Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Open Call: Taking Chances....from a NAM mom

One of our amazing NAM moms knew that Open Call season was gearing up and wanted to pen an open letter to all those hesitant parents gettin their letters in the mail...after all she was in your shoes last year. Check out what she has to say about her experience in letting her daughter....take a chance. 

"I have a confession to make…I LOVE pageants.  Like, the the kind of love that if asked to choose between the newest episode of "This Is Us" or "Miss USA", I’d pick an evening of pageantry any day of the week!  Crazy, I know!  It’s kind of like the Super Bowl or the World Series…you watch, you wait, you cheer, you strategize and you watch every contestant bring her very BEST to the stage.  I love that there’s one very important strand that ties all of the girls together…it’s not their background, their hometown, their family dynamics, their degree of talent, their education. It’s their willingness to take a chance.

I’ve always believed in the confidence, the success and the cultivation of grit that is rooted in the world of pageantry.  I confess that I even entered and won a pageant of my own in the wonderfully small, agricultural town I grew up in – and, yes, it was far too long ago for me to even admit! ;) So when some sweet friends of ours encouraged Katelyn to give National American Miss a try, we thought about it, we prayed about it and we thought about it some more.  I definitely had all the normal questions swirling in my head that you’d imagine of any first-time NAM pageant mom.  Will she feel prepared?  What if she gets nervous on stage?  Will she make new friends?  We decided to make the decision that we knew would tie all of the girls and the moms together.  We decided to take a chance. 

Our rawness to all of it was incredibly apparent! I loved watching it on TV, but watching and doing are two different things!  When we walked into our first open call last April we had all of the normal trepidations you’d expect from rookies.  But when I saw the excitement and genuine determination in Katelyn’s eyes, our lack of pageant expertise didn’t really matter. I knew she was right where she was meant to be.  At the end of the open call, they let the girls try on the crown and banner and I distinctly remember the sparkle in her eye.  She was meant to take a chance.

So my encouragement to all of those amazing moms and daughters who might be wondering if NAM is for them…if they should risk taking a chance…if it’s worth it to try…I leave you with this.  Your experience (or lack thereof) doesn’t matter.  Your ability to do everything perfectly doesn’t matter.  Finding the perfect dress, shoes and hairstyle doesn’t matter.  What matters is encouraging our girls to be exactly who God made them to be…to use their gifts and talents to bless and serve others.  What matters is allowing our girls to spread their wings and to try new adventures that teach them to stretch and grow.  Let her take the lead.  Let her shine.  Let her discover who SHE is and the many ways she can be a leader and inspire other girls in her community.  Let her take hold of everything NAM has to offer.  Let her take a chance."

-Alyssa Jacob, mom of Katelyn Jacob, 2017 Miss Iowa Jr. Pre-Teen

And....her daughter ended up winning the pageant and becoming Miss Iowa Jr. Pre-Teen. All because she let her take a chance. We hope that you too allow your daughter to take a chance and to see you at Open Calls this year!
Stay Stylish!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Taming that Naturally Curly Hair

Did you know that I have naturally curly hair? Probably not. Because its so hard to manage...I'm better off just straightening it. So, Im always looking for tips and tricks to manage it.

However, Miss Oregon Jr. Teen, Shayla Montgomery has the curly haired game down!  In their super quick video she shows the products she uses and her hair care routine so her mane is CROWN WEARING PERFECTION.

 Headed to Walgreens now.....thanks Shayla!

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Monday, February 12, 2018

HOW TO BE A MODEL...maybe??

Interested in modeling? Former NAM Teen, Michaela Jacobs sits down with this comedian to show him how to capture those perfect modeling shots to build your modeling portfolio. Hopefully....your skills are better than his. ;)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Queen of all NAMfluencer Queens!

With the styleNAM Blog update making it's way through the NAM  pageant community, we've been super excited to see your submissions in an effort to become NAMfluencers! We can't wait to share these right here at the styleNAM BLOG!

Remember, this is your chance to be a NAMfluencer! Email us at stateHQ@namiss.com (or facebook, insta message me - whatevs) with fashion, pageant, and lifestyle info, photos, tips, advice and we'll post it here! For all the details on topics to submit, etc. look  HERE! 

While we are still gathering and organizing through everyone's submissions, I thought it only appropriate to feature the Influencer Queen of all Queens: Ravayna 
If you don't know Ravayna...you should. 

She was the very first NAM National Teen and since her time on the NAM stage has supported the NAM system and it's participants in a number of ways. Today she's made quite the mark as an instagram influencer (follow here) and you can follow her blog LOVE RAVAYNA to get the scoop on great beauty deals, #ootd, tips on being a domestic goddess...or heck just to see what color her hair is this week! And, the best part - reach out to her and let her know you are a NAM girl and she'll send love, sparkles, and unicorns your way!

Ravayna and I go way back... we met in 1993. We were Princess contestants together at Nationals. I was Miss Nebraska and she was Miss New York. I still have the t-shirt that she made and gave to all the girls as a gift. A blue tee with black letters across the chest that read, "Miss New York Princess, Ravayna Tracey."

Even back then...she was branding herself. #influencersincebirth

I mean just take a sneak peak of how adorbs her style is:

What I love about Ravayna's blog is that she's diverse. She features everything from top beauty and fashion hacks to cooking and gardening tips. She's a jack of all trades in the influencer game, if you ask me. Let this NAMfluencer Queen inspire you and keep your NAM inspos coming, girls!  We can't wait to feature them here at the styleNAM BLOG! XOXO

Signing off in NAM Style!