Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Miss Arizona Pre-Teen Shailey Ringenbach Says Farewell

One year ago, after participating in National American Miss for four years, I was crowned as Miss Arizona Pre-teen 2016.  It was worth the wait and a breathtaking moment I will always remember.  In my year, I gave all of the amazing school supplies donated by you to my local Food bank.  

My favorite volunteer experience was greeting the children and their families at the Sharing Down syndrome walk.   

Next, I traveled to the National pageant and had a blast at the themed rehearsals and competitions.

In the spring I greeted special needs children and their families at Special Day for Special kids.  I enjoyed taking pictures and encouraging young children.  

The  NAM open calls and NAM U were some of my favorite events because I love encouraging new girls to experience the NAMily.  

This year definitely went by too fast because I have so much more I want to do and I know with the skills I have learned through NAM, I will continue to serve in my community!

Now I am looking forward to crowning Miss Arizona Pre-teen 2017.  But I will always be your Miss Arizona Pre-teen 2016, Shailey Ringenbach.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ella Cox Your Arizona Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl Says Farewell

I can’t believe how quickly this last year had flown by, I had the honor of being crowned the 2016 Arizona Jr. Pre-teen cover girl. Being able to my sash and tell people about National American Miss has lead me to meet some great people while volunteering in my community. 

One of my favorite places to volunteer is Feed my Starving Children my sister queens and I were able to pack meals for children in Haiti, we packed enough meals to feed 71 children for 1 year.

One of my favorite memories was going to Nationals and receiving the title of National Cover girl, I had so much fun spending the day at Disneyland and I won’t forget all the friends I made during the themed practices.

Through National American Miss I have grown from a shy girl who could not speak in public to gaining the confidence to try so many new things. It has taught me to set goals and if you work hard you can achieve them.

To my successor, have fun and make every moment count. The memories you will make will last a lifetime.

I am your 2016-2017 National Cover Girl, Ella Cox.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Miss Nevada Bonnie Lei Reflects on her Amazing Year

What an amazing year this has been! From being crowned, to meeting my beautiful sister queens, attending nationals for the very first time, and to the many community service opportunities, my year has been nothing short of amazing.

This year, I was able to volunteer with Opportunity Village for Cheyenne’s Magical School Bus Tour, TCMI Food Pantry, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Three Square, and many more. I also had the chance to help my sister queen Kailyn collect school supplies for North Las Vegas’s 3rd annual backpack challenge and design cards for lunch boxes for the Just One Project.

Not only were the volunteer projects amazing, Thanksgiving at nationals was a blast! I have met so many incredible women, that I am proud to call my sister queens, who are funny, intelligent, driven, and talented. Disneyland was even more magical when I got to spend it there for my mom’s first visit!

From my very first pageant in 2014, National American Miss has helped me grow into a confident and outgoing woman. I have learned many interview skills and have improved my public speaking that has helped me in the real world. I still have a lot to learn and so much more room to grow, but I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without the push of NAM.

To the NAM staff, thank you for helping us shine brightly both on and off stage. The pageants would be nothing without you all. To my sister queens, I could not have asked for better sisters. Your personalities are beautiful and I admire your drives to make a difference in the world. And to my family, thank you for supporting me in this opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn’t have done this without your love and support. 

To my successor, Take a lot of photos wherever you go because your year will soon fly by! For the last time, I am your Miss Nevada 2016, Bonnie Lei. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Remarkable Miss Utah Ciearra Everill Says Farewell

Tonight, I am closing one of the most beautiful chapters in the book of my life. Six years ago, I started my journey with NAM as an awkward freshmen in high school who was afraid of the world. Unexpectedly, this pageant system paved way to greater ambitions as I gradually discovered my potentials. Now I stand before you as a third year college student who plans to achieve every goal I have set for myself. 

Six years ago, I was a completely different little girl who was afraid to ask for directions and now I am a young woman who absolutely loves public speaking. Just eight short years ago, I was battling cancer and afraid of losing my fight and now I am a cancer survivor determined to make a difference in the lives of others. Determined to show young children battling life threatening illnesses that their diagnosis does not define them or what they are capable of.

I dedicated this past year to giving back and achieving my dreams. With my sister, we started our very own foundation, From Chemo to Crown, in which we were able to raise $5000 for Make-A-Wish and grant a child’s wish. I also achieved my dream of winning a Spirit Stick and placing Top Ten at Nationals!

To the NAM organization and team, thank you. You have given me love, empowerment, courage and the tools for ultimate success. My formal wear skills have made me more confident, my introduction skills have landed me multiple public speaking opportunities and my interview skills have earned me plenty of scholarships!

As I walk the NAM stage for the very last time, I want to thank my family for allowing me this opportunity and always believing in me. You guys really are the most amazing family a girl could ask for!

Eight years ago, I was fighting for my life, six years ago I had the dream of becoming Miss Utah, two years ago I wanted to start my own non-profit and today I know that I’m unstoppable. Signing off for the very last time, I am your 2016 National American Miss Utah, Ciearra Everill 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It was an Awesome Year for Miss Nevada Teen Kailyn Domingo

Who would've thought a year would go by this fast? Being Miss Nevada Teen has meant everything to me. I've made so many new memories in this chapter of my life and it wouldn't be possible without some special people.

To my sister queens I love each and every one of you, although we take off our crowns we will forever be sisters at heart, I will miss laughing with you all. 

Thank you to Breanne and Ryan for making my queenly experiences the best of the best. Mom, thank you for helping me be the best Miss Nevada I could be. Always know I could never be a beautiful queen on both the outside and inside without you. I'd also like to thank Maria-Theresa for always giving me the greatest advice and being right by my side this entire year. To Elizabeth and Ferell much love & thanks for making me look and feel like a princess. There are so many people I'd like to thank that have supported me throughout my journey please know I'm forever grateful. 

After nationals I realized, I may not have came home with a new crown but I did come home with so many sister queens and the best experience ever. So my advice to each contestant don't let the crown and banner be all the pageant is about & win or lose make the best of pageant weekend. 

I hope I have represented Nevada & Utah proudly. I loved traveling between both states no matter how tiring it was. This year was the definition of magical and becoming apart of The Just One Project family is just one of my favorite parts in particular. 

Although this chapter in my life is coming to an end I'm ready to take on whatever lies in the road ahead. I forever am your Miss Nevada-Utah Teen 2016, Kailyn Domingo. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Miss Utah Pre-Teen Maria Moesinger Says Farewell

This year has been an adventure I will never forget! As your NAM Preteen Queen, I delivered all the books and school supplies that I received from the state pageant last year to an elementary school in my community with many underprivileged and refugee students. 
The supplies were gratefully received. I finished the training with my therapy dog, and we began visiting nursing homes to bring comfort to the patrons. 

I felt so happy to have the opportunity to represent NAM and do service. I have felt repeatedly the joy of service, and I have learned that I have been very blessed in my own life. One of my favorite service projects, however, was helping with Cierra’s fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish Foundation because I got to be there with all my sister queens. My sisters have been so fun to spend time with and become friends! I love each and every one of you, and I am so grateful we were able to bond as sisters. 

National’s was the BEST!! I met so many amazing girls, ate ridiculous amounts of ice cream, and really got to party for a week! It was so much fun and such a learning experience. But one of the best parts was spending time with my family! Without my mom and Dad I never would have been able to do this! Thank you, Mom, for always helping me prepare and get ready for pageants and thank you, Dad, for always supporting me in what I choose to do. This wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my sister Natalie! You are my best friend and I love you!

Thank you to Breanne and Brooke for always being so positive and welcoming! You truly make NAM an amazing experience! To my successor: Congratulations! Just go and enjoy it DarlingšŸ˜Š Thank you! And for the last time I am Maria Moesinger, your Miss Utah Preteen.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Alexandria Inman Reflects on her Year as Miss Utah Jr. Pre-Teen

In that moment, when my name was called, and I was crowned... I was filled with joy and anticipation: but I didn’t realize what an amazing and rewarding year this would be.

I chose a local title one school to donate the supplies to. The principal was grateful, and I was “bit” with the service bug. It feels so good to help others.

This year I volunteered with some important organizations: Voices Against Brain Cancer, Skymasters Wildlife Foundation, The MDA, and the Ronald McDonald House and the United Way. I am on track to receive the presidential service award this year.

Nationals were so much fun, spending time with my family and making new friends with girls from all over the country.  Disneyland and the Hollywood tour were a bonus! I didn’t take home the national crown, but I did make memories and learn lessons that will last a lifetime.

My sister queens have become some of my best friends, they each mean so much to me.

To all of the Jr Pre Teen contestants, I am so excited to meet you! I know that you have already worked so hard to prepare for the state pageant. You are going to rock it!  Have fun, be confident , make lots of friends. I will be cheering you all on in my heart.

I am sad to see this amazing year come to an end, but I can’t wait to pass my title on to a girl who is ready to make a mark on the world.

I am your 2016 Miss Utah Jr Pre Teen, Alexandria Inman.