Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey gals - dont forget to visit THE CROWNING CLOSET to resell your pageant clothes...and maybe even something new!!

AND...did you know that Miss America 2004, Erika Dunlap(above) will be on this season's Amazing Race. Partnering up with her, is her husband. Be sure to watch the Amazing Race airing on CBS to see how this pageant girl will do!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

NAM girl is a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN...along with Jaime Foxx!!

The hit blockbuster, Law Abiding Citizen has lots of known faces - from Jaime Foxx to Gerard Butler!!

However, most notable face is Emerald- Angel Young (pictured left at the movie premiere) - the 2007 National American Miss Princess.

After winning our national competition - Emerald continued down the acting path and has built up quite a resume, most recently playing Jamie Foxx's daughter in Law Abiding Citizen (filming a scene with Foxx below left).

In last week's EXAMINER, correspondent Melissa Viscount sat down with Emerald about her new role and how she got there - in which NAM is given credit!!!!

Just goes to National American Miss, dreams REALLY do come true.

Read the online article featuring Emerald, by clicking HERE and dont forget to see Law Abiding Citizen at a theatre near you!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 Prudential Spirit of Community Award - only 10 teens selected from across the nation - NAM girl is one!

Ten young Americans were selected in the 2009 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program for national recognition based on their outstanding achievements in community service. The National Selection Committee that chose the National Honorees was chaired by some of the country's most prominent people in education, such as the CEO of the Girl Scouts, President of the National 4-H Council, the national chairman of volunteers for the American Red Cross, the list goes on...

However, THAT'S not the point...the point is that one the top 10 is a NAM girl - AMANDA LaMUNYON, who through my numerous posts about her - you most likely know exactly who she is, is ONE OF THEM!!!!! THIS IS HUGEEEEEEE - we're talking this is the HIGHEST level of being honored for community service among teens. AMANDA, who earned a LARGE cash prize and a trip to Washington, where she was presented her Award by Barbara Bush, has been involved with National American Miss for the past few years. Her mom, Sherry, constantly gives credit to NAM for Amanda's "ability to speak in public and her growth in self confidence."

All 10 nominees have been featured with a pic and biography for recognition - here is Amanda's:

Amanda LaMunyon, 14, of Enid , Okla. , an eighth-grader at Oklahoma Bible Academy , performs at charitable events, sells cards and prints of her paintings to raise money for sick children, and draws upon her experience with autism to educate others about the disorder. After Amanda was diagnosed at age 8 with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism, her parents encouraged various activities to find something that would help her focus. Thankfully, they found that I could paint, and I learned to focus on something I loved, Amanda said. She discovered she had the ability to help others when she gave one of her paintings to a former teacher who had cancer and later learned that it had greatly lifted her spirits while she was dying. I couldnt believe something I had done meant so much, she said. This changed the entire direction of my life.

Amanda now paints her impressions of songs she likes, and contributes her artistic, singing, and speaking talents to a wide variety of causes. She has participated in many events for the Childrens Miracle Network and other charities, created a website to sell copies of her artwork for the benefit of childrens health programs (, and performed at nursing homes. She also has spoken to United Nations delegates to promote awareness of autism. I do not look at myself as a person with a disability, said Amanda. I see myself as someone with something to give.

Think you have what it takes to earn a 2010 Prudential Spirit of Community Award?? I KNOW MANY OF YOU DO!!! So, click HERE to find out how!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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Pageant season is what to do about that gown and suit??

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Friday, October 16, 2009

NAM girl has feature story in SCHOLASTIC magazine

SCHOLASTIC is one of the top educational tools today for kids. Through it's books, magazines, teacher's aids, etc it prides itself in setting the bar at helping kids achieve a higher level of literacy and confidence across the globe. However, the exciting part is that Scholastic's SCOPE magazine dedicated a 2 full paged feature spread to a NAM girl!!!!

Amanda LaMunyun, who was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism. Amanda is one of the most talented young ladies I have ever had the privilege to meet and see walk across the NAM stage. Amanda, who has been a part of the NAM family for years, writes in the magazine's TRUE TEEN PERSONAL NARRATIVE section about how this disability doesn't define her. Instead how it has allowed for her to use Autism as an outlet to share her talents, which include painting, singing and writing.

Amanda, now 14, was named the Outstanding Individual with Autism by the Autism society of America in 2008. She is a TRUE role model and proves how important it make lemonade out of lemons.

Be sure to check out Amanda's narrative article on page 22 of last month's SCOPE magazine, titled "Power of Art." CLICK HERE FOR A DIRECT LINK!

Neuqua TV interview SCREAMS National American Miss ROCKS...and GETS REAL about pageantry!

Aubry Bozzano...who many of you may know from Open Calls or from Pageant weekend, has taken her experience as a competitor with the National American Miss system to do GREAT things, including winning the title of Miss Dupage County for the Miss America system.

Aubry, a former Miss Illinois for the NAM system, and Make A Wish philanthropist GETS REAL about pageantry in this one-on-one interview for NEUQUA CONNECTION, a student based production company for the Neuqua Valley Schools in Neuqua Valley, Illinois.

In this interview Aubry dishes it all...from her mom being skeptical at first, to the grueling process of preparing for pageants, to what beauty queens are REALLY all's something we can all relate too!

However, to top the interview off, conducting this up-close interview is Neuqua TV host and a former National American Miss Illinois, Tajma Hall.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maryland Jr. Preteen takes a que from Breanne...starts own blog!!

Hey Girls!! Just wanted to pass on some cool news!

The Maryland Jr. Preteen, Isabella Cowley, has started her own blog! SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!!!

Earlier this year, I encouraged other girls to do this, after seeing how Merrill Diddy, the Iowa Jr. Preteen started her own blog.

I can't encourage this enough. This is a FABULOUS way to keep your friends and family up to date on what's going on during your year as National American Miss. ALSO - its great to meet new friends. For those of you headed to nationals - what a great way to start getting to know other girls from across the country who you will soon get to see in California!

BUT - even better, this is an EXCELLENT way to obtain sponsors, and to thank them. Just think - now you can direct potential sponsors to your blog and they can see first hand ALL the wonderful things you are involved with and why THEY should sponsor YOU!!!!

So....what are you waiting for?? Start a blog TODAY...and be sure to share it with me so I can post the link on the OFFICIAL NAMISS ROCKS BLOG for ALL the NAM girls to see!!!!

For now...check out Isabella's blog HERE and see all the exciting things she has gotten to do since being crowned Miss Maryland Jr. Preteen!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Watch for Joy on Law & Order SVU tomorrow - WEDNESDAY October 14th

What NAM girl doesn't know Joy Suprano??

OK, for those of you who dont know Joy... she has worked with National American Miss since it's inception. A former Miss Pennsylvania, you can often find her behind scenes running the show OR behind the podium emceeing and performing with her AMAZING voice.

Joy, a graduate of the acclaimed Julliard school in NYC, has performed in film, television, and theatre for the past few years... when she isn't busy with National American Miss, of course!

Be sure to tune into Law & Order SVU tomorrow night( Wed, Oct 14th) 8/9 central, airing on NBC to see Joy, who plays a Christian activist helping to solve a case. Also, on the show, Scott Foley guests stars!! You can check out a sneak peak of tomorrow's episode below.

This is just the start of Joy's rise to the top! Be sure to tune in to Law & Order, so you can say "I KNOW HER!!"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Casting Call for new face of GapKids!!!

I wanted to let all of you NAM girls know about a casting call being held by GapKids!

GapKids is searching for their new faces and... you dont have to go much further than your computer screen to enter! I just know know all of you girls have what it takes to be the next face for GapKids!! And here's a GREAT way to utilize all of those TOP MODEL photos(I told you it would pay off to enter that competition!!!!))
Click HERE to find out how YOU can become the next face for GapKids!
**Must be between the ages of 5-10 years old

**National American Miss nor Spirit Productions are associated in any way with this casting call or with GAP, GapKids or Baby GAP.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

....on the covers of your favorite magazines!!!

I thought you guys might like to see the Cover of Dallas Child Magazine for last August since, Kaylie R Nelson is on the cover. Kaylie, a Texas native has won first place in the casual wear competition at the National American Miss Texas pageant for the last two years, as well as numerous other awards. She loves National American Miss!!!!

Kaylie's mom, Sonja says, "thank you guys for have such a great pageant system. It is the only one we do now, every year. Kaylie has grown so much as a model and in many ways. It has helped her grow more confident in herself and now does lots of leading roles in her school plays."

You can also visit

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Illinois Girls in the NEWS!!

Both the Illinois Princess, Imani Muse, and the Illinois Jr. Preteen, Isis Graham, are not only LEARN scholars - they were also featured in their school newspaper for their achievements with National American Miss this summer.

Take a look at how Imani and Isis are making headlines in their community:

We’d like to salute two LEARN Charter School students, Isis Graham (5th Grade) andImani Muse (1st Grade) who competed in the National American Miss Illinois Pageant over the Labor Day Weekend. The sisters won two Illinois titles. Isis walked away with the Cover Girl title for the Jr. Pre-Teen Division and Imani won the Miss Illinois Overall Queen title for the Princess Division. They both will compete for National Titles at the National Pageant in California over the Thanksgiving Break! They will start their year off with their first volunteer activity at the UNCF Walk on September 19th.
A round of applause to these girls, and to their mom, Leslie Bates, for telling us about it!

Dont forget to let your school or district know about your accomplishments this summer at NAM - regardless of it you took home the crown of not. Its not uncommon for schools to feature your outstanding accomplishments in their newspaper, their bulletins, morning announcements, etc. AND definitely let them know you are headed to nationals, before you go (for those of you are going) they often usually post it a GOOD LUCK on the sign outside of the school!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Illinois royalty getting right to work!!

Recently crowned Miss Illinois Jr-Pre-Teen Cover Girl Isis Graham started her year with volunteering at the UNCF walk this past saturday. She helped pass out beverages to the walkers as well as cheer them on to the finish line! Isis says, "I feel that education is important and everyone deserves a chance to get one! UNCF helps minorites receive and since I can't give financially I can support the ones that can....ecspecially since I want to be a teacher when I grow up!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

#2 spot on the TWEEN TOP 40 radio last week - NAM's own, MADISON HILL


Just wanted to pass on exciting news to you all. Madison Hill, 2008 Missouri Jr. Teen and 2004 NATIONAL ALL- AMERICAN preteen - just hit #2 on TWEEN TOP 40 radio with her brand new hit single, Suga.

Be sure to check out Madison's ( whose stage name is Madisen Hill) myspace page and download more great hits from our gal! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - lets vote Madisen to #1. You can vote on Tween Pop Radio's website! Click the link below to go directly to Tween Pop radio's website

This is just the start of MadisEn's career, but to us - shell always be our Madi!!!!