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We are back at it with Arizona Open Calls! Some people get so discouraged when they don't win, or even make it in the Top 5 their first year. However, that didn't stop Danielle Fisher! Danielle started with National American Miss in 2010 when she attended an Open Call in Chandler, AZ. While Danielle really enjoyed herself and placed in optionals, she didn't place in Top 5 until her 4th year, but once again, she didn't stop there.  Danielle competed again in 2014 and won the Arizona Teen title!  Little did she know, her ultimate dream would come true when she attended nationals and captured the National American Miss Teen title! Danielle is such an inspiration and shows hard work pays off.  Enjoy this video from just after she took the national title.


Danielle started at National American Miss and so can you!  Make sure your friends know all about this great opportunity! Forgot to recommend a friend? Call our office today to make sure she doesn't miss out! (816) 407-9806

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