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National American Miss - great stepping stone to become Miss Teen USA/ Miss USA /Miss America

Each of you has dreams! Your goals and dreams don't just stop at being National American Miss queens. For many of you, you aspire to one day be Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, or even Miss America. NAM supports you 100% and encourages each of you to DREAM BIG!!! NAM is proud to have set up a program that can be used as a stepping stone for your future goals. Through our program we are continuing to equip girls like YOU with valuable skills - interview skills,  poise and confidence on stage, and public speaking skills - all of which are necessary to achieve your goals, whether it is to one day become a doctor, teacher, actress, or Miss America. We are so PROUD and EXCITED of the numerous NAM girls who recently won Miss Teen USA and Miss USA state titles. Congratulations to:

Elizabeth Bryson - Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2009
*Elizabeth was the 2006 Wisconsin Jr. Teen and placed 3rd runner up at nationals. Also, her little sister Abigail was the 2007 Wisconsin Jr. Preteen. 

Alyson Hovda - Miss Iowa Teen USA 2009
*Alyson was the 2006 Iowa Jr. Teen

Alexis Rewalt - Miss Kansas Teen USA 2009
*Alexis was the 2006 Kansas Jr. Teen

Taylor Schettler - Miss Colorado Teen USA 2009
*Taylor was the 2007 Miss Colorado Jr. Teen

Ileri Tunarebi - Miss Nevada Teen USA 2009
*Ileri was the 2005 Nevada Jr. Teen and the Miss Nevada Teen in 2007

Bailee Zimmerman -Miss Indiana Teen USA 2009
*Bailee was the 2007 Indiana Jr. Teen

Patrice Williams - Miss Colorado USA 2009
*Patrice was both the 2005 Colorado Teen and 2006 Colorado Miss, as the Teen she placed 1st runner up at nationals and as the Miss she placed 1st runner up.

Lacey Minchew - Miss Louisiana USA
*Lacey is an official NAM emcee and entertainer, having performed at the national pageant and various state pageants

Meagan Winings - Miss Nebrasaka USA
* Meagan was the 2003 Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen Cover Girl

We hope that these young women are positive examples of all the confidence and valuable skills NAM has helped to instill within well as, be inspirations for many of your BIG DREAMS!!! If they did it - so can YOU!!! 

Be sure to cheer these girls on - be it by leaving a comment to this post or keeping your fingers crossed that maybe one of them will take home the NATIONAL titles!! And STAY TUNED to the Namiss Rocks Blog Spot....we will be sure to keep you updated on these girls as they advance to the National Teen USA/USA Pageants.


Anonymous said…
Hi Breanne,

This is Hailey from WI. I miss you!
Anonymous said…
Hi Breanne! How is sunny California? We are freezing in Wisconsin. Can't wait to see you in a few months. Hopefully May will be much warmer than January, yikes!

I also wanted to give a shout out to Lizzie Bryson. We love you Lizzie, Wisconsin is rooting for you all the way. Hey Abigail...I miss my buddy.

Paige K.
08 WI NaMiss Jr. Preteen
Anonymous said…
Baliey Zimmerman (IN JR TEEN '08) is the Miss Indiana Teen USA '09!!!
Anonymous said…
also taylor gorton (national american miss jr.teen 2006-2007) was miss oklahoma teen usa 2008 and made it into the top 15!
Unknown said…
hey! :) mylast name is spelled Tunrarebi and I also was 3rd runner up in 2007 and the NAM NAtionals and was among the top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2009