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Arizona Cover Girl makes headlines - helps save local pool we come. With the Arizona pageant right around the corner, I was thrilled to see Arizona girls making headlines and making a difference! Check out this awesome article below featuring National American Miss Cover Girl, Adette Hurtado

Miami raises money to save Hostetler Pool

Story Credit: Arizona Silver Belt. Globe, AZ
Posted: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

MIAMI — Take a few foil flamingos, some terrific Mexican food from one of Miami’s favorite restaurants, some Hawaiian shirts and a band you can dance to all night long and you’ve got the makings of a great evening. Throw in a dream of local kids doing nose dives and cannonballs into cool water on a hot summer day and you’ve got the Hostetler Pool fundraiser.

About 50 people gathered at Bullion Plaza Saturday night to show their support for the pool. Miami recreation director Levi Shaffer said many more people bought tickets or handed him donations to support the pool when he was trying to build interest in the dinner-dance. “There’s so many people who donated. I just can’t believe it,” Shaffer said. People also brought machinery and donated their time and energy.

“I don’t know what these kids would do without this pool,” Shaffer said. He laughed as he predicted, “We’d probably see the crime rate go up a little bit.”

The dance crowd was visited by royalty as eight-year old Adette Hurtado, the National American Miss Cover Girl and Arizona State Ambassador and two-year old Celeste Mesa, who won the Cinco De Mayo Little Miss contest, drew winners for the raffle tickets.

Not to be outdone by the adults as they wound their way through the tables for the grand march, little Celeste wiggled to the sounds of the Miami Big Band Sound as she sat at a table munching on a tortilla catered by Guayo’s El Rey CafĂ©.