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Farewell from your 2012 Miss Iowa Teen, Alyssa Priebe

Hello everyone! I want to take this time to say “thank you” to National American Miss for this amazing opportunity. I have been with NAM for the past eight years and when I heard, “Your new 2012 National American Miss Iowa Teen is…Alyssa Priebe!” I couldn’t believe it; my dream had finally come true! This year has been full of exciting and precious experiences I will always remember.

I am so thankful to have been able to participate in so many activities promoting NAM. I was asked to help coach contestants for the Iowa County Fair pageant along with emceeing the competition! I was able to participate in the Oktoberfest and Maifest parade in my hometown of Amana and the Freedom Festival parade where me and my sister queens rode in a Bentley Convertible.

A highlight of my year was crowning my long term pageant friend, Charity Finceroy (Miss Iowa 2012) at the Kansas pageant. My family and I were able to travel to Wisconsin in August and I felt so blessed to spend my birthday surrounded by my pageant sisters.

All of these experiences mean a lot to me, but my work with the Amana Public Library and St. Luke’s Cook Cancer Wellness program will always hold a special place in my heart. When I saw the spark of admiration in children’s eyes as I read to them I truly felt I made a difference in their lives and that means so much to me.

 I got to attend Nationals in November, Disneyland over Thanksgiving…what more can I say but WOW! It was unreal. I am a Disney fanatic and it was magical. I met so many amazing young women from across the nation and that week is one I will remember forever.

I also want to thank my incredibly supportive family, not only for this past year, but for everything you guys have done for me, you have made me into the young woman I am today. You have been there for every achievement, but more importantly, you have been there for every disappointment and it’s because of your encouragement I never given up.

To my siblings, Christopher and Kytana I love you both and appreciate all of your inspirational pep-talks! Grandma and Grandpa, since the beginning you’ve stood by my side and supported me in every dream, this means the world to me and I love you so much, thank you! 

Dad, thank you for putting up with every outfit, shoe, and shopping trip with mom and I; You are the best escort a girl could ask for, who else could make me laugh right before I go on stage by simply saying, “bubbles”? 

Mom, you have been my crutch, my coach, my guide, but most of all, you’ve been my friend. No matter what question I have or how much attitude I give you, you have always been there for me to lend a helping hand and I appreciate that so much.

To my sister queens, Charity, Destiny, Annie, Kriten, Priya, and Becca, I have been blessed to get to know you and share in your year. You are all amazing ladies and you have made my reign unforgettable!

To the contestants, my advice to you is “just keep swimming!” No matter what obstacles come your way never let anything stop you. This weekend only one girl will walk away with the title of National American Miss Iowa Teen, do not let that discourage you. It took me eight years, but what I’ve learned has been more valuable than a crown. Let yourself learn something new, make new friends, and ALWAYS let your amazing personalities shine through. I wish you all the best! 

Your 2012-2013 National American Miss Iowa Teen,
Alyssa Priebe