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If I entered the National American Miss Spokesmodel competition....

Meet my daughter, Bailey May... and YES - she has a tail!
**If Bailey were old enough to enter National American Miss(and she wasn't a dog), she would most certainly win Miss Personality. Some of you may have already met Bailey May, as she has become the official NAM mascot. This little pageant puppy occasionally travels with me to state pageants and loves all the attention she gets.
The reason I wanted you all to meet Bailey is because she represents something that I am a VERY VERY strong advocate of - Animal Adoption. 

Bailey is a rescue dog, which I adopted from the local animal shelter here in Los Angeles. I encourage all of you to become advocates towards animal adoption. Aside from choosing to rescue an animal when including a pet into your family, GET INVOLVED! You can volunteer your time with local humane and SPCA organizations in your area - there are dozens of ways  - just visit their websites.
***For all you STATE QUEENS and COVERGIRLS - what a FUN way to utilize your title and promote a great cause!

While this is a topic that I am VERY passionate about, many of you have other topics, organizations, even people that are near and dear to your hearts. I hope that each of you considers spreading YOUR message. You can even start  by entering the spokesmodel competition at your state pageant - get YOUR message out there and who knows...maybe even win $$$ while your at it . 

If I were competing in NAM - spokesmodel would be one of the optionals I would definitely enter. My topic would be, "Advocacy towards Animal Adoption" and as I spoke, on the podium would sit a picture of Bailey May!!!

PS- From the time I competed in my first pageant, at age 7 - I have ALWAYS entered the spokesmodel (speech,platform, etc.) competition in whatever pageant I entered. While it gave me a great chance to spread MY message - it also enabled me to develop the outstanding public speaking skills I have, as well as reducing my fear and increasing my confidence when getting up in front of people, no matter the audience size. Since then, this has become one of my biggest assests in the business world. REMEMBER- communication skills are the most important personal skills you can develop - whether you are talking to 1 or 500, you are always in front of audience. Set yourself up for success!!!



Anonymous said…
O my gosh, I just adopted a puppy from my county's humain society! It felt so awesome and he's such a great little puppy, if there was a NAM for dogs I think you might have a little competition for personality. :)
Anonymous said…
Speaking of adopting animals....Brianna is currently helping our local Humane Society in a contest to win a free shelter makeover (up to $1 million). The contest is currently in phase 1. The public votes in the top 20 shelters and those 20 move on to the next phase. We're in 44th place, but there are 55 days left in phase one. So everybody go to and vote for the South Suburban Humane Society (Chicago Heights, IL 60411)! There are lots of animals up for adoption on the site as well.

Smiles and Blessings!
Yvette & Brianna
2008-2009 NAM AA Princess Queen