Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saving the World, one queen at a time

Last year, Laura Nguyen (pictured on left, with her escort after NAM's formal wear competition) compete in National American Miss for the first time ever and in her words, " it was the most amazing inspirational pageant system in the world." Since then, Laura has continued to make a difference!

Gretchen Rose and Laura Nguyen from Pennsylvania are the founders of "saving the world, one queen at a time." The organization is based directly towards pageant titleholders, encouraging them to help save our planet!
Both Lauren and Gretchen will be at the Pennsylvania Open Calls, collecting used water bottles ( including hairspray bottles and other plastics) to recycle these products! Also, these go-getters will be holding short educational sessions showing girls how to DIY - ecofriendly hairspray!!!

But, what really inspired these 2 girls to make a difference? Well, Laura sums it up best. Check out what she had to say:
"National American Miss a.k.a the most amazing inspirational pageant system in the world!! Ask any girl who has competed in NAM and they will all say it was an experience that changed there lives. Well I (Laura) only competed in NAM for one year and already could go one days taking about it! NAM is basically a pageant organization that is based on building confidence in girls and making future leaders! When Gretchen and I first came up with the idea to go to local pageants and teach girls about being green the first and only pageant organization that came to my head was of course NAM! We thought about other pageant systems but NAM was the only one that we could really make a big impact in!"

National American Miss not in your state?

While National American Miss is the largest pageant system in the country, there are still a few states across the country that do not hold state pageants.

If there is not a state pageant held in your home state (to find out if there is or not, click here: FIND YOUR STATE) can still become the next National American Miss!!

If you fall in this category, and NAM does not offer a state pageant in your home state, visit the links below to find out more information on how to participate in our program and have the opportunity to become the next National American Miss state queen, representing your state!

If you are ages 19 - 20, there is no state pageant for girls your ages! But, you can still have the opportunity to become the next National American Miss, too, and head straight to our national pageant! Click the PICTURE below, to find out more information.

Don't forget - were giving away more then $1.5 million dollars in cash, scholarships, and prizes.....oh and a brand new FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alyssa Taylor, Miss Nebraska Princess, looks back at the past year

A year ago, July 4th 2010 I was crowned Miss Nebraska Princess. National American Miss was the first pageant I had competed in and was so happy when I realized I’d had won.I have made so many wonderful life long friends and met so many important people throughout this past year!

Princess,  miss nebraska, 60's corvette convertible, Lani Maples, Breanne Maples, National American Miss, a scam?, Miss America,

Meeting Miss America was so cool, because she's from Nebraska, too! Donating the books and bears from the National American Miss Pageant allowed me the opportunity to volunteer my time with non-profit organizations within my community.

Princess,  miss nebraska, 60's corvette convertible, Lani Maples, Breanne Maples, National American Miss, a scam?, Miss America,

I loved coloring cards for Center for Survivors and spending time with my mom babysitting for young parents taking parenting classes and CPR to name a few, offered through Youth for Christ. One of the most memorable volunteer work that I was apart of was the Miss Amazing Pageant it is a pageant for girls and women with special needs and disabilities founded by my pageant sister Jordan Somer.

I had a lot of fun riding in my Grandpa Taylor’s 60’ corvette convertible with my mom and dad during the Columbus Days Parade. Thank you grandpa for taking the time to tune it up and make sure it was safe for me to ride in.

To my pageant sisters: Kristin, Jordan, Hannah, Emma and Sarah, thank you for all of the fun times we spent together throughout this past year! I love each and every single one of you and will always think of you as my SISTERS.

Princess,  miss nebraska, 60's corvette convertible, Lani Maples, Breanne Maples, National American Miss, a scam?, Miss America,

A big “thank you” to my family; Mom and Dad, Kris and Becky for all of your support and believing in me. To my biggest supporter, at the state pageant, my brother Nick (because he knew he would also be going to Disneyland and Hollywood for the 1st time along with me) but also for rooting for me at nationals it meant a lot to me.

Grandma and Grandpa Majerus, thank you for allowing me to dream BIG! You made it possible for the whole family to travel to California. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

This year has been a wonderful experience for me and my family and I owe a big “THANK YOU” to: Ken and Lani Mapels, and Steve and Kathleen Mays for continuing to make little girls dreams like mine come true, and to Breanne Mapels for giving me the vote of confidence I needed and thought of while I was on stage “I look GOOOOOD!”

My mom would also like me to thank the National American Miss Staff for answering all of her random questions throughout the year, you truly make things a lot easier for her.

To all of the Princess contestants, regardless of the outcome of the pageant have lots of fun and meet lots of new friends, like I did!

Lastly, to my successor, the time truly does go by fast! take part in all that you can, take lots of pictures, and the most important thing – have lots of fun!

Princess,  miss nebraska, 60's corvette convertible, Lani Maples, Breanne Maples, National American Miss, a scam?, Miss America,

I have enjoyed representing Nebraska as your 2010 Miss Nebraska Princess,

Alyssa Taylor

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jayleigh Stueve has had a princess perfect year!

Oh My Gosh, what fun I have had being your National American Miss Nebraska Princess Cover Girl. Meeting all the girls and making friends from all over Nebraska was a whole lot of fun. And who could forget Coco Keys! The water…and the slides…and the water…and the splashing…and did I tell you about the water, it was awesome! Going to other state pageants as visiting royalty was cool, because I got to help hand out trophies! I also got to help with a lot of other fun things, like Relay for Life, and my school’s very own “Mini” Relay for Life. My favorite part was helping with the Luminaria. They are luminaries that honor cancer survivors. Over the summer getting to ride in parades was really cool too! Once at a parade, Charlie Jansen the Dodge County Senator asked if he could have his picture taken with me. He said the he had never met a real princess before. I even got a ribbon from 4-H for being in the parade! And I got to make my very own Face Book page, and I have lots of friends and family following me and supporting all of my projects. This spring I am leading a card drive to help make a boy fighting cancer’s wish of receiving one million get well cards come true! He is up to about 23,000 so far; we still have a long way to go! Something that I have learned is that even a little girl like me can help make a difference. And watching my sister queen, on Nickelodeon, and telling all my friends at school that I know her was great too! When I get older I want to help with her pageant. So even though my year is ending, I am so excited to be here with all of you, to watch a brand new set of amazing girls join our NA Miss Pageant family.

Being your Cover Girl, brought me lots of friends, lots of opportunities, and lots of fun! Thank you to my Mom and Dad, Lyrick and Kelsey, and all the family and friends that believe in me and encourage me to do my best always. Thank you to my sponsors, for making my dreams come true. And thank you to the NA Miss Directors and Staff for opening the door and making it all possible. To the girls, make friends and memories and have a lot of fun and remember just because we are princesses, that still doesn’t mean we can stay up late and skip cleaning our rooms…trust me!

Love Always from your 2010NA Miss NE Princess Cover Girl,

Jayleigh Kay Stueve

Highlights from my year:

I loved being in parades!

My dad was pretty excited when I got to meet Charlie Jansen!

Alyssa and I had so much fun being Princesses together and representing National American Miss!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sara Stehlik, Miss Nebraska Jr. Preteen has had a quite year...topping it off was placing 1st runner up at nationals!

My heart nearly stopped beating when I heard the magical words, your 2010 Miss Nebraska Jr. Pre-teen is…Sara Stehlik! Before I knew it I had a crown on my head, a sash over my shoulder and a bouquet of roses in my arms.

It has been a busy, exciting and rewarding year representing National American Miss. I participated in many community service programs.

I volunteered to help host an open house for the Child Advocacy Center. The Center was thrilled to receive our donated NAM books and bears. I also continued my work as founder of my school’s peer tutoring program. The “Homework Club” helps students reach their academic goals and serves over 40 students each week.

I had the opportunity to visit both the NAM Minnesota and Illinois pageants where I helped with registration, the production numbers, and judge the family look-a-like contest. It was wonderful to meeting all the girls and making new friendships.

Celebrating the Special Olympic torch running through my hometown of Nebraska City, was awesome and occasion I will always remember. Volunteering for the second year at the Miss Amazing pageant, a pageant for girls with disabilities was a tremendously rewarding experience.

I love volunteering and giving back to my community. Helping out as a "buddy" for the Miss Amazing pageant, a pageant for girls with disabilities, was awesome...and it was so exciting that "my buddy" won!! How exciting to both be Miss Nebraska's!

My sister queens and I had lots of bonding time. We visited the zoo, rode in many parades, met the governor, held a crown making craft booth for children and were guests at several local pageants. I even had an opportunity to meet, Miss America, Teresa Scanlan. Wow!

The National Pageant held in Anaheim, California was a spectacular event. My family and I enjoyed the boardwalk, beach and meeting “stars” in Hollywood (thanks to the wax museum). Our day at Disneyland was awesome and the Thanksgiving banquet was delicious.

Representing Nebraska at the National Pageant, among so many outstanding girls, was an honor! Placing 1st runner up was a dream!

I had so much fun at the crazy hair rehearsal and the 70’s party, but the best part was making so many new friends from all around the country! I was honored to place 3rd runner up in community service, but the most exciting moment was placing 1st runner up among such an outstanding group of contestants.

Performing on a National Stage was so exciting!

In the future, I will continue service with my church and volunteering for the American Cancer Society and Lymphoma Research Foundation in honor of my mother’s 14-year remission.

The special times and experiences I have shared with my sister queens Kristin, Jordan, Hannah, Emma and Alyssa made this year one that will forever remain in my heart. You are all such great role models and I learned so much from each one of you.

I would like to thank my aunts, uncles and cousins for being there to cheer me on, my grandma Christine for my beautiful wardrobe, my brothers for being the best escorts ever, my dad for never complaining about the visa bills and my mom for believing in me and helping me achieve my dreams.

Breanne, Ryan, Ashley and all of my NAM family, thank you for making this year so special and helping me make unforgettable memories.

Ken and Lani Maples and the NAM organization, thank you for creating a place where I have been able to gain self-confidence and develop poise, stage presence, public speaking and interview skills. These are life long skills that I will carry with me always.

To all the Jr. Pre-teen contestants’, just being up on stage and giving it your best, already makes you winners. To my successor, the time goes fast, so make a masterpiece of it.

I feel blessed to have had so many wonderful opportunities given to me this year.

I am your 2010 Miss Nebraska Jr. Pre-teen,

Sara Stehlik

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Its that time of year again...farewell to Miss Nebraska 2010, Kristin Primm

As said by Jonathon Lockwood Auie, “Celebrate endings-for they precede new beginnings.” As I close the door on my year as the 2010 National American Miss Nebraska, I realize how many opportunities I’ve had; I made new life-long memories and friends and experienced things I never would have imagined.

I started my year with parades and volunteer work. I donated books and bears to the Hastings Children’s Museum and Crossroads Center. In October, I organized and hosted “College Night”, a dance to fundraise for my local Crossroads Center. Also, I’m currently involved as a Team Captain for Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowling.

Before I knew it, I was on my way to sunny Anaheim, California to compete in the National pageant! Nationals was an amazing week where I met several, wonderful young women from across the country. I spent time sight-seeing, took a tour of Hollywood, and went shopping in Downtown Disney.

After Nationals, I was invited to a Tri-City Storm Hockey game where I met mascots like Kool-Aid Man, Smokey the Bear and Stormy himself. I also had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy.

This past year has opened many new doors to my future and I owe it to National American Miss. Ken, Lani, Breanne, and NAM staff, thank you for the guidance and support throughout the year. You grow the confidence in girls and young women all across the nation to change the world. Melissa, you are the best personal attendant/friend/fan anyone could ask for! Adam, thank you for your never-ending “big brother” support. Dad, you simply rock. None of my year would’ve been possible without you and I know Mom is looking down on us with a BIG smile. My sister queens, you ladies are amazing role-models, I wish you all the very best. To the rest of my family, friends and sponsors, THANK YOU! I love you all.

Contestants, every one of you are a true "beauty queen" just for getting up on that stage. Remember, it's not about a crown and banner, it's about growing and finding yourself. Let your personality shine and take in every moment because you never know when you'll be closing one door to open another.

Lots of Love to ALL my sister queens! I have loved spending this past year with you!

Volunteering my time and meeting Nebraska Political figures was an honor

I loved making a difference through College Night!

National American Miss is all about making Life-long friends!

Love always,

your 2010 National American Miss Nebraska
Kristin Primm

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Promopolis - major prom fashion show hits Mall Of America and NAM girls hit the catwalk

Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen, Kendra Berger has taken over the Minnesota fashion scene by storm ( just read some of my numerous blogs)...and here is yet, another, "Kendra sighting." That's right, Kendra hit the runway in PROMOPOLIS - the MASSIVE Prom Fashion show held at the Mall of America each year. Kendra's mom, Beth, shared these pics with me of Kendra on the catwalk.

....and just think, Kendra's first time modeling was on the National American Miss stage - and look where she is now. Dream's do come true at NAM!
Kendra Berger, Miss Minnesota, pageants in minnesota,  Breanne Maples,  Lani Maples,  Kenn Maples,  Mall of America,  prom dresses,  promopolis
Kendra Berger, Miss Minnesota, pageants in minnesota,  Breanne Maples,  Lani Maples,  Kenn Maples,  Mall of America,  prom dresses,  promopolis

Monday, March 14, 2011

Inside Edition's Megan Alexander chats with one of the NAM National Directors, Kenn Maples

Inside Edition's Megan Alexander sat down with Associate National Director and NAM Co-Founder, Kenn Maples, after our National Pageant in Hollywood. Check out what he has to say about pageants, what makes NAM different, and the drive behind forming what has grown to be the largest pageant in the country!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to the NAMFAM Christian Thomas Lyngholm

National American Miss is a family owned and operated organization and we pride ourselves in FAMILY VALUES.
For those of you who aren't REALLY related, then you know first hand that we sure do make you feel like you are members of our family....or should I say our NAMILY or NAMFAM.

Well, recently....we added a new addition to our NAMILY!

For all your girls who have been participating in the National American Miss program for the past few years, then you probably know Dianna, one of our choreographers (her whole family works for us, her sister Julie Thomas choreographs and her parent's Ted and Lisa Thomas are our judges coordinators). Well, Dianna and her husband Derick welcomed a new addition to their family
( and, of course, to ours).
Welcome to the world Christian Thomas Lyngholm born Feb 15, 2011!

For all you Minnesota girls, I am sure you will get a chance to meet baby Christian at the pageant...he may come by for a visit...finger's crossed!

Future Best Escort in the making.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Totally random blog post...but, gosh I couldn't resist the bling bling!

So, as we all know National American Miss is one of the ONLY pageants that adds a FORD MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE to its LONG list of prizes and awards it hands out every year
( P.S. in case you didn't know, total - we give out $1.5 million dollars in cash, scholarships, and prizes across the country each year. Thus, NAM awards the largest prize package in the country within pageantry).

But, recently former Miss California Jr. Teen Crystal Navarrete spotted this hot ride and I HAD TO POST IT ON THE NAMISS ROCKS BLOG.

NO - THIS IS NOT THE CAR THAT NAM GIVES AWAY ( the car photographed is not even a ford mustang).....but seeing as though all us girls LOVE BLING, I HAD to share...and maybe whoever wins the FORD MUSTANG this year at our national pageant will take it upon themselves to get their new ride blinged out like this sparkly head turner.

Can you imagine pulling up to school in this! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed......

Lots of love

Monday, March 7, 2011

From NAM runway to DC Fashion Week catwalk....

Former NAM Virginia Jr. Preteen Kailee Horvath learned a few things while strutting her stuff on stage on our confidence, modeling skills, and showing off your personality. Now an aspiring model, Kailee recently took to the stage at Fashion Week in Washington DC. Hmmm....wonder if Michelle Obama was front row????

Check out these awesome pics

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last weekend was the Official National Photo-shoot, where all of our National Queen's traveled to Houston, Texas to work the camera as Professional Models. As part of their prize package, each National Queen receives their expenses paid to the photo-shoot, experience working as a professional model, complimentary Hair and Make-up Consultation by a Hollywood Stylist, professional styling and wardrobe consultation by top fashion experts, and much much more... Along with the weekend, the girls engaged in a homecoming dinner, getting the 411 on the schedule of appearances they will be making this coming year, and of course getting to spend time together and making super fun memories!

Check out these candid pics from the weekend....and stay tuned for the final prints!national, American, National American Miss winners,  prizes, Awards,  Is National American Miss a scam?, National queens, royalty, Miss America,  miss 2011,  Steve Mayes,  Kathleen Mayes,  Breanne Maples,  Lani Maples,  Houston Texas,  national pageants,  Modeling, Photo shootnational, American, National American Miss winners,  prizes, Awards,  Is National American Miss a scam?, National queens, royalty, Miss America,  miss 2011,  Steve Mayes,  Kathleen Mayes,  Breanne Maples,  Lani Maples,  Houston Texas,  national pageants,  Modeling, Photo shootnational, American, National American Miss winners,  prizes, Awards,  Is National American Miss a scam?, National queens, royalty, Miss America,  miss 2011,  Steve Mayes,  Kathleen Mayes,  Breanne Maples,  Lani Maples,  Houston Texas,  national pageants,  Modeling, Photo shootnational, American, National American Miss winners,  prizes, Awards,  Is National American Miss a scam?, National queens, royalty, Miss America,  miss 2011,  Steve Mayes,  Kathleen Mayes,  Breanne Maples,  Lani Maples,  Houston Texas,  national pageants,  Modeling, Photo shoot