Monday, August 31, 2009

Star of the new movie SHORTS, thanks her success to NAM!

 The new Warner Brothers movie, SHORTS, recently release in theaters near you  and  directed by famous director Robert Rodriguez ( Shark Boy & Lava Girl, Sin City, Spy Kids, etc) is something you should all go see.  With a lot of well known names in this kid comedy  such as Kat Dennings, Leslie Mann, William H. Macy, &  Jon Cryer, there is more to see in this movie then some of your favorite celebs. Starring along side these famous names is the 2005 National American Miss Arizona Princess, Jolie Vanier

Jolie, a Scottsdale AZ native(pictured in the poster , shes the one with the black hair and pigtales)who plays Helvetica Black in the movie sent our office an email with a thoughtful thank you, thanking NAM for EVERYTHING we have done for. Jolie's mom also said " I believe in NAM and everything you stand for, Jolie STILL talks about her year as the Arizona Princess."  Jolie's mom also passed on her bio/resume, which includes all of her NAM awards, that she uses when auditioning for big LA acting jobs.

You can check out Jolie's resume here and see the MANY things this starlette has done since her days on the NAM stage by clicking on her headshot below.

Also, be sure to check out SHORTS.  To view its trailer(with Jolie is the beginning on it), and learn more about the movie,  click below

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Iowa Jr. Preteen takes a note from the NAMISS ROCKS BLOG

Merrill Diddy, the recently crowned Iowa Jr. Preteen has been such an avid follower of the NAMISS ROCKS BLOG that she started her OWN blog that features stories, pictures, and articles about all the wonderful things she is doing in her community and as Miss Iowa!!!! AND believe me...she has been one of the busiest girls in town!!! You all should definitely check it out....its such a great idea! ALSO, for all you other Jr. Preteens, what a great way to get into contact with Merrill before you get to Nationals!!!

 I encourage you all to start a blog...and be sure to let me know so I can pass the word along to all your NAM sisters!

Check out Merrill's blog by clicking her picture:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nebraska Jr. Teen makes headlines Immediately after she's crowned

The crown hit her head and tears hit her cheeks - but just a few days after that she hit the headlines. Sarah Summers, the 2009 NAM Nebraska Jr. Teen has taken over Nebraska by storm by working closely with the charity's that mean the most to her, making appearances, and being spotlighted on the front page of numerous Nebraska newspapers including this one, the Papillion Times. 

In this 2 page, up-close article, Sarah talks about her involvement with the American Cancer Society and how she will be donating the books and bears from the Community Involvement Competition(10% of each girls score) to children with cancer.

Sarah is definitely a NAM girl-on-the go!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Double Trouble in Arizona - NAM sisters take on Fox 10 News

Double Trouble...i think its safe to say that is one clear description of the Donati sisters. However, while both Raina and Gia are as far away from SHY as you can get - they are both 2 sassy little girls with big goals who take their new Arizona titles VERY VERY seriously and are continuously active representing their homestate of Arizona. 

Raina and Gia - not even  a month after being crowned the 2009 Arizona Princess(Gia) and the 2009 Arizona Jr. Preteen( Raina), both girls and their parents made headlines in Arizona and caught the eye of Fox 10 news who brought them in to the studio to film a quick segment about their pageant experience.

Check it out and see for yourself why these 2 girls not only captured the hearts of the judges, but also their fellow contestants - they both even took home Miss Personality awards!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

National American Miss girl WINS Miss America's Outstanding Teen

Jeanette Morelan(pictured far left in green, photographed in 2006) will attest that her success in pageantry is because of the experiences and lifelong skills that she gained at National American Miss. 

A two-time former NAM Miss Wisconsin ( both the WI Preteen in 2004 WI Jr. Preteen AND 2006 WI Preteen), Jeanette now has a new title to her name - AMERICA'S OUTSTANDING TEEN!!! 

The America's Outstanding Teen program is the little sister program for Miss America and is open to teenaged girls. Like Miss America, these teen contestants are required to participate in the physical fitness and talent competition, as well  interview and formal wear. And, like the Miss America oganization, contestants must first win their prelim, where they did advance on to state. State winners then head off to the national competition in hopes of taking home the miniature Miss America Crown( which by the way has pink stones!)

First runner up was also a NAM girl! Brenna Weick, from New Jersey was the 2007 New Jersey Jr. Teen Casual Wear. 
And rounding out the top 10, were other NAM girls, too - including:
Ali Rogers from South Carolina was the 2006 Jr. Teen Talent winner &
Courtney Paige Garret from Virginia was the 2005 Miss Virginia Preteen

But, thats not all!! A whole slew of NAM girls competed for this exciting National Title. Just take a look at all the girls who got their start in NAM! 
Who knows whats next - MISS AMERICA??!!!

 NAM NATIONAL JR. TEEN 2008, Victoria Calton from Tennessee 

2008 Miss Iowa Jr. Teen talent Winner, Jessica Baker 

2008 Ohio Jr. Teen Spokesmodel winner and 2nd Runner Overall

2006 Miss Washington Jr. Teen finalist

It's been wonderful to see Jeanette( and her little sister Jamie - who has also held titles with NAM) grow into such awesome young women and positive role models!! CONGRATS JEANETTE from your NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS FAMILY!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It has been GREAT to be back in my hometown of Omaha Nebraska for the 2009 Miss Nebraska Pageant! GO HUSKERS!!!! Our staff had so much fun getting to know all the girls and we are SUPER excited about our 5 new queens!! 
Congratulations goes to:

2009 Miss NE Teen - Chrissy Townsend
2009 Miss NE Jr. Teen - Sarah Summers
2009 Miss NE Preteen - Michaela Millikan
2009 Miss NE Jr. Preteen - Maranda Saltzman
2009 Miss NE Princess - Brianna Nelson

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So...I have clearly been MIA for a while - I did 3 pageants back to back and I have one more next weekend(NEBRASKA).PHEW!!! I promise, I will be up and back in full swing after the NEBRASKA pageant- my mailbox is full with all our the emails you guys have sent me about all the awesome stuff you are up to!!! I cant wait to share it on the blog.

But - I wanted to share the newest members of the NAM FAM - the 2009 Missouri Queens! We had a GREAT time with all you gals in MISSOURI and cant wait to see you next year!!!

2009 Miss MO Teen
Megan Flaugher
2009 Miss MO Jr. Teen
Brittney Sears
2009 Miss MO Preteen
Faith Jordan
2009 Miss MO Jr. Preteen
Tiffany Brown
2009 Miss MO Princess
Abigail Maiden