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National Princess becomes Advocate and gives back to local HUMANE SOCIETY!

Two posts ago, I wrote about the importance of spreading YOUR message - getting the word out in your community and taking action regarding the things that are important to you. For me, MY message is Animal Adoption Advocacy, as my dog Bailey May is a rescue dog and I strongly encourage volunteering and getting involved with local animal shelters within your community. I want to feature one young lady, who is making a difference by spreading HER message!
Meet Brianna Lewis!
Brianna is from Chicago, Illinois and she is NATIONAL ALL-AMERICAN MISS PRINCESS. After winning the national title in November, Brianna has been busy spreading HER message - Animal Adoption -by volunteering  with the local Humane Society in her community. 

Currently, Brianna is participating with the "Shelter Makeover Contest,"  a nation-wide contest that selects the top shelter from across the country to receive a free make-over, valued up to $1 million!! 
But, first all registered shelters have to earn "points," in order to even make it to the top 20. Lets ALL support Brianna, and her local shelter, the SOUTH SUBURBAN HUMANE SOCIETY(Chicago Heights, IL 60411) to earn some points and get them on the way to getting a FREE makeover!

 Here's how you can help, its SUPER easy and FUN:
2. Read about how YOU can help the South Suburban Humane Society earn points. 
**Just by registering with the site earns 50 points -make sure you put in 60411 as the zip code in the "SUPPORT YOUR SHELTER" section and then select the South Suburban Humane Society from the drop down box,  so that Brianna's shelter gets the points!
3. Take ACTION!!!!
* You can also take action, by adopting a pet through this website!!!

I know that if WE all pull together, we can make BIG differences.Remember, we are ALL voting for the SOUTH SUBURBAN HUMANE SOCIETY (Chicago Heights, IL 60411)!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that they make it into the TOP 20.

Way to go BRIANNA in taking ACTION, and spreading YOUR message. Brianna is a great ROLE MODEL and is continuing to set an example of what NAM is ALL about! I encourage all of you to follow in Brianna's footsteps - take action, get involved, and spread YOUR message.

***If you have any stories you would like to share with me about the AWESOME things YOU have done to make a difference in your community, please e-mail me at


Yvette Barnes said…
Thanks for posting this and spreading the word. 54 days left to get in the top 20...WE CAN DO IT!