen. Being a state titleholder was one of the best experiences of my life! Being visiting royalty and traveling to other state pageants was a blast. I also got the opportunity to become a spokesperson for my favorite charities, which I still volunteer for today. But the best part of all was meeting friends from all across the country. I count down the days till summer when we all see each other again because we’re all like family! 

Having been in your high heels many times before, I know that all of you are hard at work practicing your modeling and picking out dresses, but here’s a few pieces of advice to help prepare you for this exciting weekend…
•    This will be one of the best weekends of your life! Take lots of pictures, get the emails of all your new bestie’s and don’t forget to have lots of fun! 
•    Be yourself!
•    I know you might get the jitters right before your competitions but remember this is your time to shine!! Remember to talk slow in your interview and enjoy your time onstage.
•    My mom has always told me to sparkle and shine onstage….so same to all of you!  This fun saying always reminded me to do my best but still have fun and be a little rockstar diva onstage. 
•    Never give up on your dreams. I can tell you I didn’t win my first pageant or my second one, but at each one I always met new friends and learned something new. But with lots of determination, I’ve accomplished my dreams. While only one girl can walk away with the crown, remember all of the memories you’re making with your family and new friends this weekend as well as how much you’ll grow as a young girl for being a part of NAM. All of you are true winners just for trying and for taking a step out of the ordinary. Always remember that all crowns are made different, yours can be rhinestones or the growth of your heart.

Best of luck to all of you!!!




Wednesday, May 13, 2009

National American Miss girls Marching to Make a Difference, March of Dimes Organization.

National American Miss girls around the country are Marching for a cause, the March Of Dimes organization. While DOZENS of you have participated in this wonderful cause, I wanted to feature 2 special young ladies.

Brianna Lewis, the National All-American Miss Princess and Dasia Clark, Miss Illinois Cover Girl(who BTW - happen to be cousins) took part in Chicago's March of Dimes, March for Babies  this past weekend. Brianna and Dasia headed up team "WALKING IN JOY" and trecked  3 miles in the pouring rain to support this great cause. Keep in mind - Brianna is only 6, so 3 miles, rainy wheater, AND a crown on your head - is hard work!!! But, Brianna says she "loves doing things for others and she loved helping her team raise money for babies and their families who need help." Her mother, Yvette says of Brianna's attitude, "Brianna truly has a caring heart and desires to help others every chance she gets."

What an excellent NAM representative and role model! Thanks for taking a stand....oops or should I say MARCH...for such a great cause! ;)

To learn how you can become involved in the March for Dimes organization in your area, visit MARCHofDIMES

Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Ideas on How to get Sponsors!!

Recently, I received an e-mail from a contestant who was having trouble getting her sponsor fees and wondered if I had any advice for her. Well, I have competed in OVER 30 pageants in my day...and believe me - many of their entry fees were MUCH higher then National American Miss's -were talking in the thousands! So, as a former contestant - I wanted to share with you the top 5 sponsor fee raising ideas that worked for me!!

-Think of sponsor fees like girl scout cookies. 
Remember all those people that purchased those cookies from you - your grandma, aunts, uncles, teachers, hairdressers, doctors, dentists, nail ladies, mom's friends at work, dad's boss, sister's boyfriend, your best friend's family....ask them to contribute to something much BIGGER than cookies!! Let them know that you have a GOAL - to become the next National American Miss and you know that they want to support you!  

- "Keep it real"
Picking up a phone, calling local business and asking them to sponsor you, will get you NOWHERE. It is imperative to visit these businesses face to face. Here are some important things to remember:
  • first visit places that you and your family frequently visit(ie-grocery stores, banks,hair salons, etc) - let them know that you frequent these locations -this will enable you to make these businesses feel like they are appreciated by their loyal customers....WHAT A COMPLIMENT!! You are already off to a good start - no manager/owner/etc is going to say NO to someone who is a loyal customer
  • think of this like a job interview - be professional and dress for success
  • ask to speak to the manager or whoever is in charge
  • bring NAM paperwork and sponsor info with you - they will want to see literature
  • shake their hand, look them in the eye, and smile!
  • introduce yourself and DONT ASK....TELL THEM -that you KNOW they WANT to sponsor you in your journey to achieving your goal
  • make sure you let them know a little bit about pageant weekend and all the wonderful skills you will gain by participating
  • Tell them that their company will be featured in the state program book and their contribution is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!
-"The Fear Factor"
What if they say no???? 
 I got told NO All the time!!!  YOU are not going to walk away and give up. Instead - do what I did, ask them to sponsor you in a different way - by dedicating their time and helping you practice your interview skills for the pageant by interviewing you!!! THEY WONT SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First, you will gain valuable practice for the pageant interview competition. These people have just gotten to know you a little bit better and they WILL be impressed with you - chances are they will change their mind and decide to sponsor you....this happened to me NUMEROUS times. Or - now that you have already had the interview, you dressed for success, there was a hiring sign on the door - you just got a JOB. THIS IS HOW I GOT MY FIRST JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-"Trash to Treasure" (treasure meaning your NAM experience)
Have all your close friends and family donate things they dont want or need anymore. Then pick a sunny saturday, ask your friends to help, and set up shop!!! This is a SUPER fun way to get sponsors and includes ALL your best girlfriends. They can help make GARAGE SALE SIGNS, pass out flyers at school,set up tables, and hang out with you during the sale. You can probably even recruit your cute(even though you think he's dorky) little brother to sell lemonade and soda's to passer -byers and shoppers. My girlfriends and I had to BEST time with this!!!!!

-Whats on Your Birthday List??!!
When there is something that I REALLY REALLY want, but dont quite have the money for - I ask my mom and dad if they would get it for me for my birthday, as an early bday present....even though my birthday is 7 months away!!!! Maybe this can be something YOUR whole family can give you - by all chipping in. Instead of a wii or new boots on your birthday list - put down NAM sponsor fee. Now - you may not get that wii or those great boots for your birthday, but chances are you'll still get them for christmas!!!!!! 

These are just a few to get you started, but there are DOZENS more great sponsor fee raising ideas out there!!! BE CREATIVE and MAKE THIS FUN!!!! I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE - its WAY easy!!!!!

AND...dont forget to send your sponsors a THANK YOU note/letter/card!!!

-Best of Luck!, Bre