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Farewell from your 2012 NAM Iowa Princess Queen

One year ago, I began a new journey with National American Miss.  I had never competed in a pageant before.   I had always wanted to be a princess, but never dreamed that my name would be called for the 2012 Iowa Princess Queen.  When I won talent, casual wear and first runner up for most tickets sold to the final pageant, I had reached my goal!  I had won a trophy and an invitation to the National Pageant in Anaheim, CA.  The moment when I heard my name called as the new Iowa Princess Queen – I was shocked, overwhelmed and I couldn’t keep the tears from flowing.  The most incredible year of my life was about to begin!

During my reign, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, go to some amazing places, make a lot of new friends, and do things that a 7 year old could only dream of.

One of the first things I did was to donate the books and bears to a local head start, the local chapter of Council on Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence, donated blankets, books, and bears to the Mercy Child Advocacy Center.
I volunteered my time at the Ronald McDonald House.  I cleaned and helped to make meals for families that have children in the hospital.  I also volunteered at two local nursing homes.  I performed my winning talent dance at nursing homes, county fairs, and even a special 125th Celebration in my hometown of Hornick!

I participated in countless parades, community activities, and I even represented Iowa at the Plessis Motor Speedway, while watching my sister race her go-kart.  I even sang the National Anthem with my mom!
I was very excited when I was asked to throw the first pitch at the Sioux City Explorers baseball game.  The players showed me how to throw the baseball the correct way and they wanted my autograph!

My sister queens and I traveled to the state capital, in Des Moines.  Alyssa, Annie, Kristen, Priya and I got to meet the Lt. Governor, Kim Reynolds.  We also toured the capital building and even had a photo shoot.  WOW…..what a great day we all had!!  I love all my sister queens, especially Annie!  Thank you Annie for treating me like your little sister, always looking after me and traveling all the way to Hornick for our 125th Celebration! I will never forget you!

I was so excited for Nationals in November.  Some of my family traveled with us to Anaheim, CA.  I met so many new friends, toured the streets of Hollywood, put my feet in the cold Pacific Ocean, and spent a whole day at Disneyland!

Even though I did not win the national title, I did my very best and I had loads of fun!  One of my favorite things at nationals was when we got to dance with Kiana Brown to her very own song, “Do the Mermaid”.
I would like to thank the National American Miss staff for all they have done for me.  Breanne, Ryan, Phil, and Julie – you are the best! Thanks Breanne for the boyfriend and the lipstick advice!

Thank you to all my sponsors.

To all the contestants, good luck and be yourself. 

To my successor, congratulations!  Smile, have fun, and enjoy every minute of this journey, it goes by fast!
             My Grandma’s, Grandpa, Aunts, and Cousins – Thank you for all your love and support!  Brianna  - you’re a great big sister – Thanks for showing your support by blowing that horn!  To my dad – I love you and thank you for letting me start this amazing journey.  To my mom – thank you for all your hard work, going to all the places with me and I love you! 

What an amazing year I have had.  I wish it could last forever!  It has been an honor to represent National American Miss, the great state of Iowa and my hometown, Hornick.  Always remember to follow your dreams, because dreams can come true.  I have had the time of my life!

Farewell from your 2012 Miss Iowa Princess Queen,

Becca Mitchell