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Welcome to the Namiss Rocks Blog spot!

Welcome to the Namiss Rocks Blog spot!!!! Check in periodically to see all the cool new things going on within the National American Miss community!! Whether you are a contestant, queen, parent, friend, or you are new to our program - we're excited to be a part of this awesome online community with you! I'll be blogging from time to time on all sorts of sweet topics that you definitely don't want to miss out on. Be sure to tell all your friends and stay tuned! 

What can I say...24/ it....NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS ROCKS!!! 

Look forward to seeing YOU on the blog!



miss patti said…
You go Breanne...keep the world updated on the fabulous program that is NAMiss
Anonymous said…
Breanne! I am so EXCITED about this! I'll be following all your updates! NAM ROCKS!
sherryv said…
Thanks for including me...I will be sure to keep watching. I am going to try to get down there one day at state to watch too=-)
Anonymous said…
You are so cute and FUN!!! I love what you said in your profile about your heart being shaped like a crown, as your true passion is National American Miss!!! All of us who know and love you, know how true that is!! Your blog is sure to be filled with fun and exciting ideas.
Love YA!!
Anonymous said…
WOW!!! This is great! We can't wait to see everyone in July in AZ.... We have had such a great year this year. I have met mayors, senators and dignitaries. I have been on TV, radio and local events. I can't wait to share all of my pictures with you. NAMiss has been the BEST thing to have happened for me. Thank you Maple Family. Love, Kayla Large 2008-2009 NAMiss AZ Princess.
Anonymous said…
Hi Miss Bre.....I CANNOT wait until September!!!!I LOVE NAM!! I have been very busy this year......As I said in my IL Princess Farewell...."This has just been the beginning"(ha)........I am focusing on winning Jamfest this weekend in Indianapolis with my cheer team - The Illinois Cheer Company(formerly ICE Athletics). We are undefeated and have only 3 more competitions left to go!!(Jamfest Indy, Jamfest Chicago, and UCA Nationals Florida)..Also, I have been into acting and modeling and I have landed every role I have auditioned for so far. My most recent ....the Broadway production of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"!!!... I thank NAM for the valuable skills and lessons I have learned to help me achieve my dreams so far.......though there are many more!!!!... I miss you and can't wait to give you a HUGE hug! xoxo
2007 NAMISS IL PRINCESS Kaylyn Slevin
2009 NAMISS IL JR. Pre Teen contestant!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Way to go Breanne for getting this started. We are so looking forward to helping out with the State pageants this year. I am enjoying and experiencing so many opportunities with my title as State Queen.
Kourtney - Miss Missouri Preteen
rebecca said…
hello breanne i don't know if you remember me my name is rebecca laatz i was in the miss missouri jr. teen division for 2008 you said i had a lot of confidence and do well i did not win as you no but i tried my hardest and had an amazing time i would love to do it again but i can't come up with anymore sponsors after last year thank you for the wonderful oppurtunity i am very happy with my live and i am so happy to have met you you are truly an amzing person you are beautiful and very talented i just hope fait brings us together sometime for now i am going 2 start working on what i have always wanted to sing and act thank you ,rebecca
Anonymous said…
Way to go! I love to see positive feedback from all the girls who choose to experience National American Miss. It's such a wonderful opportunity for girls just to see what they are made of, build confidence and get excited about their lives!
NAM Rocks!

Jill Schulz
Anonymous said…
I was just in nam last year youi have to try it. I had so much fun i did not win but i hope to tack the tittel of miss illnois 2009 pre teeen so i hope to see you all there see ya.And happy new year to all!
Alex said…
Breanne this was such a good idea of you to put up a blog. I think thats very clever. I just signed up today, ao im kinda new to all of this. Anyway i'll blog back soon or later.
Talk to you later and maybe i'll see you in September in the 2009 Illinois pageant. I'm so confident that I will go all the way and try to make to the top 15.

:) Alex from section:PRE-TEEN.... <3
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Hey Breanne,
Just wondering if you received Haley's pics for your blog from the pajama party staff from the Brookfield open calls? I handed them an envelope with Haley's Wi Humane Society photos with local radio stations along with others. That was well over a month ago.
Julie Couillard & Haley Couillard your Wi Princess Queen
Anonymous said…
i i am so looking forward to making new friends in 2011 pre-teen woop woop