Wednesday, September 23, 2009

National American Miss girl is new face for JOVANI fashions

Our very own, Ashley Spingola, can be seen other places besides behind a podium mcing pageants - shes one of the new faces, or should I say models, for Jovani.

After spending a day in NYC with Ashley, acting as stylist for her photoshoot ( with THE world-renowned photographer, Fadil Bashira), we later headed over to the Jovani studio to hang out with Jovani's newest head designer, Stephen Yearick(where we were first to try on some of his new cocktail dresses....and of course purchase a few, too). While our day in NYC was fabulous - now Ashley, who will be competing for Miss Nebraska USA in October, has a new credential to her resume...professional model! Ashley adds, "because of NAM, and the competitions it offers, like the new optional TOP MODEL competition - I'm able to get a head in anything I want to do...even modeling! NAM ROCKS!"

Take a look at Jovani's website, featuring their newest season and you just might see a familiar face!!! Here's even a quick link to just ONE:(click the photo below)

Friday, September 18, 2009

From NAM to ROME , BFF+F

So....after a LOOOOONG NAM summer touring the country....a few of us NAM girls decided to take it "out of the country" for a final vacation before we headed back to reality(AKA - our "big girl" jobs). I mean, besides - we have had to put up with all you crazy girls all summer - who wouldn't need a break (*wink*wink*) Just Kidding.....

Joy Suprano( pageant mc and assistant director at any Schnieder state), Julie Thomas( Maples' head choreographer), and Molly Briggie( choreographer for Palmgren and Maples), and ME - of course, wanted to see the we packed up our NAM luggage and went to beautiful ITALY!!!!

We had a TON of fun visiting the Colosseum, The Vatican, The Pantheon...we even took a trip up to Florence where we saw the statue of David, in person as well as ate TONS of delicious authentic food and gelatto( which by the way they sell gelatto over there like they sell hot dogs on street corners in NYC - its everywhere).

While we were there - we still wanted to pay homage to NAM and tried to find any local pageants that were taking place. But, like us - "pageant season" was over for the year there, as well!

So....after catching up on sleep ( I traveled for 21 hours to get home!), and not to mention the time change - I wanted to share some of our FABULOUS NAM trip with you.

BUT - the REAL reason I wanted to share it with you ALL is to remind you all of something VERRRRY important. Regardless of if you took home the crown this year or not - dont ever forget the REAL reason you love NAM so much.......because of the friendships you make. Julie, Joy, and Molly - while they are some of my closest friends, I know that if it wasn't for NAM - they wouldn't be a part of my life and we wouldnt share a special and unique bond ( like sorority sisters!)

AND who knows...if you are anything like the four of us - when you gals are "old" like Julie, Joy, Molly, and just might be that special friend you met at NAM yeeeaaarrrs ago who you travel the world with...that special friend who is your bridesmaid in your wedding...that special friend who you count on...and BEST OF ALL... who you call your BFF!!!!

Yes...Molly and I were teahing the Italians how to "sit pretty" in a chair for interview!!!

After we climbed the Spanish Steps in the Piazza di Spagna!!

Julie and Joy in front of "the Duomo" in Florence!!

Julie and Molly looking on as I throw a coin(making a wish) into the famous Trevi fountain

Joy and I "gladiatoring it up" inside the Colosseum.

Headed home after a great trip!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know - you are all wanting to see the Illinois results!! Sorry it has taken me so long, but the day after the IL pageant - I headed out to ROME, ITALY with some of the NAM choreographers/staff!!! We are all just NOW getting back into AMERICA ( dont worry - ill post more details about our ROME trip tomorrow - with pics, of course!)
But, for now - here are the new 2009 Illinois royalty!
Dont forget to visit HERE for ALL the 2009 Illinois results

Miss Illinois Teen
Lynzi Misuraca

Miss Illinois Jr. Teen
Catherine Kennebeck
Miss Illinois Preteen
Emily Lymberopoulos

Miss Illinois Jr. Preteen
Kaylyn Slevin

Miss Illinois Princess
Imani Muse

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labor Day in Illinois

Soooo.... it is OFFICIALLY the LAST NAM pageant for the year. I am already here in Illinois and the host pageant hotel is FABULOUS! We LOVE coming back every year to Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles and we CAN NOT WAIT to crown this year's National American Miss Illinois royalty. Before every pageant, I have been featuring a choreographer so you girls can already have a familiar face - this time I wanted to introduce you to ALI SCHULZ. Ali is hometown girl and was not only a former Miss Illinois...but Ali went on to WIN the NATIONAL pageant!!!! She represented Illinois & NAM  so well, that we couldn't let her get away so now she is on our staff. Ali wanted to say a few quick words to all you contestants - so HEEEERRREEESS ALLIIIII!!!!

Hey Girls-
My name is Ali Schulz and I was the 2004 Illinois Teen and the 2006 Illinois Miss and then I went on to win the National pageant and represent the country as the 2006 National American Miss. So, I've been around National American Miss for quite a while and I LOVE it and everyone involved - they are my second family. I am so excited to see many familiar faces and get to know even more of you at this year's Illinois pageant. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. I will be working with many of you in your rehearsals and emceeing some of your competitions. If there is ever anything you need...dont hesitate to ask me. I want everyone to walk away having the same great NAM experience I did!
Clowning around as National American Miss

I stay busy participating with NAM during the summer, but during the rest of the year I attend North Central Minnesota where I am majoring in Psychology. I love working with kids and even nanny for a little girl. But, like all girls I love shopping!! I also enjoy traveling and last year I climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

 Backstage at the Missouri Pageant with one of my favorite girls!

NAM is a wonderful pageant system, but it is so much more than just "a pageant"  and I believe in everything it stands for. So many wonderful opportunities became available to me while participating and I truly grew as a young woman because of NAM. I know that all of you walk away from this weekend with a new found sense of purpose about who you are are and what all you can accomplish.

     After a final pageant with the other NAM choreographers!

Best of Luck to you all!

I will keep you all posted as the new Illinois queens are of luck to you all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

National American Missouri Jr. Teen on TV promoting local fashion week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Getting into spirit are many local communities, who are hosting their own fashion week. Recently crowned, NAM Missouri Jr. Teen, Brittney Sears, is ALSO getting in to the fashion week groove and all without having ot leave her hometown of St. Charles, MO. Brittney just starred on STL TV " The Best of St. Louis" modeling designer dresses and promoting St. Charles Fashion Week, which is Sept 13th-20th.

But, thats not all!! Brittney, who also won the Casual Wear modeling competion is next headed to hit the runways, modeling for Macy's in their back-to school fashion show and then a month later in the St. Charles Fashion Week, taking place at th St. Charles Expo Center in St. Charles, MO.