Saturday, February 27, 2010

Its that time of year! BUSY BUSY

Busy Busy as a bee - spent all week in Louisiana doing open calls! Apologize for the temporary hiatus from the BLOG - but its back in action!!!!!!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Enjoy all your chocolates, candies, stuffed animals, bling, and spending today with those you LOVE the most! ( Im spending today in VEGAS with some of MY BEST GIRLFRIENDS - jealous?)

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Once teased for her appearance, Miss America sits down with NAM's Megan Alexander

Megan Alexander is not only a correspondent for INSIDE EDITION, BUT is a former Miss Washington...AND she is a National American Miss State Director, along side her husband, Brian. 

Through her involvement in pageantry, Megan has taken the confidence and public speaking ability she gained and placed it in front of the camera to interview and meet some of the worlds most famous faces.  On a recent Episode of INSIDE EDITION, Megan sat down with the newly crowned Miss America, as they discuss how she was teased as a young girl...even being called WOLVERINE!!

 I think this is something we can all relate to...and proves that beauty DOES come within!

Friday, February 12, 2010

NAM girls selected as Prudential Spirit of Community honorees from coast to coast.

Each year, all public and private middle level and high schools in the country, as well as all Girl Scout councils, county 4-H organizations, American Red Cross chapters, YMCAs and affiliates of HandsOn Network, were eligible to select a student or member for a local Prudential Spirit of Community Award. This year, 5,000 Local Honorees were then reviewed by an independent judging panel, which selected State Honorees and Distinguished Finalists based on criteria such as personal initiative, creativity, effort, impact and personal growth.

“People as caring and committed as these young students are critical to the future of our neighborhoods, our cities and our nation,” said John R. Strangfeld, chairman and CEO of Prudential Financial. “By recognizing these honorees, we hope to encourage other young people – our future leaders – and all Americans to think more about the value and importance of volunteering in their communities.”

This year, 2 National American Miss girls were selected as their states honorees for their outstanding community involvement.

beauty pageants,  National American Miss, Jordan Somer, Miss 2010, NAM, NAmiss, Nyasa Sprow, Prudential Spirit of Community Award, Special Olympics

Jordan Somer, was the 2007 Nebraska National American Miss Jr. Teen and took a cue from her NAM experience. Jordan is the founder of th annual “Miss Amazing Pageant” for disabled girls and women, and has donated more than $15,000 from ticket and auction sales to charities over the past three years. “There are no pageants for girls and women with disabilities,” explains Jordan. “They aspire to be queens just like any other girl.”

Jordan secured a venue, contacted organizations that work with the disabled to find contestants, and obtained donated trophies and medals for prizes. She created a program, wrote a script for the show, coordinated a silent auction, planned a reception and luncheon, and supervised details such as flowers, tickets, and crowns. Jordan recruited classmates and other teens in her community to assist at the event. The revenue raised has gone to Ronald McDonald House, The Salvation Army, and local charities. In addition, more than 500 pounds of canned food – collected as pageant entry fees – have been donated to feed the hungry. “I continue to be touched by the participants each year,” said Jordan. “I am so proud of what they accomplish.”

beauty pageants,  National American Miss, Jordan Somer, Miss 2010, NAM, NAmiss, Nyasa Sprow, Prudential Spirit of Community Award, Special Olympics

Also, being honored is Nyasha Sprow,  National American Miss Virginia Preteen  who is a passionate advocate for organ and tissue donation. Several years before Nyasha was born, her two sisters were tragically killed and her mother made the decision to donate their organs and tissues, giving 12 strangers the gift of life and health. And, in an unfortunate twist of fate, Nyasha’s older brother suffers from renal failure and has been on dialysis for years.

So it was an easy decision for Nyasha to make organ donation her personal mission. Nyasha has become a spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation, stressing both the importance of protecting one’s organs and the need for more organ donors. She makes presentations at elementary schools, distributes literature at health fairs and community events, and seeks interviews with news media. She also participates in fund-raising events sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation and the Washington Regional Transplant Center. Finally, Nyasha is spreading the word about organ donation as a contestant in the National American Miss pageant. “I feel that education is the key to dispelling the myths and misconceptions that prevent people from donating,” she said. “If I can answer questions that may be keeping people from being donors, then maybe I can help increase the rate of donation and thereby save a life.”

Thursday, February 11, 2010

...2nd grader proves that even when your small - you can make BIG differences!

Anoka County, Teresa Rodriguez, Breanne Maples, Minnesota,  Miss 2010,  beauty pageants, Food Drive, National American Miss, Is National American Miss a scam?, ACBC foodshelf, NAM,  NAmiss,
Teresa Rodriguez is a 2nd grader with LOTS of spunk! But, she also has a knack for helping others, a knack her mother claims is all because of her involvement in National American Miss. Recently, Teresa's mom, Sharlene notified us of the huge impact that Teresa was making in her community and wanted to thank us for putting the spring in her step. 

" I know I sent you an e-mail after her first pageant thanking you!  But the growth in Teresa due to participating in the NAM state pageants the past few years, and at  the National pageant is still unbelievable. I know that the NAM pageant has really put her over the top.One thing that seems to really hit home to Teresa is the fact that some people do not have food.  This year,Teresa coordinated, and hosted a week long food drive, she got over 50 businesses in the Anoka County area (and sent out over 500 letters to get these 50!) to host a collection box for 1 week.  She delivered the collection boxes, made and put of yard signs, made money collection jars, and hosted appearances at all of the companies that had requested (over 20 total - in the one week!) When the week was over she collected all the collection boxes and food that was donated.  She had collected over 4 pallets of food and $136 dollars that was all donated the ACBC foodshelf.  While delivering the food, there was one lady that had almost passed out. "

Thanks Sharlene for sharing the kind words and letting us know how this spunky NAM girl is making a difference. And  Teresa - you have earned "ROCKIN NAM GIRL STATUS!" Thanks for representing National American Miss and standing for EVERYTHING our program instills - YOU ARE A DIFFERENCE MAKER. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

National American Miss girls enjoy the festivities at Miss America

One of the COOLEST things about being a NAM girl is the annual Miss America trip that all NAM girls are invited on. And - it is always an exciting event as girls from across the country gather to cheer on their home team at the SUPERBOWL of pageantry!
This year was NO different. Everywhere you looked - NAM girls were in sight and making headlines. 

Check  out some of these awesome candids!

MISS AMERICA 2009, KATIE STAM trades in one bling for another. The evening before Katie bid farewell to the Miss America title, Katie was purposed to and Miss California Preteen, Taylor Longbrake, was front and center to express her well wishes. This picture was taken RIGHT after Katie said YES!

National American Miss Preten, Erika Porras swings by the Pageantry Magazine booth to lend a hand and takes time out to pose with EDITOR IN CHIEF, Carl Dunn
National American Miss Preten, Erika Porras swings by the Pageantry Magazine booth to lend a hand and takes time out to pose with EDITOR IN CHIEF, Carl Dunn

Miss Illinios Jr. Preteen takes her seat before the telecast on the front row. She was even brought up on stage just minutes before the live telecast!

Inspired by the tigers at the Mirage maybe? NAM girls goofing around!

Miss Illinios preteen, Kaylyn Slevin, is ONE of the FIRST to pose with & meet the NEW MISS AMERICA.
Miss Illinios Jr. Preteen is one of the FIRST to pose with & meet the NEW MISS AMERICA!  

A few of the NAM girls posing outside the Planet Hollywood Hotel, where the pageant took place.
A few of the NAM girls posing outside the Planet Hollywood Hotel, where the pageant took place.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FOX NEWS: NAM Arizona Pre-Teen & other families of fallen soldiers honored with VIP treatment @ Miss America

Fox News, Miss America, gretchen carlson, Army, Donny and Marie, Las Vegas, TAPS, fallen soldiers, Arizona,  military, US Armed forces, Jessica Reed, Miss 2010,  beauty pageants, NAM Arizona Pre-Teen Jessica Reed & her family got the VIP treatment at this year's Miss America pageant in Las Vegas.
They were there as part of the organization TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). TAPS is a national non-profit organization made up of, and providing services to, all those who have lost a loved one on active duty with the Armed Forces.
If you missed FOX NEWS the other day watch this amazing and inspiring story below:

Monday, February 8, 2010

How can I sign up to compete in NAM?

I have received numerous emails and questions about how you can sign yourself OR your daughter up to compete in the National American Miss pageant.'s NEVER been easier.

Once you have filled out an application, the Official National American Miss Selection Committee will review it and notify you if you or your daughter are accepted as a State Finalist.

For MORE information on National American Miss and pageants in your home state, visit our OFFICIAL WEBSTE at:

Hope to see YOU at this year's state pageant! Get ready for the excitement of a lifetime!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A word from a mom -"why i let my daughter do pageants"

With things like "toddler and tiaras" on television today, its sometimes easy to forget about the "other" pageants out there. 
You know, the ones that dont allow kids to wear make-up or parade in dresses that are sparklier than a christmas tree. The ones that promote community involvement, family values, and reinforce life skills & confidence. The ones that are personality and scholastic driven. You know - like National American Miss.

Recently, I found a blog about a former National American Miss Oklahoma, who started competing in pageants at the age of 6 ( shes now a teenager). The blog, hosted by her mom as a way to keep in contact with family and friends across the country, posted about the pageants her daughter had competed in, her being a skeptical mom, and the profound impact it has made on her daughter's life - most notably, with respect to the National American Miss pageant. 

So, for all you skeptical moms out there - here is a few words from one mom to another. Be sure to check out all the pictures and extended version of her blog post at The Sander Seven Blog

I was never a pageant girl so they didn’t impress me much.  When Kelissa was six she had a near death encounter with a dental procedure gone wrong and got a very dangerous infection.  After being in the hospital for five days and having a fever of 106.7, she came home getting to do pretty much as she pleased.  Little Miss Harmon County was one week after her hospitalization so when she wanted to be in it of course I said yes.  
Still running a low grade fever she did it and loved every second of it.  When she was called out as the winner she didn’t even know what she had done, but the stage was set and she has been doing them ever since.

My outlook on pageants has changed over the years.  I no longer see
 them as a vain self- in dulgent hobby.  They require tremendous work and time.  Kelissa has learned humility more than any other attribute.  She can lose like a winner and win like a champion.  Having to do community service has caused her to rack up several hundred hours of helping others which has implanted in her a hunger and drive to be a world changer and make a difference for others.  
19 kids and counting, baby pageants, beauty pageants, john and kate plus 8, little miss pageants, Miss 2010, Miss Oklahoma, NAM, pageants in oklahoma, TLC, toddlers and tiaras
Giving introductions and speeches has given her direction in what she wants to do with her life.  Interviews have given her a world perspective on most issues political and current.  Meeting people of excellence has given her a high standard with high expectations.  Competing has taught her to love the underdog.  Winning the crown is only a small part of the journey. If the crown is never won the journey is still very well worth it.  What one can learn about themselves and others makes the time well spent. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss America - NAM girl makes top 5!

Well America and fellow pageant girls, we have ourselves a NEW MISS AMERICA!  WOO HOO!

I must say, I called it from the beginning and that dress!! WOW!! LOVED IT - wish I could pull of yellow!  I am sure that our new Miss America, who hails from Virginia will represent women, pageantry, and America in true class and fashion!

However, I am most proud about the 2 fellow NAM girls that competed on the Miss America stage. Brooke Kilgarriff (Miss Minnesota) and Mallory Ervin( Miss Kentucky) are both former titleholders. 

Mallory (pictured left on stage at the 2005 National American Miss National pageant) not only impressed OUR judges when she was National American Miss
 Kentucky, but she impressed AMERICA by being voted into the TOP 15 at MISS AMERICA as one of the "viewers choices." From there, her fate was left in the hands of the judges, who included Rush Limbaugh, Vivica A. Fox, and Shawn Johnson. As Mallory rocked the stage in swimsuit, gown, and talent - which she sang "On My Own' from Les Miserables, she stole the judges hearts and snagged the coveted 4th runner up title! 

13,000 young women competed for the title across the country and National American Miss's own placed among the top! But....does that really surprise any of us? National American Miss ROCKS!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Kids helping kids - Illinois Princess strives to make a difference in the lives of Haitian children

On Saturday, January 23 people gathered at Youth 1st Counseling Services in Roseland Illinois, along with DCFS to collect and sort donations for displaced Haitian children that were being relocated to Chicago. Among those volunteering was your 2009 Miss Illinois Princess, Imani Muse.

Imani may be little, but her passion for helping others in need is BIG! And knowing that she was helping kids just like herself, put even more of a little spark in her step! 

Her Saturday morning started off busily as people started dropping off donations early in the morning. Imani wasted no time in getting to work! But, her service didn't just stop with taking donations. Imani, in TRUE PRINCESS fashion, wanted to make sure that she saw this project through to the end and even took on the role of leader as she sorted, packaged, and even helped in shipping the items to the various locations throughout Chicago.

Way to give back Imani!! You are a Rockin' NAM girl!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

NAM girl is helping others to make "Good First Impressions!"

Good First Impressions is a charitable non-profit organization created by a NAM girl who has passion for serving her community. President & CEO of Good First Impressions, Maria Victoria Howell-Arza, 13, learned the value of community service through her involvement in National American Miss.

The Good First Impressions organizations mission is to be able to put appropriate & fashionable work attire on those who are in need or cant afford it. Through this organization, Maria hopes to help those in need of a second chance to have the benefit of a good first impression for job interviews, court appearances, or to begin a wardrobe of business attire for a new employment opportunity already secured.

Way to go Maria!!! If you would like to help this fellow NAM girl and make a contribution, or learn how YOU can become a volunteer for this charity, visit GOOD FIRST IMPRESSIONS CHARITY:

It only takes one person to make a difference - be that ONE person!