Thursday, March 29, 2012

Introducing the 2012 National American Miss Nebraska Royalty

Miss Nebraska Teen 2012: Chrissi Beaulieu

Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen 2012: Jamie Wilhelm

Miss Nebraska Pre-Teen 2012: Savannah Soltero

Miss Nebraska Jr. Pre-Teen 2012: Hannah Kost

Miss Nebraska Princess 2012: Hannah Lienemann

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miss Nebraska Pageant 2012 Makes HUGE headlines

The first pageant of the year is over. What a GREAT weekend we had with all 387 of you beautiful state finalists and your families. Our staff loved getting to know you, watching you shine on stage, and we were honored to be a part of your journey in becoming a more confident young woman. As NAM continues to head down the path of becoming the "leader in the natural pageant movement," it seems to be grabbing the attention of the press and media. This weekend was no exception, as the largest newspaper in Nebraska took a keen interest in our program, even following one of our state finalist around. Check out what the OMAHA WORLD HERALD had to say about NAM, in its front page article in today's Living section, titled "Pageant lets Omaha Teen be 'proud of who she is'

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cassandra Salas gives us her final words on her year before she crowns her successor

cassandra salas, miss nebraska,  Pre-Teen, a scam,  National American Miss,  NAM, stories,   winners,  Breanne Maples,  lani maplesThis past year has been such a fun adventure. I got to visit other states and make an appearance as Official NAM Royalty. I loved getting to hang out with old friends I had met through NAM over the years and made a ton of new ones.
cassandra salas, miss nebraska,  Pre-Teen, a scam,  National American Miss,  NAM, stories,   winners,  Breanne Maples,  lani maples
Volunteering for the Nebraska Humane Society was one of my favorite things but I also loved all the parades and singing the National Anthem at the opening of the Omaha Lancer Hockey game.
cassandra salas, miss nebraska,  Pre-Teen, a scam,  National American Miss,  NAM, stories,   winners,  Breanne Maples,  lani maples
I couldn't have done any of this without the love from my family. There's a lot happening behind the scenes during pageant weekend and in pageant preparation... and my mom always took care of everything ~ love you Mom! But it was everyone from my Grandma and Uncle Dave coming all the way to California, to my brother carrying signs in parades, to my family from Guam supporting me from a distance that made me shine all year long. I am very thankful for all of you!
cassandra salas, miss nebraska,  Pre-Teen, a scam,  National American Miss,  NAM, stories,   winners,  Breanne Maples,  lani maples
When I got to Nationals~I felt all the love and support from my NAMily, it's like a big family reunion for me. Thank you for your encouragement every step of the way. I am proud to have brought back the 1st runner-up Photogenic award and want to thank Billings Photography for their love and support.
cassandra salas, miss nebraska,  Pre-Teen, a scam,  National American Miss,  NAM, stories,   winners,  Breanne Maples,  lani maplesTo all the girls competing, GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to meet you all at State, because we are going to have a blast! And to the lucky girl I crown, take this experience and make the most of it. It goes by way too fast!
Cassandra Salas
2011-12 NAMiss Nebraska Pre-Teen

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Miss Nebraska Jr. Pre-Teen will never forget this year...

angel strong,  miss nebraska,  a scam,  pageants,  National American Miss,  jr. pre-teen, Breanne Maples,  Josh the otter, float 4 life,
Thank you National American Miss for the opportunity you give girls to learn, to grow, and to express themselves, believe in themselves, and become the best they can be. Thank you for an incredible year as the 2011 Miss NE Jr Pre Teen Queen!

I was still on cloud 9 from being chosen by the other girls for Miss Personality. It was so nice of them to choose me for such an honorable award!! Then the most amazing thing happened -- they called MY name to be reigning Queen for 2011 National American Miss Nebraska Jr Pre Teen. It was so awesome!!! I could hardly breathe!!!

That was just an incredible start to my amazing adventure as Miss NE Jr Pre Teen Queen, a year I will never forget. I spent much of my time doing parades and special events with my sister Queens AND my favorite otter, JOSH, promoting water safety. I also enjoyed giving back to my community through many events like Kids Against Hunger, Belmont Clean Up, the Princes

s Fashion Show for kids at the City Mission and Friendship Home, and Cure for Cancer events...just to name a few. All my time volunteering inspired me to begin creating my own organization called KIDZ Power, where we match organizations that need volunteers with kids that want to volunteer their time. We have a lot of fun doing it!

The highlight of my year has to be Nationals. I had the best time ever!! I met so many amazing girls and made many new friends that I will never forget. Hi Miss Georgia - I miss you!! Every day was another adventure and it was all so great! And of course Disneyland was tops with me! My favorite rehearsal was crazy hair day. I actually wore Josh the Otter in my hair!

Pageant Prep was another great time for me. I enjoyed meeting all the contestants for the 2012 National American Miss Nebraska pageant. It was so fun helping you all learn about pretty feet and how NOT to do an interview (and of course the right way to interview). As you begin your journey at state pageant, just like I did a very short year ago, remember to SMILE, be yourself, and always remember - You are Great!

To the next National American Miss Nebraska Jr Pre Teen Queen: YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! You will have other girls looking up to you as their role model (so, as your mom will keep reminding you, be on your best behavior). Take it all in, give back all that you get and ENJOY!

angel strong,  miss nebraska,  a scam,  pageants,  National American Miss,  jr. pre-teen, Breanne Maples,  Josh the otter, float 4 life,

I would like to thank some very special people. Thank you to Ken and Lani, you encourage girls like me to believe in themselves and I love your hugs too! Breanne, you make me so happy when I see you, I just love you! Ryan and Phil...thank you for making open calls and pageant preps extra fun!! I am thankful for the entire team at National American Miss for all your hard work to make my year and thousands of other girls’ year - magical. I am so grateful to my family; the best ever - Mom and Dad, my great sisters, Rheyan & Dyan, my little brother in heaven, RJ, who watches over me, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Alesia and Uncle Lynn, and Aunt Cammi and Phalin. I appreciate all your love and support. Thank you Emma, Tracey, and my Aunt Tessie for bringing out the best in me. Thank you Blake and Kathy for all your support and letting me share JOSH the Otter with my sister Queens through your generous donation of Josh the Otter stuffed toys! They loved them!

I will never forget this amazing experience and will always be your 2011 National American Miss NE Jr Pre Teen Queen.

All my love, Angel Strong

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Pageant of 2012 officially rings in a decade of NAM-tastic memories!

Thats right...the first pageant of the 2012 NAM TOUR is already in high gear here in Omaha, NE!! We can't believe that a year has officially gone by already!

BUT - we really can't believe that this pageant officially marks 10 years that National American Miss has been producing the "most popular pageants" (says PAGEANTRY MAGAZINE) for girls nationwide! WOW - what a decade it's been, filled with so many WONDERFUL memories, getting to know hundreds of AMAZING families, and watching lives change and dreams realized right before our eyes. To each of you who have been a part of our NAMily throughout the years...thank you for letting us get to be apart of you and/or your daughters lives and we look forward to ringing in the next ten years with each of you in our hearts!

ABOVE - some of our contestant's at our NAM: NATIONALS 2011 pageant show help us get ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with some quirky, yet fun methods!!!

Well.....stay tuned RIGHT HERE, to the NAMISS ROCKS BLOG as I keep you up to date on all the results and exciting things happening here at our 2012 National American Miss Nebraska Pageant!


Missouri Princess shows off her radio dj skills

Kloey Monthei, Miss Missouri Princess 2011(and National Princess Actress winner and National 1st Runner-up), gave the Power 96.5 DJ's a real run for their money last week. Kloey & the whole 96.5 radio crew made an appearance together to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. Kloey, herself, wanting to make a difference in the lives of others donated $100 from her own piggy bank all to honor a local child. Of course, during the big event, the 96.5 radio crew sat down with Kloey to get some good on air time about her involvement with Children's Miracle Network and her year as Miss Missouri. As any National Actress titleholder would...she sure had them in stitches!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It' that time of year again....she was the first to join the NAMFAM last year and she'll be the first to give up her crown this year.

A year full of first pageant EVER! I can remember being so nervous to go up on that big stage for the very first time......Meeting new friends...... Then hearing my name being called out as the new Miss Nebraska Princess Queen 2011. It turned out to be a very exciting year. One that I will never forget. It has given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people and opportunity's to volunteer my time in this great state of Nebraska!

To be apart of so many events really showed my family and I ways to contribute. From donating the bears and books to the "Voices of Hope" house here in Lincoln. An organization that helps families who have had to face domestic violence.

I also got to meet Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan. This was a day that I will never forget. She was so sweet to talk too. We got to take our picture together. Everyone there said we must of called each other to find out what to wear because we were both in black and white. :) A BIG Thank You to our family friend Mr. Tim McEwen for making that day possible for me.

Next came the Heart Walk. A fun day that I got to spend out at Pioneers Park here in Lincoln. It included asking for donations, of course completing our walk, and the Nebraska Cornhusker Football Players! GO BIG RED!!

My personal favorite was "Huskers Helping the Homeless." This event took place on October 8th, 2011 before the Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Ohio State game. We were posted at the South Pointe Mall where I spent the afternoon asking for donations to help the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach Hunger and Homeless Prevention Program. My sisters Morgan and Kristen, along with Miss Nebraska Jr Teen Queen- Deidre Stevens and Miss Nebraska Teen Queen- Shelby Wetovich, along with 400 other volunteers, we were able to raise a record $31,000. A great way to spend the afternoon......helping a great cause!

I can not forget the parades and carnivals that i got to be apart of also. Humphrey Days with Miss Nebraska Pre-Teen - Cassandra Salas. It was my first parade ever so I was so happy to have her there with me. She was great support when I wanted to stop waving because my arm was hurting from keeping it up so long. Like any great "sister" she kept telling me it would be okay!! ;) Ceresco Days I spent with Miss Nebraska Jr Pre-Teen - Angel Strong and Josh the Otter promoting FLOAT 4 LIFE which teaches water safety for infant and toddlers. On this day I also got to debut my tractor driving skills in the Kiddy Tractor Pull and walked away with 3rd place! Not bad for a girl in a dress! In the Hebron 4th of July parade and town celebration my sisters and I along with Miss Nebraska Pre-Teen - Cassandra Salas took part in the fireman's water activities. What a great way to end a really hot day!

Last but not least I need to say "Thank You" to all the people who were involved in this past year. Kenn and Lani Maples, and Steve and Kathleen Mayes......Thank You for providing this opportunity for me and all the other little Princesses out there. Even though we are small we can still make a big difference in the lives of others. Breanne Maples for all the encouraging words and helping my mom through this year. Robin Giffords for all your encouragement and teaching me how to be a Princess along with many more life lessons.

So to all you Princess Contestants remember to have fun. This experience will only help you be the person you were created you to be. It will teach you to have the confidence to shine a little brighter and believe in yourself. You will be given the opportunity that most 4-6 year old girls never experience.........Show the world who you YOURSELF! And that takes courage so you all should be so proud of yourselves!

To my successor, Congratulations and Best Wishes! This will be year that you will never forget. The people you will meet and the opportunity's that you will get to take apart in, you will want to treasure for a lifetime. Take lots of pictures and remember to have FUN!

This is your Miss Nebraska Princess Queen 2011 saying "Thank You" to all it has been a great year!


Lauren Louderback

Miss PA Jr. Teen is having a blast throughout her year and emailed us to tell us all about it!

Victoria Deluhery, Miss Pennsylvania Jr. Teen is loving being a part of the NAM FAM as the 2011.

Recenlty she sent us a little e-mail with some of the cool things she has been up to and the fun appearances she has made with other girls that she met through NAM...

Hi NAM- Wanted to share with you some activities that I have been involved with:

1) Sierra Hack and I walked for Angel 34 which raises money for a Pediatric Cancer Unit at a local hospital. They provide the children with snow cones and other treats.

2) I went to a local Fair - Coopersburg Fair and got to meet some of the emergency response people. I was actually volunteering with the Salvation Army Foster/Adopt Program there. I was able to talk to people about their program since I my family has had foster children in our home for years.

3) Sierra Hack and I got to meet Congressman Charlie Dent at the Angel 34 Charity walk

4) I was able to meet with Rep. Freeman my state representative about my volunteer work and he recommended activities that he was fond of.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tumbled upon NAM...

Have ya'll checked out Tumblr and seen the things you can "tumble" upon?
I thought for fun, I would see what would happen if I tried to tumble upon NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS......

Look what came up!

Soo fun. Get your tumblr on! LOL!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

At 6 foot tall, this NAM former titleholder and star basketball player is still getting recognized for her accomplishments in her community

Karlee Nimmer was the 2011 National American Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen. By first glance, this 6 foot tall, star basketball player is not what you would think of as a typical "pageant girl." But, then again, that's what NAM is all about. Re-defining pageantry and that ALL girls are crown worthy!

Check out this awesome article from the Greenbay Press Gazette, featuring Karlee.

Prep Spotlight: Nimme's involvement good for KHS
written by Andrew Pekarek
March 9, 2012

Karlee Nimmer is involved in a lot of things. (Karlee featured far left consoles the opposing team after defeating them in a game this season)

From representing Wisconsin at a National American Miss pageant in Hollywood to learning how to fly a small plane, the Kewaunee senior has taken part in a wide range of activities.

But the simple act of signing up for basketball in third grade is the one that turned out to be a life-shaping experience for her.

"This is my really close-knit group of friends," Nimmer said of her teammates. "Of course, I'm good friends with other people. But without doing basketball in third grade … I don't know who my really close friends would be. Basketball was the thing that brought us together because I didn't know those girls outside of basketball."

Nimmer, one of five seniors on the Storm squad, has become known to opposing coaches as a versatile and rangy player, who at 6 feet, plays the role of a matchup nightmare.

"She brings a lot of life to the court," Kewaunee coach Lynn Geier said.

"She really gives us a great presence coming off the bench. On a lot of conference teams, Karlee would be starting, but we just have a very talented and deep squad these last couple of years."

Geier pointed to the 14 second-half points Nimmer scored in the Storm's rally from an 18-point deficit during a win at Southern Door on Dec. 6 as a prime example of how her enthusiasm spreads throughout the team.

"She really has a way of getting the team pumped up, whether she's on the bench or on the floor. She's just full of fun. That's why she's involved in so many things."

In addition to being a three-sport athlete, Nimmer has competed and won various awards at the state and national level for performances in FBLA, FFA, solo ensemble, musical theatre, choir, forensics and pageants.

Nimmer hopes the packed schedule she is undertaking now, which sometimes causes her to miss a basketball practice, will one day help her achieve a dream of becoming an entertainment reporter.

"Basketball in itself is a huge commitment, and for me to go out and do all those other activities, that's a blessing to have coaches and teammates who let me do that," Nimmer said. "It's really nice that they're flexible and willing to work with me."

Geier added, "She's very successful in a lot of things that she does. That's going to carry through with her after she graduates."

Before studying business and communication at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Nimmer, whose grandfather owns the landing strip in Rio Creek, hopes to obtain her sport pilot's license.

That seems like the fitting thing to do since her team has already taken Kewaunee girls athletics to new heights.

"That's what our ultimate goal was when we were just starting out as third-graders," Nimmer said. "I think we've made our mark."