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Minnesota State Finalist Spreads Kindness through Sponsorship

Minnesota state finalist Julie Nesvold recently was selected as a state finalist, and took raising her sponsorship fees as an opportunity to warm the hearts of others in her community. She was featured by the local ABC 6 News in the article below:


(ABC 6 News) -- A 7 year-old Austin girl is now a state finalist in the National American Miss Pagent. Now, she's raising money to compete for the title of Miss Minnesota Pre-teen, but she didn’t just go door-to-door asking for donations.

"When I found out that I was being in the state finals, I was amazed and I just, I almost had no words," said Julie Nesvold. Now, that 7 year-old will go for the title Miss Minnesota Pre-teen.     

"I'm really excited," said Julie.

She and her mother Danielle started fundraising for her upcoming pageant. They set up a stand in the Austin HyVee to sell cookies and Easter cards. However, in this fundraiser you don't get to keep the cookie.

"When I'm done, I'm going to take the cookies and the cards to three different nursing homes,” said Julie.

You pitch in a dollar, write a nice message, then that cookie and card gets hand delivered to residents in the nursing home. "I decided to do it to spread kindness and do something fun today," said Julie.

That idea, was a  big hit. "People buying 20 at a time, even had somebody buy 50," said her mother Danielle.

"I appreciate that," said Julie.

Enough to hand out cards to everyone in those nursing homes. "I think the last number I counted was 200 and I haven't been able to keep counting because I've been so busy bagging cookies," said Danielle.

Julie hand delivered most of them. "She’ll see how nice it is to get something just from that random act of kindness,"  said Danielle.

For Julie, it wasn’t just to raise money, it's because she wanted to make their day extra special. "I want to spread kindness," she said again.

Three other girls from our area were also state finalists. One from Grand Meadow, Mantorville, and Rochester. The pageant is on June 1st and winners are eligible for scholarships.

To view the entire feature article, follow the link below: