Friday, December 16, 2011

National American Miss Rehearsals

I love being an Associate State Director for National American Miss, but before I wore that hat, I wore the hat of choreographer.

I loved traveling from state to state working closely with the girls in rehearsals and backstage and I totally miss it! But, every year at our National event, I get to dust off my old choreographer hat and put it back on.

This year, I got to work closely with the Princess and Jr. Pre-Teens Queen and All-Americans. I know that if you were at Nationals as a Princess or Jr. Pre-Teen or one of their family, I think you will all agree - WE HAD SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

Anyways, I found this cute video that one of our moms took during our Jr. Pre-Teen Queen rehearsal on Red, White, & Blue day (yes, our rehearsals are EVEN themed!)

Thought I would share....and to all you precious Princess and Jr. Pre-Teens who were at NAM: Nationals 2011 - I'm so proud of each of you and had such fun with all of your spunky sassy faces! XOXOXOX - Miss Breanne

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrating NAMily this holiday season

It is no secret that the National American Miss Organization focuses on family values, celebrating family, and of course we are a family run organization, and we love expanding our family into our NAMily! And this time of year is all about celebrating and being with your family.

So, I thought I would share with you, our NAMily, how the Maples Family celebrates our holiday's and some of our favorite holiday traditions....many traditions that im sure, you all share, as well!
  • FOOD: Every night at 5:30 EVERYONE in the Maples family sits down together at the dinner table. The table seats 16 - and sometimes we still have to add chairs as we often invite friends - everyone is welcome!! So, Christmas time is usually centered around...FOOD!!!!!! We have the BEST family recipes - jalapeno corn casserole, green bean casserole, homemade pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream, artichoke dip, crap dip.....I could keep going...and yes, even I do some cooking!!!
  • FAMILY & GIFTS: I have two older brothers, James and Justin, two sister-in laws, five neices and nephews, and of course, there's my significant other (who I'm sure you all know as one of the NAM Team Maples Associate State Directors), Ryan...and all of us all together have 5 dogs (Bear, Max, Molly, Bailey May, & Hannah Banana) who YES are considered just as a part of them family as anyone else. With so many of us, we choose to draw names and play secret santa. But not only do you buy that person a gift - you have to HAND MAKE them a stocking that depicts THEIR personality (ie - mine usually has sparkles, crowns, pink, leopard print, or anything super girly). We come up with CRAZY ideas for the stockings and it is usually the hit of the day.
  • DECORATIONS: We put up and decorate a 24 foot christmas tree in the family room...yes 24 foot!!! It's the guy's least favorite part of Christmas as it tends to be their big project. AND - as if that wasn't enough, there is still a tree in each of the other rooms of Kenn & Lani's house with decorations to match that particular room. All together there are 7 trees in their house. Lani is obsessed with Christmas Decorating!
  • REFLECTION: Aside from crazy hand-made stockings each year, my mom puts out "MY STOCKING." Every year, I add an ornament to the stocking that reflects that year - something I did, somewhere I went, an accomplishment in my life. Now that I'm pushing 30 - the stocking is too heavy to hang or to fill, but it gets set out every year and together mommy and I talk about each ornament and why it's important. It is hands-down my most prized possession.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Growing up, on every Christmas, Lani would ask Santa for a Barbie doll...but NEVER got one. One Christmas, when Kenn and Lani were dating - he gave her a special gift. She opened it up and inside was a Barbie doll. Kenn said, "Now you have your Barbie, " and as he took out the engagement ring, he continued with..."and you have your Kenn." Since then, Kenn gives Lani a Barbie every Christmas - a tradition which was passed down to Breanne.
  • PRESENTS: Growing up, every Christmas, Breanne would ask for the drivable pink Barbie convertible...but she NEVER got one. Now she is holding out for a REAL pink cadillac convertible.
  • Breanne is STILL bitter about the pink Barbie convertible.

ALL national results are posted....check check check 'em out!

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All of our NAM: National 2011 Results are posted on the Official National American Miss website! Check them out!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NAM Alums are taking over the Miss Universe Organization

Flashback to my earlier post about 3 time former NAM Miss Texas titleholder, Danielle Doty capturing the 2011 NATIONAL MISS TEEN USA crown and representing the Nation, working for Donald Trump's Miss Universe Organization.

Well now check this out.....even more NAM Alums, who are aging out of the NAM system, are winning Donald Trump's crowns and banners right and left in their homestates. Will a NAM girl crown another NAM girl as Miss Teen USA this year????????

Kendal Fein, Sarah Summers, Jordyn Jagolinzer, Kendra Berger,  Julia Belechak, Miss Teen USA,  Donald Trump,  NAM  winners, National American Miss,  alumni, Breanne Maples,  Steve Mayes,  NAM,
Julia Belechak
2012 Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA
NAM credits: 2009 NAM Pennsylvania Jr. Teen. Top 10 at Nationals.

Kendal Fein, Sarah Summers, Jordyn Jagolinzer, Kendra Berger,  Julia Belechak, Miss Teen USA,  Donald Trump,  NAM  winners, National American Miss,  alumni, Breanne Maples,  Steve Mayes,  NAM,
Kendra Berger
2012 Miss Minnesota Teen USA
NAM credits: 2010 NAM Minnesota Jr. Teen & 2008 NAM Minnesota Preteen.

Kendal Fein, Sarah Summers, Jordyn Jagolinzer, Kendra Berger,  Julia Belechak, Miss Teen USA,  Donald Trump,  NAM  winners, National American Miss,  alumni, Breanne Maples,  Steve Mayes,  NAM,
Jordyn Jagolinzer Machado
2012 Miss Massachusetts Teen USA
NAM Credits: 2004 National American Miss Massachusetts Jr. Preteen. NATIONAL winner - 2004 National Jr. Preteen. 2008 National American Miss Massachusetts Pre-Teen

Kendal Fein, Sarah Summers, Jordyn Jagolinzer, Kendra Berger,  Julia Belechak, Miss Teen USA,  Donald Trump,  NAM  winners, National American Miss,  alumni, Breanne Maples,  Steve Mayes,  NAM,
Sarah Summers
2012 Miss Nebraska Teen USA
NAM credits: 2009 Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen. NATIONAL winner - 2009 National Jr. Teen

Kendal Fein, Sarah Summers, Jordyn Jagolinzer, Kendra Berger,  Julia Belechak, Miss Teen USA,  Donald Trump,  NAM  winners, National American Miss,  alumni, Breanne Maples,  Steve Mayes,  NAM,
Kendal Fein
2012 Miss Ohio Teen USA
NAM credits: 2011 Miss Ohio Teen 1st Runner up, 2010 Miss Ohio Jr. Teen Most Promising Model 1st runner up

Every year, National American Miss girls travel to the Miss America pageant as one of the appearances, but it looks like we may have to roadtrip over to the National Teen USA, as well, to cheer on our NAMily!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Madisen Hill's LIVE performance at NAM: Nationals 2011

National American Miss ALUMNI, Madisen Hill (former National ALL-American Miss Pre-Teen) is climbing the charts and she says it's all because of NAM that helped give her the budge she needed to make big things happen. So, when we asked her to come perform LIVE at our National Pageant, she didn't even hesitate. Our Pre-Teen contestants LOVED getting to perform with her during one of their Opening Production Numbers!

Check out Madisen's perfromance right here at the NAMISS ROCKS BLOG and be sure to download her new hit single Alien Eyes - downloadable at itunes now! (click to download)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hitting headlines already....., STL TODAY,  St. Louis Cardinals, Rachel Landes,  news,  National American Miss,  NAM,  winners,  Lani Maples,  Breanne Maples,  stories,  comments,
Well, its only been a week and half and our new National American Miss, Rachel Landes, is making headlines - being featured in the recognizable St. Louis today. I LOVE when major media outlets shine light on the accomplishments of outstanding women! Check the article out and get to know the new 2011-2012 National American Miss just a little better!

Friday, December 9, 2011

iCarly star Nathan Kress & Tween Pop Star Madisen Hill hit NAM:Nationals 2011

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National American Miss, Rachel Landes, catches up with long-time pageant friend - Madisen Hill (both girls hail from Missouri and have been competing in the NAM organization since its inception). Of course, Rachel, was also excited to get to know iCarly star, Nathan Kress, a little better!

There are always famous and exciting faces to see at our National event. Some of these notable and well-known faces are ever our NAM ALUMNI.

Madisen Hill, former NAM National ALL-American Miss Pre-Teen performed LIVE onstage with our contestants during the opening number to her hit Alien Eyes, downloadable on itunes. (Stay tuned to the NAMISS ROCKS BLOG to see her performance!)

While the girls loved performing and getting to know Madisen better, the real excitement happened when Nathan Kress, iCarly star showed up to check it all out. Lets just say, Beiber was forgotten for a brief second and girls were bidding on who would be the next Mrs. Kress! Girls will be Girls! LOL!

Cute facebook status!!

It's not uncommon for me to log onto facebook or any kind of social media network and to find my "friends," fellow "twitters," or others I am "linked in" with gabbing about NAM.

*and you you can click on any of the above to connect with me!

But, today I saw the cutest status by Tori Simpson. Tori is a Maryland NAM competitor and placed as 2nd runner-up this year at our National Pageant in the All-American Miss Division. Just thought I would share...

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

From the view of a State Director....

Emcee & Host, Joy Suprano had a chance to catch up with one of our State Directors at NAM: Nationals 2011. Check out what happened when she and Matt Leverton gabbed about NAM, open calls, toddlers and tiaras...and what makes NAM the best in the nation!

**You can view Matt's Official NAM Blog at

Dear Katherine....

Dear Katherine,

I love your Blog...Keeping up with Katherine in the NAM World. I know that you are not a NAM director or staff member and are a NAM Texas state competitor. Gosh, I don't even know your last name. But, I am a fan of your adorable little blog! Snaps to you on your efforts to keep other posted on about NAM through your eyes - the eyes of our contestants!

Breanne Maples
Associate State Director - National American Miss

PS - for those of you who ARE NOT Kate - visit Katie's blog at

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lets Meet Shereen Pimentel - our NEW National ALL-American Miss Pre-Teen...

Immediately after that crown hits their head, the cameras start rolling as these young women are NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES!

Take a look at what Shereen Pimentel - our new National ALL-American Miss Pre-Teen - had to say to emcee and host, Joy Suprano, literally seconds after that crown touched her head!!!

Catching up with NAM Alumni at NAM: Nationals 2011

Did you know that National American Miss has an Alumni Association?

Every year former National titleholders gather together at the National pageant to catch up on life, where its taken them since NAM, cheer on old friends, welcome new sisters in the NAMily, and share a bond that goes beyond words But, not only that. Together these women, whom have put away their old NAM crowns and banners, are still, in true NAM spirit - striving to make a difference. They raise and donate money to a scholarship fund to give back every year at our national pageant to NAM contestants.

Check out what happened when National American Miss host and emcee, Joy Suprano, caught up with NAM Alum - Sarah Summers

Monday, December 5, 2011

PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nationals 2011! See it through your eyes and through ours

See it through THEIR eyes!!! OK - so instead of ME posting a BAZILLION pics of Nationals 2011 right here on the blog...check out the OFFICIAL NAM PHOTO website...where contestants got to upload their own photos! You can see ALL the magic through the eyes of the contestants and their families...what better way to see National American Miss!!!


See it through OUR eyes! State Director, Matt Leverton has uploaded over 850 pictures of NAM: Nationals 2011 - all taken from the eyes of the NAM state directors and staff - to his Official NAM Facebook page. BE sure to check it out today - tag yourself or tag us!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

NAM nationals highlight video

Check out this highlight video we put together!!! Loved every minute spending it with all you beautiful girls and wonderful families....see you in 2012!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

And its a wrap....another NAMtastic nationals with 12 new NAMtastic queens!

Another NAMtastic year has come and gone and we have 12 new National Queens representing our great country and young women across the country!

Stay posted as I upload pics and videos from NAM: Nationals 2011!

National American Miss Princess - Bernice Chau from Florida

National American Miss Jr. Preteen - Peyton Newman from Illinois

National American Miss Pre-Teen - Reagan Spoltman from Ohio

National American Miss Jr. Teen - Raven Delk from North California

National American Miss Teen - Jena Diller from Ohio

National American Miss - Rachel Landes from Missouri

2011 - 2012 National ALL-American Miss National titleholders!

2011 - 2012 National ALL-American Miss Princess - Josephine McDowell from South Texas

2011 - 2012 National ALL-American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen - Kylan Darnell from Ohio

2011 - 2012 National ALL-American Miss Preteen - Shereen Pimentel from New Jersey

2011 - 2012 National ALL-American Miss Jr. Teen - Maggie Marx from Kansas

2011 - 2012 National ALL-American Miss Teen - Kasey Knowles from Kansas

2011 - 2012 National ALL-Ameican Miss - Amanda Moreno from Georgia

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Miss Minnesota Princess, Chloe Russo works to raise money for pediatric cancer with....a lemonade stand!

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation shares the vision of founder, Alex Scott - to find a cure for kids with cancer. When Alex was four, she was diagnosed with cancer. On her birthday, she decided she wanted to set up a lemonade stand to raise money she could "give to the doctors to find a cure for cancer." That day, Alex raised $2000 and thus the foundation was started.

Miss Minnesota princess, Chloe Russo, also aspires to make a difference and was inspired to follow in Alex's steps. Continuing the lemonade stand tradition of the foundation, a few months ago, Chloe set up a lemonade stand in her front yard and aimed to raise money, making a difference, one cup full at a time.

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Chloe set up a website and even sent out invitation to family and friends with this message below:

Chloe, Wendi, Russo, Miss, Minnesota, pageant, Princess, NAM,   National, American, Miss,  a scam?, Breanne. Maples,  Lani. Maples,  Ryan. Ewing, Alex's Lemonade StanPlease help me raise money for Pediatric Cancer. I have always wanted to sell lemonade--my mom and I read about a little girl named Alex who had cancer at 4 years old and decided to have a lemonade stand which has raised over $1 million dollars for kids with cancer. I hope to also raise money because It's sad that kids with cancer cannot play outside because they are sick. Please come buy some lemonade at my stand so that one day these kids can play again!

Thank you for helping!



Your Pinkalicious Lemonade Princess


Chloe's goal for the day was $1000. But, in true NAM fashion - she went above and beyond her goal, raising $1262...and even made local headlines. Who knew making a difference could be so fun and easy! Way to go Chloe!