Friday, April 26, 2013

Your 2012 National American Miss Nebraska Preteen, Savannah Soltero, reflects on her experience this year

Hello! My name is Savannah Soltero and I am your Miss Nebraska Pre-Teen 2012. This year has been so amazing!

 When I was chosen as one of the state finalists for the 2012 National American Miss Nebraska pageant I was so excited! It was my first pageant so I needed to work hard to prepare for it. When I got to the NAM check-in and saw all the girls I was so nervous. I decided the best way to get over my nerves was to just jump right in so I started to introduce myself to all the other girls. I'm sure glad I did because some of them are now my closest friends. The night of the final pageant I was ready for whatever happened. They started calling up the top 20 and when I got called, all I could hear was my family and friends cheering for me! When we went back on stage, they called the runners up. Then, it was time to announce the winner. I heard my name get called and I was shocked! I couldn't believe it, as you can see by the picture. I was so happy and overwhelmed. I was shaking, crying, laughing. It was so emotional.

  With my Miss Nebraska Pre-Teen title I did a lot of volunteer work, visited other state pageants, and got to be in several parades. 

Some of my favorite things included attending Columbus Days in my hometown and going on road trips with my pageant sisters to the other NAM state pageants. My favorite event in Columbus Days was the Weiner Dog Races. It was so much fun watching the little puppies run as fast as they could! 

Going to the other NAM state pageants was so much fun. I loved meeting and watching all the girls compete. I also loved meeting my new sister queens from other states and spending time with my Nebraska sister queens.
Meeting other queens at another NAM state pageant

  Nationals finally arrived and I was so excited! When I got there, I met all the girls from the different states. I loved the Hollywood tour because I got to meet amazing girls from both the state division and the All-American division, not to mention, got to meet Mario Lopez and be seen on TV, "Extra Extra!". I even ran into Disney star, Audrey Whitby, from Dog with a Blog, during our Disney day . I loved the different rehearsals because it was really fun to see what other girls were wearing for pajama day and patriotic rehearsal, also how the girls did their hair for crazy hair day. 
Meeting Mario Lopez at Nationals!
The night of the final pageant my name didn't get called for the top 15. I was sad but then I realized I was really lucky I got to even come to nationals, and I had the BEST cheering section a girl could ask for with family traveling from across the country to watch me compete. When I got back home to Nebraska I was happy to be home, although I still call and message my sister queens a lot!
Spending time with my sister queens!

  I would like to thank my family for being a part of this experience, and helping me throughout my entire journey this year. Dad, thank you for being my very handsome escort! Mom and Amanda, thank you for coaching me and helping me learn all that I need to know. I would also like to thank my Breanne, Lani, and Ryan for being awesome state directors! Also, a big thank you to my sister queens for giving me a very fun year! I would also like to thank Michele Strom and Winning Crown for helping me with everything I needed to know and for helping me pick out my dress and interview suit. I love all of you guys so much!

  All the girls who are competing this year, GOOD LUCK! I hope you have as great as an experience as I did! You are all amazing girls! Remember to always say to yourself, "I look good!", and I can't wait to meet all of you!

 Savannah Soltero
 2012-2013 National American Miss Nebraska Pre-teen Queen

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Farewell from your 2012 Nebraska Princess Queen, Hannah Lienemann

Coming to you from the great state of Nebraska, home of the Huskers, I am your 2012 Miss Nebraska Princess Hannah Lienemann. It was just over a year ago when I asked my Mom, "Why do girls cry when they win?". Well little did I know I was about to find out. I was so amazed and overwhelmed by emotions when my name was called as the new Miss Nebraska Princess that I also cried. My first and maybe the most lasting part of this experience was meeting my new NAMily! My sister queens were so nice and we were immediately friends for life.

When I returned home I got right to work gathering more donations of books and bears from friends and family. The books and bears were taken to the Kearney Area Safe Center, where women and children are able to seek safe shelter. I was very happy to find out that each child that comes to the Safe Center is given a backpack with a book and a stuffed animal, it was just what they needed.  I was also honored to volunteer at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. It was so neat to see all the runners and teams there to support such an important cause. One of the most fun volunteer experiences was helping the Tri-City Storm Hockey team with their annual Teddybear Toss (even with my broken arm). We sold over 400 Bears, not to mention those that people brought on their own. The bears will be distributed to many area charity organizations.

Some of the other fun things I was able to do this past year include being in many parades, appearing at the Buffalo county fair (and even do a tractor pull in heels & a dress), and attending the State Fair Queen Meet & Greet with 2 of my sister queens. I also go to appear on NTV to talk about NAM. Road-tripping to the Missouri State pageant was a Blast! Thanks Sharon & Savannah for great memories.

Nationals was something I will never forget. I had a blast with my family at Disneyland & Hollywood, but really enjoyed making new friends during rehearsals. I made friends from all over the country (my Mom even made some too). I was super excited when I found out we were going to meet & perform with Kiana Brown to her song "Do the Mermaid". I was sad when my name wasn't called for any awards or top ten, but my good friend Shareen was so nice and helped me see how lucky I was to be there and all of the great things I still had to look forward to. What an incredible journey this has been, and just think I'm only seven....look out world!

 There are so many people I want to thank I barely know where to start. Ken and Lani Maples, you have to be thanked first without you we would not have this amazing NAMily! Breanne and Ryan you are awesome and I love you. You are so much fun and always positive and encouraging to all the girls. My sister queens (Chrissi, Jamie, Savannah & Hannah K.) I don't know what I would do without you, you have all been so supportive and are so much fun to be with. I love you guys you will forever be my big sisters! My sponsors, Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Russ & Aunt Lisa, Lots 2 Learn Childcare and Mom & Dad I wouldn't be able to do this without you! Miss Erin & Miss Whitney you are the best dance teachers I could ever hope for thank you for all the time you spent getting me ready for Nationals.

Finally to my family, I am so grateful for all of you! Grandma & Grandpa thank you for always being there and following me all the way to Nationals. Corey you are the best big brother & escort a girl could have. My brothers Drake, Erik, and Kevin; you couldn't always be there but you were always cheering me on from home. My sister Mary thanks for putting up with me and being so supportive. Mackenzie you are the best big sister, helping Mom with all my preparations and doing my hair, you've been there every step of the way. Daddy you have been my biggest cheerleader and allowed me to chase my Dream. Mom, you are the Best, there are not enough words to say thank you for how much work you have done for me I love you so much!

This has been a fantastic year. Thank you National American Miss for this wonderful opportunity. To all the girls competing this year, have a blast, make friends and be yourself! If I can leave with one message it would be it would be "I hope you dance", live life to it's fullest! Saying goodbye for now, but see you soon!

With Love,
Your 2012 Miss Nebraska Princess
Hannah Lienemann.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Congratulations to the New 2013 National American Miss Iowa Titleholders!

The first state pageant of the year has already flown by! And your new 2013 National American Miss Iowa Queens are....

Your 2013-2014 National American Miss Iowa Princess Queen is...
Shae Smolik of Waukee, IA!

Your 2013-2014 National American Miss Iowa Junior Pre-Teen Queen is...
Lemuel Carrol of Davenport, IA!

Your 2013-2014 National American Miss Iowa Pre-Teen Queen is...
Shayla Timm of Madrid, IA!

Your 2013-2014 National American Miss Iowa Junior Teen is...
Hannah Bockhaus of Ionia, IA!

Your 2013-2014 National American Miss Iowa Teen Queen is...
Maddison Lange of Centerville, IA!

Congratulations to these outstanding ladies! We can't wait to see all the wonderful experiences they encounter this year at National American Miss!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Farewell from your 2012 Miss Iowa Teen, Alyssa Priebe

Hello everyone! I want to take this time to say “thank you” to National American Miss for this amazing opportunity. I have been with NAM for the past eight years and when I heard, “Your new 2012 National American Miss Iowa Teen is…Alyssa Priebe!” I couldn’t believe it; my dream had finally come true! This year has been full of exciting and precious experiences I will always remember.

I am so thankful to have been able to participate in so many activities promoting NAM. I was asked to help coach contestants for the Iowa County Fair pageant along with emceeing the competition! I was able to participate in the Oktoberfest and Maifest parade in my hometown of Amana and the Freedom Festival parade where me and my sister queens rode in a Bentley Convertible.

A highlight of my year was crowning my long term pageant friend, Charity Finceroy (Miss Iowa 2012) at the Kansas pageant. My family and I were able to travel to Wisconsin in August and I felt so blessed to spend my birthday surrounded by my pageant sisters.

All of these experiences mean a lot to me, but my work with the Amana Public Library and St. Luke’s Cook Cancer Wellness program will always hold a special place in my heart. When I saw the spark of admiration in children’s eyes as I read to them I truly felt I made a difference in their lives and that means so much to me.

 I got to attend Nationals in November, Disneyland over Thanksgiving…what more can I say but WOW! It was unreal. I am a Disney fanatic and it was magical. I met so many amazing young women from across the nation and that week is one I will remember forever.

I also want to thank my incredibly supportive family, not only for this past year, but for everything you guys have done for me, you have made me into the young woman I am today. You have been there for every achievement, but more importantly, you have been there for every disappointment and it’s because of your encouragement I never given up.

To my siblings, Christopher and Kytana I love you both and appreciate all of your inspirational pep-talks! Grandma and Grandpa, since the beginning you’ve stood by my side and supported me in every dream, this means the world to me and I love you so much, thank you! 

Dad, thank you for putting up with every outfit, shoe, and shopping trip with mom and I; You are the best escort a girl could ask for, who else could make me laugh right before I go on stage by simply saying, “bubbles”? 

Mom, you have been my crutch, my coach, my guide, but most of all, you’ve been my friend. No matter what question I have or how much attitude I give you, you have always been there for me to lend a helping hand and I appreciate that so much.

To my sister queens, Charity, Destiny, Annie, Kriten, Priya, and Becca, I have been blessed to get to know you and share in your year. You are all amazing ladies and you have made my reign unforgettable!

To the contestants, my advice to you is “just keep swimming!” No matter what obstacles come your way never let anything stop you. This weekend only one girl will walk away with the title of National American Miss Iowa Teen, do not let that discourage you. It took me eight years, but what I’ve learned has been more valuable than a crown. Let yourself learn something new, make new friends, and ALWAYS let your amazing personalities shine through. I wish you all the best! 

Your 2012-2013 National American Miss Iowa Teen,
Alyssa Priebe

Friday, April 12, 2013

Farewell from your 2012 Iowa Junior Teen, Annie Moore

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I was on stage and crowned Miss Iowa Jr. Teen.  And what a year it has been!  This fabulous year has been filled with parade appearances, meeting public officials, visiting other state pageants, distributing bears and books, and organizing a supply drive for a local violence intervention center for women and children.

Meeting with Iowa State Representative Sharon Steckman

Collecting donations for the Crisis Intervention Center at Hy-Vee.
The highlight of my year was spending a week in Anaheim, California at the NAM National Pageant.  I was fortunate to win a fourth runner-up trophy in the national photogenic competition.   I loved being around all the other contestants and being an Iowa girl, the California weather was great!

My dad and I right before formal wear at nationals. He was such a great escort!

I have made such wonderful friends from all over the country during my reign.  I developed close relationships with my sister queens and love every single one of them.  It has been such a good year with them and I feel blessed that I was able to get to know them.
  Fun photo shoot with my lovely NAM sister queens!
Words cannot express how grateful I am to National American Miss for giving me this opportunity.  This experience has been amazing and it has taught me that I have the strength and ability to pursue my dreams.  NAM is such a great organization with such a wonderful staff.  Over this last year I have been proud to represent what this organization stands for. 

Day at Disney with other NAM Jr. Teens showing off our adorable sparkly ears!

And finally to the contestants, my advice to you would be to have fun and not to focus all of your energy on winning the title.  Make the weekend one you won’t forget and always wear a smile. 

I wish you all the very best and hope you can all accomplish your dreams!

Your NAM Iowa Jr. Teen,
Annie Moore