Thursday, January 25, 2018


NAM stands for National American Miss, duh. But, it really stands for something more:
Natural. Aspiring. Modern.

Everything we do, as state directors, we keep these 3 words in mind.

This year - we've applied these words to our Formal Wear Contest! Nationally, we've updated our wardrobe rules!

So, why the change? Listen, we value being age appropriate. However, our goal is to make finding a Formal Wear dress easy for you and your family. This should be fun and hopefully something you already have in your closet. So, we've opened up the rules more to reflect his.

Here are the wardrobe changes:
Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen, Pre-Teen:
1. Now can have a train or a sweep of any length attached to their dress (listen carefully - this is at your discretion. She needs to be able to walk confidently! Please take safety and ease into consideration. It may be too difficult for your little one to have a train and walk up stairs and on stage with it. Also, there is always someone behind you who might not notice your train - whether its the girl in line behind you, a hotel guest on the elevator of the host pageant hotel, a grandma walking down the hallway, etc.)

Jr. Teen, Teen, & Miss:
1. Now can have a train or a sweep of any length attached to their dress (listen carefully - this is at your discretion. You need to be able to walk confidently. Please take safety and ease into consideration. There is always someone behind you and they won't always notice your train  - whether it's the girl in line behind you, a hotel guest on the elevator of the host pageant hotel, a grandma walking down the hallway, etc.)
2. Now you will be able to rock the stage in an age-appropiate two piece formal wear gown!

Be sure to review the 2018 Magazine #1 (which will be out shortly both one online and in print) for all the details and rules, so you don't miss out.

TEAM EWING FORMAL WEAR PATTERN CHANGE: For Team Ewing Pre-Teen, Jr. Teen Teens, we have a whole new competition pattern. (*disclaimer - the new pattern only applies to Team Ewing at this point. I'm not sure what other directors will be implementing for their pattern. Contact your State Director for details on this. ) Team Ewing gals - be sure to check the changes flyer found online at our  TEAM EWING resource website:  Princess & Jr. Pre-Teen: Your pattern will remain the same as previous years.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Style NAM...I'm calling on you GIRL!

After a decade, we decided the trusty NAMISS ROCKS blog needed to grow up a bit. After all, National American Miss is celebrating her teenage years at 15! Can you believe NAM will get her license next year!? (*Thank goodness for our amazing prize sponsor - FORD MOTOR company and Gary Crossley Ford for making sure she'll be safe and stylish as she takes the wheel.)

Our focus has always been and will continue to be recognizing young women. But, we'll be showcasing it in a much more lifestyle savvy manner.

So, I'm calling on YOU, girlfriends (and moms, too!) This is your chance to a be NAM and Pageant INFLUENCER... (A.K.A. - NAMFLUENCER) - you get to help shape the blog and YOU get to contribute to it! You send me the content, I'll do the work by posting it here and sharing it on social media, and YOU get the credit!

 Have something similar to what you see listed below you want to  contribute? Send me the details at, via facebook or insta message (direct links to the right) with the message being "BLOG".

  • A makeup tutorial video
  • An #OOTD of the latest appearance you made, wore to an open call, to get sponsors, etc. (with all the links to purchase of course)
  • How to go from class to appearance in 5 easy steps
  • How mom (or dad, grandma, aunt...heck whoever) slays that perfect high pony for their princess
  • How you get inspired before competition (i.e. - what book you read or song you listen to)
  • How to clean your banner
  • Where to get the cheapest interview outfits (Macy's is having a SALE right now on business attire, you say - LET ME KNOW)
  • What you use for blisters
  • Pinterest beauty/pageant fails
  • Brilliant Outfit Finds (for any occasion)
  • Tips to raise your sponsor fee
  • Hair tutorials
  • Best teeth whitening system
  • Decorating your room/locker/etc like a Queen
  • Recipe to bake/cook/make the perfect Pageant girl themed desert, snack, treat, meal, etc.
  • How you help your little girl prepare for interview
  • Organizational Hacks & Tricks for planning for a pageant OR while you're a titleholder
  • Dealing with the mean girl and how you killed her with kindness (after all your a NAM girl and that's just how we do!)
  • How to decorate for the Holiday's (any holiday) like a Queen
  • Your MUST have beauty item
  • Tips on how to schedule an appearance as a titleholder 
  • Pageant Weekend Packing 101
  • Pageant Survival Bag 
  • Natural/Organic Beauty or Hair hacks for all ages
  • I'm a pageant mom and this is how I stay organized over Pageant Weekend
  • To spray tan or to not spray tan
  • How to be a mom-ager
  • Tips on an optional contest
  • Tips on hemming your dress
  • ETC, ETC, ETC, you get it....
And, don't take yourself too seriously with these (after all, you know we at #NAMTEAMEWING don't!)  And, of course, we'll be throwing in tips, tricks, and trends in beauty, lifestyle, and fashion of our very own. After all, as long as my team and I have been around pageants, we've got things to share... we're some old Betty's!

I'm certain that you'll end up finding this site to be a helpful and entertaining resource! And, of course we still offer a blog where we will continue to showcase the incredible accomplishments of NAM girls coast to coast over at the other NAM Official Blog, - I'm sure I'll see YOU featured on it shortly, if I haven't already!

Signing off in NAM Style,