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Miss Iowa Princess Cover Girl has had a year full of changes

Dear Princesses,

I am so excited for you and the journey you have begun. I have had so much fun and I am sorry to see my year come to an end. I have enjoyed representing Iowa as your Princess Cover Girl, and I can’t wait to see who I will be crowning as the new Cover Girl.

This year has brought many changes, my family moved to Nebraska and I started Kindergarten. I even lost my first tooth. The best part of the year was meeting the girls at the state pageants. I got to help at the Nebraska Pageant, and hang out with the other queens…what a blast!

I also helped with the Mini Relay for Life at my school, Bell Field Elementary where we raised over $500 for the American Cancer Society. I also got to help at the Relay for Life and meet Johnny Rogers, who my Dad says is one of the best Nebraska Cornhuskers ever. He was really nice and I got to stay up late!
Thank you to all my sponsors for helping me set and reach my goals to become the 2009 National American Miss Iowa Princess Cover Girl, you really made the difference. To my family thank you for loving and supporting me and everything you did to get me here. Thank you to the pageant ladies, and guys for helping me along the way. And the older queens for being such good role models for me to follow.
And to the contestants, when you are up here this weekend remember it isn’t about who wins this weekend because you are all winners already, it is about …well Miley says it better…”its about the climb”, and if you don’t win its still a pretty nice view from up on stage. I wish you all luck and hope you as much fun as I did!

Love Jayleigh
Your 2009 Iowa Princess Cover Girl


Anonymous said…
Jaybug-Sorry this year went by so fast, but we know you will cherish this time forever. We LOVE YOU and we're sooooo proud of your accomplishments. You will always be OUR PRINCESS. Love you forever, Grandma Lorna, Grumpy & Cheyenne
Anonymous said…
(: I miss you Jalyeigh! This is Cassie! (:
Anonymous said…
(: I miss you Jalyeigh! This is Cassie! (: