Saturday, August 26, 2017

Miss Wisconsin Emma Loney says Farewell

When I was crowned last August, my life completely changed. My dream had finally come true.  I first got a letter from NAM in high school and decided to compete, never thinking I would end up here. When I was awarded the honor of representing Wisconsin at nationals this past November, I had no idea of the journey to come, and most importantly, the friendships.

I competed to the best of my ability at the time, and was in utter shock when my name was called as top 10 in the nation. I couldn’t have been more humbled and honored. 

Along with the once-in-a-lifetime experience nationals brought, I was also able to do so much in my community. I was able to volunteer with many different organizations in my community. The last event I did with my title was volunteer with the Uniquely you pageant, a pageant with people for special needs started by Haley Herbst, a fellow NAM girl.

Now for the emotional part; to my sister queens. I am so unbelievably proud of each of you. Kahlan, you are the most outgoing child I have ever met. You brighten up every room you walk into. Macy, you are such a sweetheart and have made me so proud. You put your all into everything you do and are just as goofy as you are dedicated. Lupe, you are such a beautiful girl inside and out, and I loved watching you grow throughout your reign. Brielle, you are such an amazing role model to the younger girls and I loved watching you shine on the national stage. And Lila. Where do I begin. I never thought a sister queen could become like a real sister, but here we are. I am so blessed to have shared this experience with you and become closer as the year went on. Now, I truly consider you one of my best friends and my sister for life. Here’s to a lifelong friendship that will not end when we give up our crowns. I love each of you so so much.

To each girl competing; no matter what the outcome is for you or your daughter this weekend, know that everything happens of a reason and that every time she gets on stage she is a star and should be celebrated. Judges only judge for two days, and pick one winner. A crown does not determine your value, and know that whatever happens, walk away with pride in what you accomplished here and know you have done something great.

For the last time, I am your 2016 National American Miss Wisconsin, Emma Loney.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Farewell to the Wonderful Miss MN Pre-Teen Mikala Peterson

Little girls dream of someday becoming a Princess well I not only became a Princess but a QUEEN!  A dream come true!  I can’t believe that the best year of my life has come to an end. I started this journey 3 years ago and went from top 20 to 3rd runner up before being crowned your new 2016 Miss Minnesota Preteen which has truly changed my life forever.  This has been nothing short of AMAZING!

I am so honored to have had such wonderful opportunities volunteering with the Special Olympics, Twins Sparkle Night, Macy’s Santa Project, being a Buddy to the beautiful contestants at the Miss Amazing event, National Night Out, donating books and school supplies to my local schools, and many more.

The highlight of my reign was definitely NAM Nationals! Attending Nationals gave me an opportunity to take my first plane ride and see the ocean for the first time!  

I had so much fun going to Disneyland, the awesome themed rehearsals, and most importantly I made so many new friends and memories that will last a life time. I was so honored to be crowned with the titles of National Fashion Model and National Model along with first runner up in Photogenic, third runner up in Runway Modeling and fourth runner up in Casual Wear.

Thank you to my AMAZING State Directors Breanne and Ryan Ewing for all your support, fun pictures and many laughs! To Mr. and Mrs. Mayes for an amazing pageant that builds confidence and poise!  Thank you to my friends, family and sponsors for your love and support.  Especially thank you to my Dad and brothers for loving me unconditionally and for being my pack horses. Love you all! Words cannot express how thankful I am to my mom for everything that she has done for me through the years giving me endless love and support. You truly are the best Momager in the world!

To my sister Queens, I thank God for blessing me with the best sister queens I could ask for! You are all hardworking, great role models and are set to continue to do great things.  Watch out world!  I love you all! 

To my Successor, you are in for a ride of your life! Take many pictures and make many memories! Your year will fly by in the blink of an eye.

I am CONFIDENT, I am POISED and I am PROUD.  I AM and will always be your 2016 National American Miss Minnesota Preteen, Mikala Peterson!

Friday, August 18, 2017

It was a Great Year for Miss Minnesota Jr. Pre-Teen Grace Nester

My last year as Miss Minnesota Jr. Pre-teen was nothing short of a whirl wind.  I began immediately by donating school supplies to the Salvation Army. It was fun meeting the children and letting them try on my crown and banner.

I took part in making sandwiches for the homeless, creating adoption packages for Second Hand Hounds, and I started my own business called the Queen’s Jewels, where I make custom jewelry. I donated over $800 to Darby’s Dancers, they provide free dance classes for kids with special needs. 

Traveling to Florida, Kansas, and Wisconsin pageants as visiting royalty gave me a chance to learn from girls across the country and make new friends. I was in parades, met our State Senator and did local appearances.

The most exciting time of all was competing at Nationals! By far, the most amazing week of my life.  Miss Breanne and the rest of the NAMily staff were awesome and I made lifelong friends. 

Disney, Hollywood Tour, parties and themed rehearsals were a blast... But, the best part of nationals was walking away with 1st runner up to the queen’s title and 1st runner up for spokesmodel, actress, and most promising model, along with 4th runner up for talent, casual wear and top model!

To my sister queens, I love you with all my heart.  The bond we share can’t be explained and I know you will always be there for me. 

Miss Mary it’s your faith in me that has brought me to where I am today! Thank you for believing in me.

Mommy and daddy, thank you for allowing me to chase after my dreams, encouraging excellence, believing I can accomplish anything and supporting me every step of the way. I love you.  Auntie Jo-Jo, my sister Sara, and Mark, you are my biggest fans! Thank you for always being there and cheering me on!! 

I would like to thank God for lighting my path and for giving me the courage to chase after my dreams. With God, all things are possible.

To the contestants, have fun and remember it’s not the crown that defines you, it’s the journey and what you take from the experience that makes you who you are.  To my successor, this will be the most amazing year of your life.  Enjoy every minute because it will be over before you know it. 

For the last time,
I am your 2016 Miss Minnesota Junior Pre-Teen,

Grace Nester

Monday, August 14, 2017

Your Miss Wisconsin Jr. Pre Teen Cover Girl Kennedy Ladehoff Says Farewell

Hello Wisconsin!  I am Kennedy Ladehoff - this past year has taught me that If you dream it, you can do it.  I would like to thank  my family, and friends for supporting me along the way.  It was a fun year.  

My favorite thing was being able to donate school supplies to my local school, in a county where alot of the children don't have the supplies they need for the 1st day of school.  I also enjoyed helping out at the Food Pantry donation center.   

Thank you to my family for supporting me and teaching me to be confident and to never stop dreaming, helping and doing.
To my successor:  “Never give up and always follow your dreams – don't get discouraged.”

I wish you all the luck in the coming year – Enjoy it and have fun!” 
From your 2016 National American Miss Jr.Pre-Teen Cover Girl; Kennedy Ladehoff