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Become a Fan of pop star, Madisen Hill - former National American Miss All-American

everbnation, Madisen Hill,  Suga, Miss Missouri,  pageants in missouri,  National American Miss, blood done sign my name, miss 2010Madisen Hill once graced the National American Miss stage as a former Miss Missouri & NATIONAL queen. Madisen who has transplanted herself to the west coast, continues to make a name for herself as a triple threat and one of today's most talked about pop stars & actresses for the tween market.

Madisen, who has been seeing in numerous commericals, tv shows, danced with the PussyCat dolls, and even has her own album....still claims to be a NAM girl at heart.

You can become a fan of Madisen, and follow her journey to succes (and listen to her new album), by going to REVERBNATION's website. Direct link HERE!