Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NAM Arizona State Finalist Featured in Local Media

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 1:00 am in the coolidge examiner
Four-year old Aubrey Sosa will be heading to Scottsdale to show off her talents in the National American Miss pageant.
Sosa, will join others from around the state June 28-29 at the Doubletree Paradise Valley to compete for a chance at $1,000 cash award, the official crown and banner, a bouquet of roses, and air transportation to compete in the National Pageant in California where she will receive a complimentary tour of Hollywood and two VIP passes to Disneyland. Sosa will compete in the 4-6 age division, called Princess.
Aubrey has a variety of skills and interests that she and her mom feel give her a great chance to win. In addition to dancing and riding her bike, Aubrey enjoys playing outside with her dogs, listening to music, reading books and spending time with her baby brother.
Sponsors for Sosa include mom and dad, papa and granny, nana and tata, her uncle Josh, Auntie Lulu and Uncle Raul, the Marquez family, her great grandparents, Auntie Maria and Missy’s Boutique.
The National American Miss Pageants pride themselves on being dedicated to celebrating America’s future leaders and equipping them with life-long skills. Each year the pageant awards over $1.5 million dollars in cash.
Girls under 12 are not allowed to wear make-up, and there is no swimsuit competition. NAM prides themselves on recognizing the inner beauty of their contestants, helping them to develop self-confidence, learning good sportsmanship and helping them to set and achieve their goals.
In addition, NAM emphasizes the fact that they stress poise and help with communication with their pageants, whether it is a contestant’s first or fifth. The pageant wants the contestants to feel good about themselves whether this is their only time or if they are pursuing a career in modeling.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Congratulations to the 2013-2014 Utah Royalty!

Congratulations to the newly crowned 2013-2014 National American Miss Utah Queens! Just last weekend, these fabulous young ladies took home the title of National American Miss Utah for their age divisions.

Your new National American Miss Utah Princess is....

Natalia Ann Bingham. She is the five year old daughter of Tyler and Shantel Bingham and resides in Kaysville. She loves to play the violin and go swimming, and her favorite colors are pink and red. She loves to eat ice cream and hopes to be a princess and a doctor when she grows up!

Your new National American Miss Utah Junior Pre-Teen Queen is....

Alexis Monson. She is the ten-year-old daughter of Athena and Roger Monson, and lives in Riverton. She likes to play soccer and the viola. Her favorite color is lime green and she loves to eat pizza and fettuccini alfredo. When she grows up, she hopes to become a professional soccer player.

Your new National American Miss Utah Pre-Teen Queen is....

Erika Dalton. She is the thirteen-year-old daughter of Scott and Mami Dalton and resides in Cedar Hills. She is an outstanding violin player who also loves to dance. She loves the color mint green, and loves to eat cream puffs. One day, she hopes to become a professional violinist.

Your new National American Miss Utah Junior Teen Queen is....

Kyla Zenger. She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Mark and Alesha Zenger, and currently resides in Highland. She loves to ski and ballroom dance. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves to eat soup! One day, she wants to be an interpreter for the deaf.

 Your new National American Miss Utah Teen Queen is....

Ariana Monson. She is the daughter of Athena and Roger Monson, and also the proud big sister of Alexis Monson! She resides in Riverton. 

Congratulations to all of these outstanding new Utah representatives!