Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A lady should always say Thank You....on paper

Any etiquette book will teach you 2 things:
1. FKS (fork, knife, spoon) - how to properly set a basic dinner table
2. Always say thank you with a handwritten note

As a girl whose family is rooted in the south, proper etiquette were all part of the things my mom TRIED to instill me. However, anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bit of wild soul. A march to the beat of my own drum kind of gal.  Thankfully, my mom just went with it. She let me express my artistic ability and encouraged me to set dinner tables in funny positions, allowed me to drop a naughty word at the dinner table because it generated a laugh, and gave up on her attempt to teach me how to fold napkins beautifully because I was too busy with after school activities to fold a dumb napkin. Now, that I'm older I savor at the idea of hosting dinner parties and providing my quests with pintrest worthy table-scapes and proper manners. Funny how that happens.

However, the ONE thing I never strayed from is hand written Thank You notes. Not a text. Not an email. I mean pen to paper with a pretty postage stamp sent directly to your mail.

One of my favorite competitions at NAM is the Thank You note competition. I think the concept of hand writing something defeats all digital stereotypes and there is something almost nostalgic about it. But, in my opinion it is the kindest and most thoughtful way to truly say Thank You. I love seeing girl's creativity and kind words be put on paper and thank those that supported them in achieving their goals. It's the most genuine competition, in my opinion.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places to snag adorable Thank You cards, so you can be sure to put pen to paper in the most thoughtful way!

My MOST favorite: Ellie Illustrations
Ellie is a pageant girl (she's a former Miss Nebraska USA and her little sister is a NAM girl, as well). Her work is a DREAM for girls who love sending Thank You Notes. Her custom sketches really allows each girl to put her customized touch on any note. I'm literally obsessed with the custom NAM thank you notes she's created. How adorbs is this?

And, if you really want to add a special touch - here are some adorable customized gifts, as well. Ellie Illustrations is a National Sponsor for NAM and we are so lucky that she is able to partner with us to help our NAM girls say Thank You with style!

Next UpMinted
Minted provides tons of amazing options, but I'm obsessed with their options with gold foil that literally shines. They are super sleek and modern. And I love that you can pick a design and fill other stationary and paper needs (cards, letters, business cards, etc.)

Lastly: Sweet Pea Designs
These are super adorbs with monogram options and simple colors and prints.

Now, get a move on girls and start saying THANK YOU with a sweet note!

Stay Stylish!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Volunteering & Dressing like a QUEEN

Anyone who has ever had a crown on their head knows the cold hard truth...being Miss "insert title" is not ALWAYS as glamorous as people perceive. There is a lot...and I mean A LOT of time spent doing community service. And I don't just mean, throwing on your crown and posing at the end of a finish line for Race For the Cure. I mean.... roll up your sleeves, put on the hairnet, lace up your workbooks, put the Miss "insert title" sash away so it doesn't get damaged type of volunteering. Yes...I'm talking about physical and manual labor even.

However, this doesn't give you an excuse to not look cute....or at least like a presentable titleholder should.

Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen, Hannah DeLashmutt, has the best style when getting down and dirty in her volunteerism. It's comfy, age appropriate, and modern. Hannah who dedicates a large amount of time dedicated to the Miss Amazing Organization (a program for girls and women with Mental & Physical Disabilities...which BTW Ryan & I are National Sponsors of), makes sure that she still looks presentable when working backstage and setting up staging and the working behind the scenes of the event. Check out her super cute outfit....ALL courtesy of SIXLOVES Boutique. To shop Hannah's entire look: SHOP HERE!
 I'm loving the way she has the over-sized shirt tied on the side. Makes me want to go dig through Ry's closet to see what I can find to do this with.

Obsessed with he soft pink cardigan just about as obsessed I am with her smile!

Be sure to follow Hannah on Insta HERE to see tots adorbs outfits and Shop Six loves today!

Stay Stylish!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Makeup Tutorial....greening up your face for Saint Patty's

I'm mildly obsessed with how hilarious our Miss Nebraska, Katie Hoatsen is. She's totally shameless and I LOVE it. But, girl's also go mad makeup skills.

Check out this killer makeup tutorial of Katie sharing how to use GREEN to get that perfect Saint Patty's day look. Like who puts green on their face successfully - KATIE DOES! OR just watch it for a few good laughs because this chick is all laughs.

PS....she's using WALMART makeup. Um....hello cheapthrills! 

Take it away Katie LeuLeu......