Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Former NAM colorado Preteen books lead part in movie!

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It wasn't long ago that Caley Rae Pavillard wore the National American Miss crown on her head. However, these days, this former NAM Miss Colorado Preteen bares a different kind of "sparkle"...this time in the shape of a STAR!! Caley is on her way to becoming one of tomorrow's top movie stars, as she just booked a lead in the movie "Moonring"

"Moonring", set to be released to theatres in September of 2011, is a teen love story with a paranormal twist and will be filming this summer in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Moon Ring

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Move over Barbara Walters...former NAM Miss Kansas wins TOP broadcast journalism honor, is on her way!

Each year in Kansas there is a student broadcasters convention and awards ceremony (called the Kansas Association of Broadcasters. Bascially it's like the emmy's for Kansas Broadcasting.) Well, former National American Miss Kansas AND National Spokesmodel winner(go figure!), Kassidy Knowles  recently WON for Undergraduate TV News Anchor Performance(pictured with her award). However, not only did she win this coveted award, but the judges provided feedback, stating: " that they were really impressed with the delivery and enuciation as well as the voice influction, and that Kassidy's appearance and confidence was that of a seasoned veteran." All of which, Kassidy Knowles says she owes to her stage and public speaking experience at National American Miss.

For the past few years, Kassidy, who one day dreams of becoming a major broadcast journalist, has been the lead anchor for KFHS News and will be filming her 70th newscast thisyear, which is awesome. However, dont let this "pageant girl" fool you, as Kassidy is ALSO the Station Manager for the TV Station, which puts her in charge of scheduling shows, directing and producing shows, as well as managing employees and payroll....responsibilities that are often filled by males, to which Kassidy says "it's fun showing all those boys that I CAN actually do stuff!"

Recently, Kassidy shared her accomplishment with
 me, as well as this: 
"When I first tried out for anchor at Fort Hays State University, one of the professors came up to me after my audition and asked me if I had done this sort of stuff in High School and I said 'no I haven't had any expierience on TV, but I have done pageants all my life and that's just as good I think' and he laughed and said 'I would have never guessed that you had never been on TV before, it looks like those pageant were pretty good for you.' 
I have been asked by people how pageants have helped me in TV and I always say that the confidence I have aquired from NAM is literally what keeps me going everyday. However, it's not just reading stories that a lot of people think it is, you have to speak to people through camera like you are talking to them face to face,  and that takes confidence and relaxation that you can only learn from being in front of people and performing on stage, at least that's what I believe. There are so many pageant veterans that are in Television today, and I know from expierience that this year and last year I saw 3 girls that competed with me in the Kansas Teen division at NAM at the KAB awards. I really can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't have competed in pageants all my life, I DEFINETLY would not have won the Best News Anchor for College TV as a Junior, that's for sure."

I have known Kassidy and her little sister Kasey since they were just tots and it's been an honor to watch these young ladies become successful women...we're so honored that NAM has been apart of their ride to the top!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

From NAM queen to Fashion Model Diva

Former Miss Arizona &  current NAM Arizona Regional Coordinator, Tristan Topps has made her way to a different kind of runway these days...the fashion runway. Tristan has been working in Arizona as a sought after model, working the catwalk for many  designers and retail stores. Recently, Tristan was the "top model" shall I say at a local fashion show, as she was the VIP and face  for the invites, brochures, and literature that went out to generate buzz and press about the high-profile event ( see image above) Tristan credits her modeling success to "National American Miss and pageantry for providing a runway, stage, and outlet  to learn how to strut her stuff confidently" ALSO - snaps to Tristan who just won a new title(since shes too old to compete in NAM) as MS. Arizona United States! Congrats to our girl!!!

(Tristan, above, right after being crowned!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Former NAM MO Jr. Teen & up and coming pop star, Madisen Hil donates her jeans for Celeb Clothes Auction

Clothes Off Our Back is an online Celebrity Clothing Auction founded by stars Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek, where celebs donate the clothes "literally off their backs" to auction off and all the money raised goes to children's charities around the globe.

Currently, you can bid on the Pinc Premium denim decorated designer jeans that were not only worn by Madisen Hill ( two -time former NAM queen) when attending the AllyKatzz Tween Town Hall Meeting Summit in Los Angeles to raise awareness for an important cause...but she decorated them herself! DM'ing (TM), which is short for DenimMessaging is the decorating on the inside of the jeans with images of love, support, and encouragement for the wearer of whoever purchases the donated jeans. (pictured above)

All proceeds from this auction benefit Code Blue. Best known for his leading role in the HBO series, "The Wire," Jermaine Crawfrod created Code Blue to revive a generation,  bring awareness, and to fight against those issues that threaten youth homelessness in America.

Madison, who has moved out west to take on the Big city of Hollywood as an up-and-coming
pop star, Madison is both a FORMER NAM Missouri Junior Teen & NAM National Title holder. It's wonderful to see our hometown Missouri girl continuing to make a difference in the lives of others! Way to go Madi (Madisen, with her older sister Laci - at last years Missouri pageant where they both gave up their crowns as state queens!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

NAM Illinois Jr. Preteen & National Modeling winner - new face of popular magazine's fashion spread

Kaylyn Slevin is the current National American Miss Illinois Jr. Preteen. However, her accomplishments don't stop there! Kaylyn who won the state and NATIONAL modeling awards can currently be seen in this Spring's Issue of Supermodel"s Unlimited Magazine. Kaylyn, who graces the beginning page of this issue's Fashion Spread(above) works her commercial modeling ability perfectly and proves that her experience/practice working the NAM stage has paid off!

PLUS -  I LOVE the name of this fashion spread, as the title of the spread is called "sassy girl" and everyone who knows me - knows that "sassy girl" comes out of my mouth as much as the word "the" does. AND, anyone who knows Kaylyn, knows she IS one "sassy girl!" I can't think of a more perfect girl who epitomizes this fashion story better then our girl KAYKAY!!!! This is just the start in a big future for her and NAM is soo proud to be a part of her journey!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wisconsin Open Calls....coming to a city near you

The National American Miss pageant growing confidence tour is rolling through Wisconsin and coming to a city near you!!

If you are a young lady between the ages of 4-18 and are interested in attending one of our Open Call sessions to find out more about our program, contact our office at 816-635-3569 to reserve YOUR spot today.

MADISON: Friday evening, April 23 
MILWAUKEE: Saturday, April 24 
GREEN BAY: Monday evening, April 26 
EAU CLAIRE: Saturday, May 1 
LA CROSSE: Sunday, May 2
WAUSSAU: Sunday, May 2
OSH KOSH: Monday, May 3
RACINE: Sunday, May 7

You could be the next National American Miss Wisconsin! 
It's your time to shine!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Launching a website - great idea for NAM girls!

Jamie Roddy(left), the National All-American Miss launched her own website. This is such a great idea for all you NAM girls to do. Its great for booking appearances, gaining press and exposure, and letting your family know what's going on with your busy title and year. ALSO -  for all you first time NAM pageant girls, its a BRILLIANT idea to help you raise sponsors - you can even link a paypal to it! And for those of you to that do community work or have started your own chairities - get a site to help generate buzz!!!

If you want to create a website - visit and click on the KNOW section to find great resources to help in your website building quest!

To get an idea of a GREAT website - visit Jamie's website today!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Move over Easter Bunny - IL Princess & National Cover Girl bring smiles to children's faces!

The Easter Bunny is not the only thing that can put a smile on a child's face on Easter!  Miss Illinois Princess Imani Muse and IL Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl ( & National Cover Girl) Isis Graham spent their Easter morning, once again volunteering their time.  Early Easter morning these two young ladies were at the Chicago Christian Industrial League on the west side of
Chicago helping to feed the residents and put smiles on the faces of children by giving them cups filled with Easter candy and goodies.

(Imani fills cups with candy for the children)

(Isis takes charge of dish duty - who said being royalty was glamorous?)

The CCIL, is a non-profit organization that helps structure, support and give a sense of purpose in the lives of homeless men, women and
children.  They respond to the emerging needs of lives that are typically affected by chronicle urban violence, chronic substance
, entrenched poverty, long-term unemployment, limited literacy,etc.

These young ladies are no strangers to community service and are proud to represent the NAM family! And we are SOO very proud to have such 
fabulous representatives!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've Got A Feeling....



   March 31, 2010 Kelly Sieberlich (AZ Jr Teen), Dylan Hendricks (AZ Teen), Arianne Martori (AZ MISS '06), and  NAM regional coordinator, Tristan Topps attended the Black Eyed Peas concert at arena in Glendale, Arizona. However, their concert experience wasn't like the rest of the attendees.


The girls received VIP treatment by being invited by radio station KISS-FM to a pre-concert event featuring rising hip hop star Iyaz. Alongside spending the evening mingling amongst top hip-hop artists, the girls had a great time getting autographs and having their pictures taken with them as well(pictured on left - Dylan, Kelly, and hip-hop star Iyaz)! However, the highlight was the KISS-FM Flash Mob similar to the event hosted by Oprah in Chicago that the girls all took part in.


The girls had a great time at the concert, being treated like rockstars, themselves and spending the evening rocking out to LMFAO, Ludacris and of course the Black Eyed Peas…AMAZING SHOW!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NAM Jr. Teen teams up with the Ronald McDonald house to keep kids warm

National American Miss Jr. Teen, Sarah Summers( who hails from MY HOMESTATE - Nebraska..GO BIG RED!) has been working with Project Linus since her crowning as the state queen last summer. Through this program, Sarah receives donations of material, in which she hand makes blankets. These blankets are then donated to children's organizations in need of warm blankets. As you can see, from the photo on the left - Sarah spends numerous hours hand making these wonderful gifts!

Recently, Sarah donated
over 20 fleece blankets(all of which she handmade) to the local Ronald McDonald House in Omaha, NE. The Ronald McDonald House opens their doors to families who have children needing serious medical attention. With medical bills being so high, the Ronald McDonald House allows the families of these children to live there for free, in order to help these families out financially during a time of crises and need. The blankets that Sarah donated will help so many families out...what an amazing way to give back Sarah!! You are truly one ROCKIN' NAM GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Open Casting Call for FOX's new Hit TV SHOW GLEE

If you haven't seen, what I consider, one of the stinking funniest shows on tv today - GLEE...well, you need to!  If you missed Season 1, no worries, Season 2 starts TONIGHT and guest staring on tonight's show is MADONNA!!!

Now, not only has this hysterical show won top awards and critics hearts, but the executive producers of the show have begun a nationwide casting search to fill new high school student roles that will be added to show's second season. Auditions are open to professionals and amateurs age 16 and older. So, for all you gals who meet those guidelines - check out how you can audition and possibly land a role on GLEE:

AND AND AND AND AND - YOU MUST BE SURE TO VOTE FOR NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS' OWN, MARIA TERESA GRINNEBY!!!! Maria was first runner up to the NATIONAL TITLE last year, and wowed the judges with her voice, taking home the optional National Talent title! LISTEN TO HOW AWESOME SHE IS BELOW(PERFORMING AT THE NATIONAL PAGEANT WITH HER AWARD WINNING TALENT!) I think you all will agree, she would be amazing on GLEE!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Local AZ girl named Youth of the Year - claims NAM "made me what I am today"


PRESCOTT AREA LEADERSHIP: Brionna Friis-Pettitt, Youth of the Year
Matt Hinshaw/The Daily CourierBrionna Friis-Pettitt, 16, was named the Prescott Area Leadership Youth of the Year.
Matt Hinshaw/The Daily Courier
Brionna Friis-Pettitt, 16, was named the Prescott Area Leadership Youth of the Year.

Brionna Friis-Pettitt is planning an acting career. If that does not work out, she wants to be a veterinarian.
The 16-year-old Prescott High School sophomore loves acting and loves animals.
"I would really love to shadow a local vet for a couple days. I think that would be great," she said.
Friis-Pettitt lives in Prescott Valley, and decided to attend PHS because of the drama department. Although Bradshaw Mountain High School has a drama department, she thinks the one at PHS is more challenging.
Friis-Pettitt began volunteering with the Salvation Army while she was in middle school
"My mom got me and my brother involved," she said. "We started with the Angel Tree and helping with Thanksgiving dinner."
The teenager participates in the National American Miss pageant.
"It's not a beauty pageant. It is all about self-esteem. There is no swimsuit competition and they don't even want you to wear make-up," Friis-Pettitt said.
She learned about the program through a brochure and asked her mom if she could participate. At first, her mom refused, but she finally gave her permission when Friis-Pettit was 13 years old.
"It is all about being comfortable in your own skin. It made me what I am today," she said.
This year, Friis-Pettitt will compete in the teen category.
Friis-Pettitt was a member of the Junior National Honor Society and she would like to be inducted into the National Honor Society at PHS.
"I would also like to get involved in cheer. I love performing and I am a very happy person. I think it would be good for me," Friis-Pettitt.
After graduating from high school, she wants to attend Arizona State University.
"I would probably attend one of the smaller campuses in Phoenix," Friis-Pettitt said.
Friis-Pettitt admits she did not know about Prescott Area Leadership until it selected her as a Youth Award recipient.
"A friend of my mom's nominated me. I'm thankful and grateful for the scholarship," she said.
The Youth Leader award includes a $1,000 college scholarship.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miss Arizona Jr. Teen proves just how impacting NAM is

Miss Arizona Jr. Teen, Kelly Seiberlich (photographed left) is a perfect example of why the Optional Spokesmodel competition is SOOO benificial! Kelly just won the Arizona State FFA (Future Farmers of America) Estrella District Public Speaking Competition.  This competition requires entrants to speak for 6 - 8 minutes on an agricultural topic that they have researched, and to answer in-depth questions from the judges for 5 minutes at the conclusion of the speech.  Kelly's topic was the critical shortage of large animal veterinarians in this country.  With this, Kelly is now on her way to the state-level competition to be held at the Arizona FFA State Leadership Conference in June.  

Along with taking home the title, Kelly, also won the Optional Spokesmodel competition....with the learned public speaking skills and interview practice she gained at NAM, its no wonder she is winning state speech competitions! Way to go Kelly! 

.....have you thought about entering the Spokesmodel competition!!!??? Take is from me - it pays off in the future wether it's through achieving better grades, job opportunities, and college scholarships! Don't miss out on taking your future to next level!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Straight from NAM365 blog....

My friend, Tiffany, over at the NAM365 blog( sitting down for one-on-one interviews with NAM girls across the country, finding out about  the activities they are involved in, as well as the doors that National American Miss has opened for them. Wanted to share one of those recent interviews with you - one that caught my eye!



Meet Tara-Nicole Azarian The 2009 National American Miss North Carolina Jr Preteen !

Lets get the scoop on the young lady that took home the NAM North Carolina Jr Preteen title last year !!! Tara-Nicole is a very busy tween with a very bright future ahead of her ! She is an all-star cheerleader and very busy actress!!! Lets get to know more about her...

Tiffany: What does your title mean to you?
Tara-Nicole: It means a great deal to me. I worked very hard to win my State NAM title! It's also an affirmation that NAM does look for "real" girls. My mom & I prepared for the pageant together. I do not have a coach, I wrote my introduction & we shopped for my clothes at regular formal stores. Me being me was all I needed to be...and that's how I think it should be! Pageants should encourage & motivate girls to be the best THEM they can be & not to try to be anyone else!

Tiffany: What activities are you involved in?
Tara-Nicole: I am an actress, I am an All-Star cheerleader, a Girl Scout, I dance & I volunteer! 
Tiffany: Tell me about the up coming movie you are in. 
Tara-Nicole: Well, I've been in several movies that are in post production or have been released in theaters or film festivals. My latest movie to be released is an indie film called "Judith: The Night She Stayed Home." It's a prequel to the movie "Halloween". It has received several good reviews so far & one even mentioned me!!! You can read more about it on IMDB. Also, if you know where to look for me, you can see me several times in the movie "Blood Done SIgn My Name" which is in theaters now. 
Tiffany: What was it like working on set? 
Tara-Nicole:Well...every set is different. Some are fast paced & high energy & others are more relaxed. Josh Hasty ("Judith" director) & Kenny Caperton ("Judith" Producer) ran a very fun, relaxed set. I loved, LOVED every second working with them....but, I happen to love working in horror films, as I find the FX (special effects) make-up fascinating. I also REALLY like films when my character is evil....ask any actor - there's nothing like playing a villain! 
On the set of "The Trial" with Matthew Modine
Tiffany: What is the Movie about? 
Tara-Nicole: "Judith: The Night She Stayed Home" is a backstory about the characters in the "Halloween" movie. I play Jamie Perry. I am a sweet girl from the neighborhood, who decides to trick or treat at Michael's house! 
Tiffany: When can we watch it? 
Tara-Nicole: The premiere for "Judith" was March 7th in Raleigh, NC. I know it's scheduled for many more screenings, but I do not have the schedule yet. I will keep you updated though! I will say that is is a film for only teens & adults to see, since it's a horror film. I do have another film in post produciton, "katy Dee, Girl Detective" & it is a family / Christian / mystery perfect for the entire family. It is a straight to DVD release & will be available sometime early summer. I will let you know as soon as I get my copy! 
Filming "Judith" 
Tiffany: What do you like to do for fun?
Tara-Nicole: Well...actually acting is what I love to do! And that's a good thing, because it is hard work & very time consuming. Besides acting, I totally love All-Star cheering. The gymnastics element keeps me comming back for more after every practice. My family & I are also HUGE Disney freaks & we go to Disney World in FL as often as we can. I know every inch of all 4 parks blindfolded! :o)
On the set of "Blood Done Sign My Name" with Rick Schroder

Tiffany: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Tara-Nicole: Personally: I want to be happy & successful, Professionally: I want to continue acting.

Tiffany: If you could have one wish what would it be?
Tara-Nicole: hmmmmm. Ok, if you mean a wish for would be to go on one of the new Disney Cruise ships - I am dying to check out the water roller coasters the new ships have! If it's a wish for would be for every child to have at least one person in his or her life that loves them to the end of time. We all need that absolute, unconditional love & support to make us good people & successful people. Kids are the future. Just think of how much could be achieved if every child had a stable home life? 

Monday, April 5, 2010

A few words from the NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN MISS Jr. TEEN on meeting Miss America!!!

Kendly Kimbler - the 2009 National ALL-AMERICAN MISS Jr. TEEN recently met Miss America. Check out, in her own words - what she had to say about this exciting experience and everything the two gabbed about - including their fave foods and the fact that Miss America gets a free pair of shoes EVERYDAY from DSW.....jealous anyone? As if being Miss America wasn't enough!

Hi Everyone! This is Kendyl, your National All American Miss Jr. Teen! One of the best memories so far during my reign Is going to Las Vegas with my sister queens to see the Miss America Pageant. Well, imagine my excitement when I found out that Miss America, Caressa Cameron was coming to my hometown!!! Thanks to a promotion by DSW Shoes, I WAS GOING TO MEET HER live and in person!!!

OK, First Decision...What do you wear to meet Miss America??? 5 outfits later, Mom and I decided on Texas Casual (blue jeans and a nice sweater). Straight hair or curled? Straight, since it was so windy outside. Shoes? Boots that my sister bought at DSW. I will tell her tomorrow that I borrowed them (maybe). So, ready to go fight the TX traffic! I couldn't wait to get there!
My first impression of Miss America was how TINY she was! You know how you always picture celebrities as larger than life? She is beautiful, flawless skin, and the prettiest smile! I found out her first pageant was "Future Little Miss America" when she was 7, she won Miss Virginia on her second try and her favorite part about Texas is the food !!! She loves Tex Mex and of course she LOVES shoes! She gets a new pair from DSW everyday! What did I like the most about Miss America? Caressa is a real, friendly, down to earth, NORMAL person...Just like me!
Kendyl with Miss America 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Miss Minnesota America thanks Kenn & Lani Maples

Miss America is the largest pageant system in the world for college age women. So many of these women got their start by being a part of the Maples' and Mayes' pageants...using our program as a stepping stone for success in their future. This year's Miss Minnesota America, Brooke Kilgarriff (photo left) is one of them. On the Official Miss Minnesota America website, Brooke thanks many people who have helped her along her way in becoming Miss Minnesota. Included in these thank yous is National American Miss co-founders, Kenn & Lani Maples - check it out below:


Ken and Lani Maples -  for crowning me Miss Minnesota Preteen and giving me my first pageant experience as a queen. "