Monday, June 23, 2014

Miss Missouri, Jennifer Scanlon's farewell

It seems like it was just yesterday that I competed in my first National American Miss Missouri pageant, even though it was six years ago. It also seems completely unreal that I am giving up my Miss Missouri Title for National American Miss in just a few days. The past six years with National American Miss has been nothing but extraordinary.  No words can explain how honored and emotional I was when I found out I won the 2013 Miss Missouri title. It made me realize that I finally understood the true definition of the quote “If you dream it, you can do it” by Walt Disney. This past year has been complete dream come true for me. I spent my reign volunteering in my community with charities such as Catch 22, Miss Amazing Missouri Pageant, Friends of Kids with Cancer, Salvation Army and so much more. My favorite part of my reign was Nationals in Hollywood, California! It was my favorite because I got to go to Disney Land, a Hollywood tour, hang out with my lovely sister queens and most of compete at the National level representing Missouri. I met friends that I will have and memories that I’ve made that will be remembered for a lifetime this past year. This year wouldn’t have been possible without those who believed in me.

I would first like to say thank you to Samantha Holmes and the Holmes family for telling me about NAM and convincing me to compete. Without your love and support I wouldn’t be who I am today. Samantha, this has truly been the best six years of my life competing and growing to be beautiful and inspiring women with one of your best friends.

I would like to say thank you to my Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma, not only have you been one of my number one fans throughout this whole NAM process but you’ve allowed me to share my favorite moments of NAM with Grandpa. Even though Grandpa isn’t here anymore, I’ve felt his love and strength through this past year and I know he is so incredibly proud. He deserves this crown so much more than I do for being the best escort a girl can ask for. I love you both so much!

To my family and friends; Aunt Mary Ann, Buzz, Stacy, Steven, The Pfeiffer Family, Allie, Brian, The Royer Family and so many more people that have influenced my life. This past year you have listened to me talk about NAM non-stop and have given me the best support system I could ever ask for. Im so blessed and honored to have you in my life. I love you all so much!

To my sister queens, Sienna, Shea, Stevie, Emily and Shennel, Where do I begin explaining how much I love you all? As the biggest sister, I cannot begin to explain how proud I am of each and everyone one of you. You have brought so much joy, laughter and memories into my life this past year and I cannot be more grateful to have the BEST sister queens in the world.

To my mom, well we did it! We spent six years dreaming that winning the title would finally come and it did. You deserve wearing this crown and banner so much more than I do because of all your hard work to make me the best that I can be in life. I’ve learned so much from you this past year of my reign, I’ve learned more about confidence, team work and most of all, staying true to who I am. You are without a doubt, the best pageant momager, cheerleader and most of all, my best friend. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me! I love you so much!

To my state directors, Breanne and Ryan, words cannot explain how blessed I am to not only be on team Maples but to know such amazing people like the two of you. You two have brought so much laughter and great memories into my life this past year and I am so honored to have this opportunity. Ryan, I hope you remember that amazing photo shoot you had with Team Missouri at nationals! It is by far one of my favorite memories of this past year!

Thank you to National American Miss for teaching women like me how to bring good to this world! It’s inspiring how you turn shy young girls into beautiful and confident women who change the world!
To my successor, hold on tight! This will be the best ride/year of your life. It will go so fast, take lots of pictures and change the world! With this crown on your head, you can do anything! Remember that you’re a role model this past year regardless if you have the crown on your head or not! I’m so excited to watch this year unfold for you!

I could honestly write a book on how honored I am and to thank everyone who changed my life because of this past year with National American Miss but this post will do for now! J As my reign comes to an end, I could not be more grateful for the past six amazing years of my life with National American Miss! So for the last time I will forever and always be your National American Miss 2013 Miss Missouri, Jennifer Scanlon!

Miss Missouri Jr Teen, Emily Bray's Farewell

Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

After six years of hard work and dedication, I was crowned the 2013 National American Miss, Miss Missouri Junior Teen. With a crown upon my head, I set out to make a difference in my community. While making numerous appearances, volunteering over 300 hours of community service, and raising over $3000 for Friends of Kids with Cancer, I have learned that this journey through life is about what I can do to make this world a better place.

In November, I was off to Nationals in sunny California for the week on my life! I made so many new friends and had the opportunity to reunite with some very dear friends! I was not only blessed to be announced as a top ten semi-finalist but I was chosen as the 2nd RUNNER UP to the NATIONAL TITLE!

H.E. Luccock said, "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Sienna, Shae, Stevie, Shenell, and Jenn: it’s been a blast being pageant sisters! You will forever shine bright in my heart.  To the Momagers: remember to just keep swimming! I enjoyed every moment with you. To Team Maples: Lani, Ken, Breann and Ryan: I am finally a MAPLES GIRL! Thank you for always believing in me and empowering young women nationwide to grow in confidence and poise. Kara: Thank you for being the big sister I never had. They say, “Although we weren’t sisters from the start, fate brought us together to be sisters by heart” and I totally agree. To my family: you are the epitome of dedication.  Thank you for always being there for me. I love you all so much!! Last but not least, God: thank you for blessing me with the year of a lifetime. I am forever grateful.

Though I may be signing off for now, this won’t be the last time you hear from me. Because I will forever be your 2013 National American Miss, Miss Missouri Jr. Teen, Emily Bray.

Miss Missouri Princess, Sienna Howard's farewell

Being National American Miss Princess has been a blast. I have worked at my own lemonade stand, gone to other state pageants, meeting new friends, and of course Nationals. 

I have been honored to wear this crown and represent such a great pageant system. I was once a shy little 7 year old but I found my voice once I got on that stage. I have had  a lot support from my family and the community. I was figured in the local newspaper telling everyone about the charities I helped with during my reign. It was nice to help kids in need and to show them that they could do anything if they dreamed big, just like me.

Sienna Howard; National American Miss Missouri Princess.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Miss Missouri Teen, Shenell Randall's Farewell

I’ve dreamt about it hundreds of times, of how I would react if I heard my name called yet, I still wasn’t prepared for that unbelievable feeling.  It’s been called “the best reaction ever”!  From the moment I heard my named called I knew my lifelong dream of becoming a NAM Queen had become a reality!  I got started right away volunteering in my community and getting together with my sister queens at a Chicago Bulls pre-season game held in St. Louis and at our Nationals send off party.

The National pageant was held the week of Thanksgiving in beautiful Anaheim, CA.  I experienced a week filled with meeting other queens from all across the country, a fun day at Disney, Thanksgiving dinner, a tour of Hollywood along with competitions.  It was a challenge to take in every moment.  I didn’t win the national title but I placed 4th runner up in the National Casual Wear competition and was honored to be named Miss Personality, voted by all the other state queens oh yea I almost won the dance contest at the 70’s party. 

It was very exciting travelling throughout the state to NAM open calls, pageant preps and helping out at the Miss Amazing pageant held at my university,  Lindenwood in St. Charles.
To my sister queens, Sienna, Shae, Stevie, Emily and Jenn, you are all the most amazing sisters ever…you rock!

To my sissys, Ariel, Kelly & Kimberly, Thank you for all of you love & support and being the best big sisters in the world!

To the best pageant dad in the world…Thank you & love you forever!

To my Mom…my rock & Momager…thank you for always believing in me and daring me to dream big….Love you!

To my State Directors…thank you for your love, support & lifelong lessons…for being my Namily for 10 years…Love you guys!

And to my successor, get ready girl…dream big & have a blast!

From your 2013 Miss Missouri Teen …I AM Shenell Randall.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Illinois Princess Cover Girl, Cherokee Duewer's Farewell

Hi – I am your 2013 Miss Illinois Princess Cover Girl. 

This year has been filled with lots of fun and excitement.  From the moment I was crowned, my adventures began.  There have been photo shoots and parades.  I helped plant flowers for the opening of our local Veteran’s War Memorial and helped at our local Food Pantry collecting and passing out school supplies and also filling Thanksgiving baskets for Senior Citizens.

The trip to Hollywood, California was so much fun!  I made lots of new friends there.  While there, I got to spend a day with my family at Disneyland and a day touring Hollywood.  And then, there were all the Pageant Activities.  The group dance on stage was one of my favorite events.  Even though I did not make the top 10, I was very proud to represent our great state and did bring home 3 trophies.

National American Miss has helped boost my confidence and make me a stronger person.  I want to say Thank You to my Mom and Dad, my big brother, Cody, and my Grandma for all of their support and time spent helping me with everything. 

Best wishes to the new 2014 Cover Girl.  You will have so much fun!

From New Berlin, Illinois, I have been your 2013 National American Miss Illinois Princess Cover Girl, Cherokee Duewer.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Miss Iowa Princess in the News!

The new 2014 Miss Iowa princess has an incredible story! From being adopted from China to winning her state title about a month ago, this little 6 year old has had quite an incredible life!

The Des Moines Register interviewed Izabella and her parents and you can see the video and article by following this link: Izabella

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meet the 2014 Miss Minnesota Queens

What a weekend! We had so much fun in Minnesota, meeting all of the state finalists and crowning some new royalty!

Meet the new queens here:

2014 Miss Minnesota Princess, Caleigh Proulx

Age: 6
Hometown: Woodbury
Hobbies: dancing and fashion
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Chips
Ambition: to be a teacher to help all girls learn how to use their fortitude 

2014 Miss Minnesota Jr Pre Teen, Chloe Russo

Age: 9
Hometown: Eden Prairie
Hobbies: Playing guitar and singing songs from the movie "Frozen"
Favorite Color: Cotton Candy Pink
Favorite Food: My daddy's Fettucini Alfredo with cream sauce
Ambition: to become a fashion designer and the first girl president

2014 Miss Minnesota Pre Teen, Grace Myler

Age: 12
Hometown: Shakopee
Hobbies: Modeling and acting
Favorite Color: Cherry Red
Favorite Food: Licorice
Ambition: To attend the New York Film Academy in New York City

2014 Miss Minnesota Jr Teen, Elizabeth Nicole Saby

Age: 15
Hometown: Mora
Hobbies: Figure Skating and fishing with my little brother Robby
Favorite Color: Maroon
Favorite Food: My mom's chicken Fettucini Alfredo
Ambition: To become a pediatrician and help children with Cleft Palates through Operation Smile

2014 Miss Minnesota Teen, Ashley Fogarty

Age: 19
Hometown: Farmington
Hobbies: Volunteering and Four Wheeling
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Grandma's Homemade Mac n Cheese
Ambition: To become a leading sports journalist and cover breaking news

2014 Miss Minnesota, Courtney Igbo-Ogbanno

Thank you everyone for the FABULOUS weekend! Stay tuned for #NAMTeamMissouri in just a few short weeks to see who else joins us as MAPLES royalty!