Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introducing the 2011 Miss Minnesota Queen...

Being in Minnesota was such a blast this past weekend! The most fantastic girls from across the state joined us to celebrate their greatnesses, learn life-skills, make new friends, spend time with their families, shine on stage, and just have fun! National American Miss crowned 6 new state queens and we are so excited to welcome them into the NAMily. Each of these young ladies will represent the Viking State for the next year, and travel to Nationals in Hollywood, California. To see ALL of the Minnesota Pageant Event Results, visit HERE. We can NOT wait to see everyone back in Minnesota NEXT YEAR, where these young ladies will give up their crowns....and who knows....maybe to YOU! But, for now - here are the 2011 Miss Minnesota Royalty

2011 Miss Minnesota Princess: Chloe Russo

2011 Miss Minnesota Jr. Preteen: Haley Simonsen
2011 Miss Minnesota Preteen: Sami Rucki
2011 Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen: Abby Jerome
2011 Miss Minnesota Teen: Alyssa Laansma

2011 Miss Minnesota: Jackie Bordes

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shes not giving up her title, shes just giving the opportunity to someone else - farewell to Katelyn Rigdon, Missouri Preteen 2010

Hello Everyone!

I just can’t believe how time has passed since I have seen you last! What a wonderful experience I have had this year with National American Miss. Being crowned your National American Miss Missouri Preteen is a moment I will remember and cherish forever!

This year I have had the opportunity to travel across the country and meet amazing people. I traveled to several different pageants this year and have had a blast! I have also helped in my community at the local food pantry, the St Louis Heart Walk, helped raise money for a local schools technology program and participated in several holiday parades.

Nationals was an amazing experience from the moment we left St. Louis to arriving in Anaheim. We had an exciting time at Disney, walking the streets of Hollywood and the Thanksgiving Banquet. Meeting all the contestants is a moment I will cherish forever.
It has been an honor to represent National American Miss this year. I would like to thank all the many people who make this opportunity possible. To all the National American Miss staff, there are so many behind the scenes that make this happen, Thank you from my heart.

To all the state and national directors I want to thank for your encouragement and for taking the time to support me. You have given me the self-confidence to learn and to help make a difference in my life as well as others. National American Miss has given me a wonderful opportunity to shine, to be myself, to meet new friends and have fun.

To Mr. and Mrs. Mayes - thank you for your kindness and making me feel special. To Dawn Lee your wonderful and make me smile BIG! Lakisha you’re an inspiration to all. And, of course - Mr and Mrs Maples, Breanne, & Ryan - thank you for believing in me.

To all the contestants and your families, make the most of your weekend here at State, it’s a wonderful experience. Contestants, be proud of yourself for taking the next step in fulfilling your dreams. Take hold of every opportunity you are given, but remember to make friends for a lifetime, have fun and most of all be yourself, you are amazing.

To my successor, Congratulations! Your journey begins here. Make the most of your accomplishment, you have an exciting road ahead of you to share with many. As for me your Reigning National American Miss Missouri Pre-Teen Queen, I don’t believe I‘m giving anything up, I’m just giving someone else the opportunity of a lifetime.

Love, Kaitlyn Rigdon

2010 National American Miss Missouri Pre-Teen.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A note to Missouri Jr. Teen 2011 contestants from Miss Missouri Jr. Teen 2010, Courtney Landes

Hey Girls!

Courtney Landes here, your reigning 2010-2011 Miss Missouri Junior Teen, and I’m so excited to welcome you to this year’s pageant! I hope you’re all ready for an amazing weekend full of excitement, fun, and memories that will last a lifetime.

I am so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to represent the state of Missouri this past year. If I had to describe it in just one word – amazing! It was also very busy. I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, helped at National American Miss workshops and orientations, volunteered for St. Anthony’s hospital, and performed community service with my favorite charities like the Ronald McDonald House and Midtown Catholic Charities. The title of Miss Missouri Jr. Teen has provided so many opportunities for me over the past year, and going to the national pageant in Hollywood, California was unsurpassed. Nationals was absolutely the most memorable part of my year and making the top 10 was just icing on the cake!

Of course, without some very special people, none of this would have been possible. My thanks to Ken and Lani Maples, the NAM staff, my family, friends, and sister queens; you guys are truly what have made this year so unforgettable. I love you, “NAM-ily”!!! And to my successor: never take a single second for granted – your year will fly by! I wish you all the best of luck this weekend, and remember: “Shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Love, Luck and Happiness,
Courtney Landes
2010-2011 Miss Missouri Junior Teen

Highlights from my year:
Miss, Missouri, National, American, Miss a scam, beauty, pageants, Courtney, Landes,  Breanne, Maples,  NAM,My amazing family and support team - LOVE YA

Miss, Missouri, National, American, Miss a scam, beauty, pageants, Courtney, Landes,  Breanne, Maples,  NAM,The moment my journey begin!

Miss, Missouri, National, American, Miss a scam, beauty, pageants, Courtney, Landes,  Breanne, Maples,  NAM,Giving back to my community and volunteering is what being queen is all about it!

Miss, Missouri, National, American, Miss a scam, beauty, pageants, Courtney, Landes,  Breanne, Maples,  NAM,Nationals in California was awesome - I have made so many lifelong friends through NAM!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farewell to Courtney Olson - Miss Minnesota Jr. Preteen 2010

Hi Everyone!
I can’t believe it’s been a year already. The time goes past so fast and the memories I have just keep getting better and better.

Being involved with National American Miss has taught me so much. From the confidence in myself to seeing the inner beauty of each and every person I meet. I know everything I do now will benefit me in the future and I will be able to meet all my goals I set my mind to. I have had so much fun hanging with my sister queens, meeting individuals within my city and state and volunteering my time with various organizations. And not to mention, my time in Disneyland was AMAZING. I met so many wonderful girls from all over the country. I know I have made friends for life.

I would have made it to this without so many special people in my life. My family and friends standing by my side, making sure I get everywhere I need to be. Thank you all. I love you all very much. To my sister queens, what more can I say. We will be bonded for life. I will never forget about our time together and will treasure our memories of the past year. To my state directors, Mr. and Mrs. Maples, thank you for all you do for National American Miss. You have helped me know that dreams do come true.

To all the future contestants, work hard, be proud and never give up. Set goals for yourself. Stay focused and even if you don’t make them the first time, you will. I have proven that to myself several times.

And finally to my successor, Congratulations! You will never forget the memories you make over the next year. Enjoy each and every minute of this time. It’s your time to shine.

I am your Minnesota Junior Preteen 2010
Courtney Olson

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Miss Missouri Preteen Cover Girl continues to make strides in her community even though her year is coming to a close

Hi! I am Victoria Newlove and I had so much fun this year representing National American Miss! It was especially fun when I got to visit different pageants; I visited both the Nebraska and the Illinois pageant. When I was there I met new and amazing friends. Nationals in Los Angeles was a blast! I loved it when we saw the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame. When I was there we went to a wax museum; it was amazing to see how real the wax figures looked. I even got to go to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. I wanted to shop till I drop, but I couldn’t, there was just so much to do.

My year as a Cover Girl was full of fun and exciting things to do for my community also! I love kids, so I was really excited when I got to donate books to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. Did you know they use over 300 books a day there?! I even sang at Animal Haven with Jodi's School of Voice. Besides having fun performing at the pet adoption event we found the most loving and cutest dog, so of course my family adopted it! It’s a little girl named Papaya. We all just love her!

I would like to give thanks to Kim, Lani, and Breanna Maples for everything this year. And to my Mom and Dad for travelling with me and supporting me. Also to my sister Isabella and our new addition Alex. They always make me feel so special when I do pageants. Another thanks goes to Tammy and her family for always helping and believing in me. Well, to my successor the year goes by so fast, so do as much as you can do in the next year! I am Victoria Newlove 2010-2011 Preteen Cover Girl.

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments of this year with you all!
The moment my journey began!

Meeting new friends across the country at Nationals was awesome!

Who could turn down Rodeo Drive, DisneyLand, The Beach?

Getting to know and spend time with my sister royalty has been so fun!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A farewell letter from Miss Missouri Teen 2010, Ashley Johnson...a little about life and making a difference - what this year has taught her

Life is all about opportunities and it is those opportunities that shape us into the people we are. When I was in grade school I would have never even thought to enter a pageant. I was very shy and not confident in the person I was. However, this began to drastically change when I read a book by Sean Covey called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” The book taught me about the importance of setting goals, being confident, and reaching after dreams. These values were made even stronger when I entered the National American Miss Missouri pageant two years ago. This was my first pageant and I was blown away by the warm welcoming environment and smiling faces. I met so many amazing girls that weekend and the experience shaped me to be a goal-driven determined girl that believes dreams truly can be reached with hard work and a positive attitude.

The following summer in 2010, my dream of becoming a NAM queen came true. I am so truly blessed and honored to hold this title and I am so grateful for the friends and family that helped me along the way. My parents and grandparents have always been there to support me and cheer for me. My mom stayed up late with me getting my outfits ready and helping me go over my speeches and routines. I even was able to wear one my mom’s dresses that she also won a pageant in when she was younger! And my family and boyfriend were in the crowd the whole weekend cheering me on, but I think my grandma was the loudest. It was especially cool that my youngest brother, Lance, was my escort and wore a white tuxedo to match my dress.
Ashley, Johnson,  Miss, Missouri, Pageant, teen, Lani, Maples, Breanne, Maples, National, American, Miss, winners, a scam?  NAM

The pageant in itself was an amazing opportunity that will forever inspire me, but the doors that it opened were even greater. This year as the National American Miss Missouri Queen, I was able to meet a lot of great people and do amazing service work. Nationals in California was an incredible experience that almost felt like a dream. It was surreal walking along Rodeo Drive, the walk of fame, and seeing the Hollywood sign in person. And Disney Land was truly magical. But meeting girls from all around the country was the best part. It was so inspirational to meet girls that had reached their dreams like me and were heading towards even greater ones. Of course we all found each other on facebook after we had returned home. It’s been fun staying in contact with the girls!Ashley, Johnson,  Miss, Missouri, Pageant, teen, Lani, Maples, Breanne, Maples, National, American, Miss, winners, a scam?  NAM

It was difficult managing my time as a freshman at Truman State University, but I still found time to help in the community. I have always loved volunteering at Retirement homes, and this year I was able to play bunko with the residents at Delmar Gardens. I especially hit it off with a wonderful lady named Claire. I also attended a Red Hat Ladies dinner and it was a blast. I have always been passionate about younger kids, and my favorite experience was volunteering at Ray Miller Elementary School in Kirksville. I helped the students with homework assignments at aftercare and with reading, but the best part was playing at recess. I loved being able to inspire younger girls and boys and to just spend time with them to show them that I truly care. It really meant a lot to me when the kids got excited for me to come help out.
Ashley, Johnson,  Miss, Missouri, Pageant, teen, Lani, Maples, Breanne, Maples, National, American, Miss, winners, a scam?  NAM

More recently, I helped with a Truman event called Big Event where hundreds of students go out into the community to do various forms of service, especially yard work. Another one of my favorite experiences was participating in the Special Olympics. I had a great day spending my time with my Olympics Buddy, Ethan. He was so sweet, full of energy and a jokester too. He did great in the competitions and his positive attitude and pure love for others was so inspiring! I will never forget that day.
Being a member of the NAM family has taught me so many things about life and has allowed me to build a confidence that will positively impact everything I do. The pageant as well as the opportunities it allowed, and the people I have met, have greatly shaped me to be the person I am. I know I will always strive to make a difference in the world and to impact the lives of others around me in a positive way.

Ashley, Johnson,  Miss, Missouri, Pageant, teen, Lani, Maples, Breanne, Maples, National, American, Miss, winners, a scam?  NAM

To all of the girls competing in NAM this coming year, you are incredible for making it this far. You took that first step to enter the pageant and make it there, that is such an accomplishment! Walk through those doors with a smile on your face, knowing that you are amazing just the way you are and that you CAN make a difference. If you have the right attitude, I know that your weekend will be a life changing experience and a ton of fun! So go out there and reach for your dreams! I truly believe with a positive attitude any dream can be reached and that by just a small act of kindness one can work towards changing the world.

If you have any questions or would just like to talk, contact me at www.ashleynicolejohnson.com.

Ashley Johnson
Miss Missouri Teen 2010

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Being Miss Minnesota Teen was Truly a Dream Come True for Brittany Link

National American Miss has been part of my life for six years. Each year I competed I learned more about myself, my abilities, and how much I wanted to become Miss Minnesota. That’s why it truly was a DREAM COME TRUE when I was crowned your 2010-2011 Miss Minnesota Teen. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my senior year. From photoshoots with my sister queens to walks for worthy causes, this year has been filled with amazing moments of being able to give back. I’ve worked with organizations such as Susan G. Komen, Miracles for Mitch, Eden Prairie foundation, and the Juvenile Diabetes research foundation to name a few.
miss, teen,  winners, Brittany, Link, Miss, Minnesota, pageant, National, American, Miss, a scam, NAM, Breanne, Maples, lani, Maples,
A great honor was being able to represent Minnesota at Nationals in California. It was a blast! Forming friendships with amazing teens from across the country while touring the streets of rodeo drive and enjoying rides at Disneyland was something I’ll never forget. I was so blessed to be supported by my fellow teen state queens throughout the year; it’s good to know I’m not the only one who breaks out into our production number dances when I hear the music on the radio! Placing top 5 in spokesmodel, receiving best thank you note, and placing 2nd runner up for best resume was icing on the cake.miss, teen,  winners, Brittany, Link, Miss, Minnesota, pageant, National, American, Miss, a scam, NAM, Breanne, Maples, lani, Maples,

But perhaps the greatest joy of my year was being visiting royalty at local state pageants where I got to meet the contestants and help them throughout the weekend. I’ll never forget when a teen from Illinois told me I was her role model. That made the hours of driving in the car, lack of sleep, and DYING feet from heels worth it. And that’s my challenge to me, my successor, and all the contestants from NAM: be a person worth looking up to. National American Miss has allowed me to discover more about myself and my personal talents. I hope that if this is your first experience with pageants or your tenth year of competing, you will learn more about who you are and gain friendships that will last. I know personally I’ve been blessed to have my “NAMily” grow throughout the years.

There have been so many people that have encouraged my throughout my reign. First and foremost I must thank my family: my amazing, supportive mom who has been to all my appearances and traveled with me throughout my year; to my dad who is a fantastic national escort and always tells me how proud he is of me; and my brother who has escorted my since 6th grade at all the state pageants. Also lots of love to the Sauerer family, Jackie, all four of my grandparents, and of course the Maples family and NAM staff for creating such a fabulous program that truly encourages girls to be their personal best.
miss, teen,  winners, Brittany, Link, Miss, Minnesota, pageant, National, American, Miss, a scam, NAM, Breanne, Maples, lani, Maples,

And of course, to my crazy, loveable, sweet, sassy, and caring SISTER QUEENS! Truly you have made my year unforgettable. I’ve loved getting to know each and every one of you. I’m so excited to see what adventures you have in the years to come because I know your talents will be put to use in ways that will encourage and lead others.

miss, teen,  winners, Brittany, Link, Miss, Minnesota, pageant, National, American, Miss, a scam, NAM, Breanne, Maples, lani, Maples, Finally, I leave you with one quote that I strive to follow in my daily life: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

2010-2011 Miss Minnesota Teen,
Brittany Link

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

VOTE NAM choreographer to become the next NBC Nissan spokesperson..

Tristan Topps has been a member of the NAMFAM since our inception. A former National American Miss Arizona, Tristan has since gone on to become Ms. United States & an official choreographer & Arizona Regional Coordinator for TEAM MAPLES. Now, Tristan is putting the speaking skills and confidence she gained while participating to some great use.

Currently, Tristan qualified as a finalist to become NBC Nissan's new face and spokesperson!! But - now it is up to us! If Tristan wins, she will appear on tv, media campaigns, and receives a brand new Nissan Juke.

Tristan, Topps,  Arizona, Pageant, National, American, Miss, a scam?, Nissan, Juke, ABC, Tristan, Topps,  NAM,
So, lets vote Tristan to the TOP:
2. Scroll down to find TRISTAN TOPS ( you can watch her demo video, too)
3. Hit VOTE!

Its THAT EASY! I have already cast my vote...now its your turn!

Nebraska NAM titleholders touch the lives of kids with cancer

Cassandra Sals (2011 NE Pre-Teen) and Angel Strong (2011 NE Jr. Pre-Teen) recently made an appearance together as NAMiss Queens, since being crowned in April.

They volunteered for a wonderful organization called Forever Angels on Sunday May 22nd in Lincoln, NE. Aside from getting to bond with each other as sister queens and new lifelong friend, the girls helped out at the fundraiser in a big way! Forever Angels is an organization which helps families who have kids suffering from brain cancer. The honorary guests that day were Holden Bruce and Lennon Hunt who were diagnosed in 2010. Cassandra's mom shared some of their pictures from the event with me and had this to say regarding the event, "Needless to say the boys and their families were happy to see the girls - our NAM Nebraska Queens so involved. LOL!"

However, the Forever Angels organization touches home to Angel Strong, our Miss NE Jr. Preteen and her family, as
Angel herself lost her brother to brain cancer several years ago. Her dad started this organization as RJ's Angels and it has grown over the last few years and is now Forever Angels!
For more information on how you to can get involved in this organization and make a difference like Cassandra and Angel, visit forever-angels.org.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Alison Leas, Miss Missouri Princess has loved being a REAL PRINCESS

Dear Friends,

When my name was called as the 2010
National American Miss Missouri Princess Queen, I was so shocked and excited, I couldn't believe it! What an exciting year I've had, with many new memories I will keep forever! I had such a great time in California at Nationals, meeting new friends, loved touring Hollywoodand was so excited to visit Disneyland for the very first time!! I had a great experience and I tried new things that I never got to experience before!

During my journey, I have learned how important it is to volunteer in your community, my favorite volunteer experiences being at nursing homes in my area near my home, which, I'm sad to say, are no longer in my home town of Joplin, due to the recent tornado. During this sad time, I also have gathered several trash bags full of kid clothing, toys and books to give to the kids in our area, and even driving up and down our very own street with my mom, just a few blocks from my home, to hand out cold waters and food to people cleaning up their yards and to volunteers cleaning up the piles of debris. I love to volunteer my time and donate and I will continue to do this my whole life.

As National American Miss MO Princess, I have had the opportunity to sing
The Star Spangled Banner at different events in my area, I have gained so much of my confidence from the pageant and want to tell the 2011 contestants this; reach for the stars, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and don't let anybody tell you you can't! I feel like I've accomplished so much in my short 8 years of life and I am incredibly thankful to everyone at NAM for this incredible experience I've had! I want to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity, I'm so blessed with a great family; my mom Staci, my dad Sean, big brother Aidan who has taught me that all human beings are special and each of us are different in our own way, and to my little brother Declan, who teaches me to have patience every day! Good luck to the 2011 Princesses! Remember this, girls...go out there and have F U N and nothing else will matter. You will learn so much more from this experience if you're loving every minute of it, that's always been MY motto!

Thank you to everyone who has donated time, money, food, positive thoughts and prayers to Joplin during a very devastating time.
God bless and much love to all.
Alison Parker Leas
NAM Missouri Princess 2010

The best part about being a real life princess is all the community involvement I got to do - I loved giving back and helping others in my community. Here are some pictures of the past year of some of the neat volunteering I got to it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's gone by fast...but all good things must come to end - a look back at Kendra Berger's year, Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen 2010

Kendra, Berger, National, American, Miss, a scam, Breanne, lani,  Maples, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
All good things must come to an end. My year as the Miss Minnesota Jr.Teen went by way too fast! During this year I traveled to the Illinois and Nebraska pageants as visiting royalty where I got to see many of my old friends, and meet new ones. I participated in the Race for the Cure Walk with my sister queens and my mom on Mother's Day. I rode in parades, and worked at the NAM open calls and pageant prep sessions, which were so much fun!

In November I represented Minnesota at the National Pageant in California. My favorite moment was modeling on stage at the Red Carpet Awards and being announced 2nd runner up in the Casual Wear competition. I also loved going to Disneyland, touring Hollywood and having fun at the beach.

At other state pageants and nationals I met a lot of amazing girls. To a couple of my closest queens... Karlee, every time I was with you we laughed till my stomach hurt. Thank you for our amazing time in Hollywood and running around on the beach! And of course Cortlyn, thank you for being my best friend over the years. We have gotten so close and I'm so happy you are in my life. How awesome it is that we got to be state queens together not just once but twice! I love you and your family so much!

To some very special people I have been with all year…..my sister queens Ava, Courtney, Sophie, Brittany and Ellise....you all will always have a special place in my heart. I love you guys!

And to my state directors Ken and Lani, and staff Breanne, Ryan, Molly, and Lindsey and close friends Anna, Linda and Steven....thank you all for your support and fun times this year. As a result of this great organization and all of you, I have really grown as a young woman over the past 6 years.

To my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, mom and dad, you have been there for me every step of the way. Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me and my dreams.

To all of the pageant contestants, even though only one girl will be crowned, remember how much you have accomplished in preparing and competing in the pageant. Never stop reaching for your dreams.

In closing to my successor, make your year memorable and always remember that moment when they announced your name. It will be the start of something truly amazing that you will never forget.

And now for the last time, I am your National American Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen 2010-2011....
Kendra Elizabeth Berger

My BFF - Cortlyn Kasik, Miss Iowa before Top Model competition at nationals!

Kendra, Berger, National, American, Miss, a scam, Breanne, lani,  Maples, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
With my 2010 sister queens - love them all!

Kendra, Berger, National, American, Miss, a scam, Breanne, lani,  Maples, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
Karlee Nimmer, Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen, and me had soo much together at nationals!

Kendra, Berger, National, American, Miss, a scam, Breanne, lani,  Maples, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
In my production number outfit at nationals - getting ready to take to the stage!

Friday, June 3, 2011

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" are words that Ellise Loomis, Miss MN 2010 has lived this past year by

Ellise, Loomis, National, American, Miss, a scam, Lindsey Sauerer, Sauerer, lani, Breanne, Maples, NAM, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
It has been an honor to reign this year as your 2010-2011 National American Miss Minnesota. My year went so fast; I attended the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at Lake Nokomis, Nationals in Anaheim California, and many open calls and pageant preps with my sister queens.

As I say goodbye as Miss Minnesota, I will continue to be an advocate for the National American Miss pageant, simply because it has shaped me into the person I am today. I first started competing with National American Miss as a pre-teen. Throughout my years of competing I have become strong, independent, and confident. This pageant has left me with many skills I will use through out my lifetime. With determination, strong will, and the desire of obtaining my Masters Degree, I am confident as I progress through college because I know I have gained speaking and interview skills that will help me achieve my dreams. For the skills I will take away from my pageant career, I have many people I would like to thank.

First and foremost, thank you mom and dad for your continuous support and encouragement. Thank you National American Miss choreographer and Minnesota Regional Coordinator, Lindsey Sauerer for preparing me for Nationals and for all of your encouraging words. One Walt Disney motto that Lindsey has taught me is, “If you can dream it, you can do it!” While growing up with National American Miss I always dreamed of earning the Minnesota state title to make a difference in the world, or just in my community. Thank you NAM for making a difference in me!

In closing my year as Miss Minnesota, and my competitive years with National American Miss, I encourage all contestants to make the most of their pageant experience, time goes by so fast!

Ellise Loomis
2010-2011 National American Miss Minnesota

Ellise, Loomis, National, American, Miss, a scam, Lindsey Sauerer, Sauerer, lani, Breanne, Maples, NAM, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
Traveling was one of the best parts of my year!

Ellise, Loomis, National, American, Miss, a scam, Lindsey Sauerer, Sauerer, lani, Breanne, Maples, NAM, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
I have loved every minute of being the 2010 Miss Minnesota

Ellise, Loomis, National, American, Miss, a scam, Lindsey Sauerer, Sauerer, lani, Breanne, Maples, NAM, Miss, Minnesota, pageant,
Love Always, Ellise!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Princesses dreams come true....

Miss America, National, American, Miss, a scam, Teresa,  scanlan, Girl, Scouts, of, America, SAC museuem,  Pageants, Omaha, Nebraska

Every little girl dreams about being a real princess like Miss America...and getting to meet her is almost just a good!

Jayleigh Stueve, 2010 Miss NE Princess Cover Girl, went with her Girl Scout troop to meet Miss America earlier this month at the Strategic Air and Space Museum outside Omaha, NE. The girls heard Theresa Scanlan, Miss America, speak about competing in pageants, being crowned Miss America, and believing in themselves is how they can make any of their dreams come true. She spoke about eating disorders, and how she wants to educate America about the risks, and her own experience with a friend who struggles to overcome her own eating disorder. Jayleigh's mom also shared with me how "impressed at how mature the very young Miss America was, and how poised she was when put on the spot with a barrage of questions from a group of 7 year olds. She represents our country and Nebraska very well and made an everlasting impact on 12 little Daisy Girl Scouts."
Miss America, National, American, Miss, a scam, Teresa,  scanlan, Girl, Scouts, of, America, SAC museuem,  Pageants, Omaha, Nebraska

Were proud to say that Theresa Scanlan - Miss America - got her start in National American Miss!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One NAM girl is giving other NAM girls an awesome Scholarship Opportunity


Former National American Miss Pennsylvania(and 1st runner up at Nationals, talent winner, just to name a few of her NAM accomplishments), Maria Teresa Grinneby(photographed on right), is teaming up with the Children's Miracle Network to award a $500 scholarship!!!

So take advantage of this AWESOME SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY NOW! Here are the details:
Childrens, Miracle, Network, NAM, National, American, Miss, lani, Breanne, Maples, Maria, Teresa, Grinneby, scholarships,  a scam?, prizes?


Entrants are vying for a $500 cash scholarship to be used towards their educational pursuits. The scholarship is sponsored by Pageants 2 Go (http://pageants2go.com/). Please note that a minimum of 15 contestants must register in order for the scholarship to be awarded.

To enter, participants must raise a minimum of $75 for the
Children's Miracle Network. The contestants must also answer the following two questions in 250 words or less:

* Why are organizations such as the Children's Miracle Network important?

* How am I ensuring myself a successful future through my education?

The essays will be judged by a panel of experts in the fields of non-profits and education. Contestants have through
June 17th to raise their CMN money and complete their essays.


To register, please fill out our intent to enter form here:
http://crownsofhopescholarship.wufoo.com/forms/crowns-of-hope-scholarship-contest/ Essays and fundraising money will not be completed or collected until 15 girls have registered. Registrants will receive further information on fundraising as well as the essays.

This contest will run through
July 1st with the scholarship grand prize winner announced 4th of July weekend!
Questions? Please feel free to e-mail us at crownsofhopescholarship@gmail.com