Saturday, December 21, 2019

Girl, get it together!

2020 is DAYS away....I can't.

But, thankfully NAM has created the NAM 2020 Planner which has everything to help me prepare and "get it together"....or at least feel like I do. It's busy being a State Director, ya'll, and there is a lot of planning and organizing that goes into making the magic happen! So, girl - get it together and get yourself one ASAP!

What I love about the planner. It has TONS of pages (100), it's low cost ($28) and it's custom to NAM (yes, queen!)

Plus, how cute is the inside?!

I am also loving that I can write out my goals. Did you know that is proven that writing or drawing out your goals and dreams helps you to visualize and thus achieve them!

And,  with the contacts section, I can keep important contact info for my namily....but I think this can be helpful for girls raising their sponsor fees. This is a great place to keep track of the contact info for those businesses, family, and friends that you have asked for their support so you can follow up with them, and then send them THANK YOU's afterward. PS - to see all about my THANK YOU'S  - check out my previous blog post HERE

YOU'VE GOT THIS! (And this planner will help you get there!)

Signing Off in NAM Style,

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