Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Meet the 2015 Missouri Queens!

2015 Miss Missouri Princess
Caroline Cook
Age: 7
Hometown: Butler
Hobbies: Golfing & Playing Piano
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: BLT Sandwiches
Ambition: Elementary School Librarian

2015 Miss Missouri Jr. Pre-Teen
Katelynn Smith
Age: 9
Hometown: Seymour
Hobbies: Singing in Honor Choir & Swimming
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Egg & Cheese Omlets
Ambition: Become a School Nurse

2015 Miss Missouri Pre-Teen
M'Racle Bryant-Morgan
Age: 11
Hometown: Kansas City
Hobbies: Dancing & Reading Mystery Novels
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite Food: Chinese Food
Ambition: Entertainer

2015 Miss Missouri Jr. Teen
Tiffany Brown
Age: 15
Hometown: Greenwood
Hobbies: Acting, dancing, & caring for seniors through my "Smiles for Seniors" project
Favorite Subject in School: Composition
Favorite Food: Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls
Ambition: To be an actress on the Disney Channel & be a positive role model to kids around the world 

2015 Miss Missouri Teen
Faith Jordan
Age: 18
Hometown: Marceline
Hobbies: Reading & Swimming at the Lake
Favorite Subject in School: Biology
Favorite Food: Salmon
Ambition: Hospitality management degree, own a business, and have a family

2015 Miss Missouri Princess Cover Girl
Jacy Lowrance
Age: 5
Hometown: Vandalia
Hobbies: Coloring & Reading
Favorite Color: Pink & Purple
Favorite Food: McDonald's Happy Meal
Ambition: To learn Russian & Spanish languages

2015 Miss Missouri Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Elana Collier
Age: 8
Hometown: Republic
Hobbies: Artist & Playing with her sister
Favorite Color: All Colors
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken Legs
Ambition: To become a fashion designer

2015 Miss Missouri Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Emma Smith
Age: 10
Hometown: Webb City
Hobbies: Karate & Swimming
Favorite Subject in School: Reading
Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo
Ambition: To become a marine biologist

Sunday, June 28, 2015

2014 Missouri Jr. Teen, Maryn White's Farewell!

After being crowned National American Miss Missouri Jr. Teen, I got busy with countless hours of volunteering and appearances. 
My journey began by donating books to Children’s Mercy Hospital, a place very near and dear to my heart.
I assisted with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America charity events, provided meals to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House, served as a buddy in the Miss Amazing pageant, encouraged girls to pursue STEM futures and exhibit self-confidence, and spoke to many civic organizations, just to name a few. I did all of this while serving as the Student Council President at my middle school and maintaining my great grades.
Nationals in LA was an experience of a lifetime. I learned so much about competing on a national stage, representing my wonderful state, made friendships that will last a lifetime, enjoyed Disneyland and Hollywood.
The themed rehearsals were fun and crazy. I was honored to receive resume and essay awards.
As this pivotal year in my life draws to a close, I want to acknowledge some special people. To my sister queens, Rylee, Emily, Sofia, Kourtney, and Bri. You all are so sweet, each making your mark in this world in very memorable ways. To Erris, thanks for the fun at Open Calls and Pageant Preps. To Breanne and Ryan, thanks for being encouraging directors. To Kelley, my second mom, to Sissy and Bryan, thanks for your unwavering support. To Gram, Pop, Grandma and Papa, your unconditional love spurs me to accomplish things I never imagined. To Daddy, the best escort around, and Mama, my cheerleader, secretary, chauffeur, mentor. Lastly, I would like to thank God, my compass and guiding light.
To my successor, get ready girlfriend, this year is going to be amazing. Your life will change, you will grow, and you can make a difference!
Maya Angelou once said, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”  I plan to keep on shining as I will forever be your 2014 National American Miss Missouri Jr. Teen, Maryn White!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

2014 Missouri Jr. Pre-Teen, Emily Burns's Farewell

It seems like only yesterday that I was crowned 2014 Miss Missouri Junior Pre-Teen. This has been an exciting year. I have had the opportunity to be involved in so many wonder activities and events.
I created my own charity, called Project Smile. I collected and distributed over seventeen hundred toothbrushes, and donated them to schools and orphanages. I produced an educational video, teaching students how to properly take care of their teeth. I collected over one thousand box tops for education, and donated them to my school.

I volunteered at the Apple Butter festival by greeting thousands of guests as they arrived. It was so much fun meeting everyone, and some even asked to take their picture with me. I had the opportunity to attend and assist at several pageants as visiting royalty. I even got to sing the National Anthem at the Azalea Festival.
And Nationals! Disneyland was amazing! The best part was meeting all the state queens from across the nation. The competitions were intense. I didn’t bring home the national title, but I did place seventh in the top ten!

I want to thank my dad, for always driving me around to pageant events. To my mom, thank you for all your help, and pushing me to be my best. I wouldn’t be standing here without you. I want to thank National American Miss for allowing me to have this fantastic experience.

Congratulations to the new queen, your life is about to change. Have fun and get ready to work hard!
Singing off as your 2014 National American Miss Junior Pre-Teen, Emily Ann Burns.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

2014 Missouri Pre-Teen Cover Girl, Madisyn Reid's Farewell

My year as the 2014 National American Miss Missouri Pre-Teen Cover Girl has been such a blast! The year has flown by with so many exciting moments and priceless memories.
My year began with delivering books & school supplies to my local "Ronald McDonald House" and "Grace Hill Head Start". I have been able to help my community in so many ways.
Some highlights of my year included a bake sale and Christmas toy drive for St Louis Children's Hospital with Halos Childhood Cancer Foundation, helping my local VFW Post 2593 with their "Poppy Sales" that benefits our local veterans and I made crafts for a local nursing home that my family and I delivered on Christmas day.
My family, friends, neighbors and community supported, encouraged, and helped me get to Nationals where I captured 2014-15 National American Miss Pre-Teen National Cover Girl.
My reign as Cover Girl may be ending but the confidence I have gained along with the importance of helping others will last a lifetime. To my successor, may you be blessed on your journey and cherish every moment! Last but not least, a big thank you to National American Miss for this amazing opportunity!
With Love,
Madisyn Reid
2014 Missouri Pre-Teen Cover Girl
2014-15 National Pre-Teen Cover Girl

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meet the 2015 Minnesota Queens!

2015 Miss Minnesota Princess
Bailey Tapia
Age: 7
Hometown: Eagan
Hobbies: Horseback riding and chasing chickens
Favorite Color: Rainbow
Favorite Food: Enchiladas
Ambition: Have fun and be sweet

2015 Miss Minnesota Jr. Pre-Teen
Danica Byrne
Age: 7
Hometown: Evansville
Hobbies: Gardening with Dad and riding my four-wheeler
Favorite Color: Aqua blue
Favorite Food: Broccoli and chocolate cake
Ambition: To be a hairstylist

2015 Miss Minnesota Pre-Teen
Marysa Loomis
Age: 11
Hometown: Andover
Hobbies: Gymnastics and roller skating
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite Food: Chicken fettucini
Ambition: To be a teacher

2015 Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen
Michelle Bergh
Age: 16
Hometown: Stillwater
Hobbies: Recording songs and acting in movies
Favorite Subject in School: AP Human Geography
Favorite Food: Norwegian Bacalao
Ambition: Successful singer, actor, and public speaker

2015 Miss Minnesota Teen
Holly Whannel
Age: 19
Hometown: Rochester
Hobbies: Running and planning weddings
Favorite Subject in School: Latin
Favorite Food: Peanut butter
Ambition: To become a successful lawyer

2015 Miss Minnesota
Lexie Ozerov
Age: 20
Hometown: Minneapolis
Hobbies: Scuba diving, camping along the shore of Lake Superior, and watching Netflix with my puppy Marley
Favorite Subject in School: Broadcasting
Favorite Food: Cheese
Ambition: Become a host of a morning show

2015 Miss Minnesota Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Ezra Chamberlin
Age: 7
Hometown: Babbitt
Hobbies: Figure skating and swimming with friends
Favorite Color: Pink or purple
Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes
Ambition: Saving animals and helping others

2015 Miss Minnesota Pre-Teen Cover Girl
Kayla Klinkenberg
Age: 10
Hometown: Owatonna
Hobbies: Playing a cello and dance
Favorite Subject in School: Reading and math
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Ambition: To be an E.R. doctor

2015 Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen Cover Girl
Rayvette DeNio
Age: 14
Hometown: Shafer
Hobbies: Singing and volleyball
Favorite Subject in School: Algebra
Favorite Food: Thai shrimp salad
Ambition: Te become a successful singer and through this send a positive message

Sunday, June 21, 2015

2014 Miss Minnesota, Courtney Igbo-Ogbonna's Farewell

National American Miss has given me 11 years of unforgettable memories. Since my first time competing in 2004 as a Pre-Teen, I knew that reigning as a NAM queen would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Finally 10 years later, I had my crowning moments and it will always be a memory I will cherish forever.
My year as Miss Minnesota has been better than perfect. I've had the opportunity to walk the field prior to a Twins Games only feet away from the players warming up, deliver presents to those in need in the Farmington community, and wave to the people of Minnesota in multiple parades.
My sister queens and I have became so close over the year and I couldn't be more proud of who they are as women and future leaders. I know that Caleigh, Chloe, Grace, Liz, and Ashley are well on their way to achieving their goals and aspirations all while inspiring others along the way as they have inspired me to be the best role model I can be. Nationals was a blast! We had 3 top 5 finishes, optional awards, and the funnest of times to bring back to Minnesota. We finally put Minnesota back on the map! A HUGE congratulations to Liz Saby, your 2015 National American Miss Junior Teen! I have never been so proud to be a part of this organization and see such a sweet, caring person accomplish somethings so great!
I also want to give a huge thank you to my mom Gladys Igbo. Without her support, patience, and care, there's no way any of my time with NAM would have been possible. To my sister Krystle Igbo, thank you for being my coach, my level-headed voice when I start to stress out, and being my biggest supporter on my side. Without you both, I never would have gotten this far and I thank you both more than words can say.
To the contestants competing, remember to HAVE FUN! Enjoy your time on that stage, own it, believe in yourself, and know that you will do your absolute best. It took me 10 years to be crowned as a Minnesota Queen. So if you don't win the first time, know that you still have plenty of time to keep trying! Remember to make friends, make memories, and thank your families for making the weekend possible. To my successor, you are in for a fantabulous year! Cherish every moment because it honestly goes by so fast. Enjoy nationals and know that you could very well be the next National American Miss! Anything is possible if you work hard enough and believe in yourself. It has been an honor to give back to the pageant system that has taught me how to be the best version of myself. Thank you National American Miss for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I may have to take off my crown, and I may be too old to compete, but I will ALWAYS be a NAM girl. 

All the best,
Your 2014 National American Miss Minnesota
Courtney Igbo-Ogbonna

Friday, June 19, 2015

2014 Minnesota Jr. Teen, Elizabeth Saby's Farewell

This year has definitely been the ride of my life! I cannot believe that after seven years of competing for the MN state title, I not only achieved that dream but I achieved far beyond what I had ever dreamed possible.
I live in Mora, Minnesota, where the population is no more than 3,500 people. Growing up I was most definitely (and still am) a tomboy! I spent my time fishing, riding bike, chasing my cousins around barefoot, and building forts in the woods. I had always dreamed of being a National American Miss Minnesota queen, in fact, it was my goal.
Last year I proved to myself that no dream is ever too big. I was so ecstatic to earn the title of 2014 National American Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen! The next few months leading up to nationals were a blur, between parades, volunteer events and walking the field at the Twins stadium for Sparkle Night was everything I ever dreamed it would be.
I can honestly say the national Pageant in Anaheim, California was the best week of my life. Not only did I turn 16 while I was there, I met my best friend Maryn, My other best friend Susie mouse, and the Up and coming star Rayvon Owen. I had so much fun in California I never wanted to leave! During the final pageant, when they called my name as the 2014-15 National American Miss Junior Teen, I do not think I have ever smiled bigger in my entire life. What a dream come true!
I have spent the past year with the five best sister queens anyone could ask for. While volunteering at events like Project Bear Hugs, Kids Against Hunger, singing in the Clouds Choir and The Miss Amazing Pageant, I have grown closer to my sister queens and to my community. I would like to personally thank Caleigh, Chloe, Grace, Ashley, and Courtney for being the best. I love you guys! Thank you to Wendi and Kara, for always making sure I look and feel my best. Thank you to my dad, who has always been so supportive (and read the article about me in the newspaper at least seven times).
Thank you endlessly to my mother, because without her, my dreams wouldn't have come true. I hope someday I can be just like her, and make my child's success and dreams the most important thing. Without your constant love and support, I would not be the young lady I am today. Above all I thank the Good Lord who watches over all of us and has blessed me with the opportunity of a lifetime. I believe firmly that each one of us has a plan, and I'm so thankful National American Miss got to be a part of mine. A quick reminder that ten years ago I was digging worms in the garden for fishing bait, and last week I was helping my six year old brother do the same thing. God has plans for all of us, and we are all made unique in his image!

Once again, I am your 2014 National American Miss Minnesota Junior Teen, Elizabeth Saby.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2014 Minnesota Pre-Teen, Grace Myler's Farewell

My year as the 2014 National American Miss Minnesota Pre-Teen was a dream come true! I began my year of service by delivering the books and school supplies I received at the state pageant to the Southside Boys and Girls Club. That experience turned into an amazing opportunity.
I was asked to teach a monthly life skills class to other preteens. That was the beginning of Team S.P.A.R.K.L.E. and I have been truly blessed by this experience!
I also continued to work with Project Bear Hugs, an organization that gives teddy bears to kids in need.
In October I hosted my second fundraiser and was inspired by how many queens pitched in to bring comfort to others. We collected over 120 bears which were packaged with cake and frosting and given to children for their birthday.
Attending Nationals in California was exciting! I loved being on the national stage and placing 3rd runner up in Spokesmodel was pretty amazing too. But the best part was meeting new friends from all across the country! We spent time at Disney, dipped our toes in the Pacific Ocean, counted the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—and saw a “real” star too! It’s been so much fun and such an honor representing National American Miss and the great state of Minnesota!
A big HUGE thank you to the National American Miss staff and Team Ewing for making this year an experience I will never forget. To the all the contestants participating in their upcoming state pageants, whatever the outcome, know that you will grow stronger for trying something new and giving it your all! Dream big and never let anyone dull your SPARKLE!
Living my dreams,
Grace Maria Myler
2014 Miss Minnesota Pre-Teen